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Often used in the same context:
presentation, discuss, attend, introduce, recognize, speak, hold, given, current, represent, examine, arise, revisit, convene, demonstrate, explore, submit, conclude, observe, proffered, highlight, narrate, confer, appear, addressed, convey, compellable, apprise, unveil, entertain, there, exist, meet, preside, overemphasise, inaugurate, reconvene, gather, ponderable, controvert, problematize, propose, emerge, readdress, allude, accompany, enlighten, arrive, provide, showcased, consider, formulate, perform, invited, elucidates, inform, confront, embody, reveal, revisited, illuminate, adduce, see, illustrate, outline, summarize, posed, expatiated, interpellate, recollect, identify, absenting, devise, portray, participate, expound, acknowledge, resiled, reconfirm, look, envisage, surmount, mentioned, testify, manifest, depict, however, hear, distinct, chronogram, propound, moreover, acquaint, ideational, contemplate, spellbind, inhere, juncture, prove, impanel, sixthly, conceive, ex, con, non, pre, \u00ab, com, re, natural, 1s, none, intrinsic, sub, nutrient, operating, pro, somebody, specie, affords, approximate, basic, this, new, prefent, previous, earlier, actual, ent, particular, ic, orginal, ical, lastmentioned, original, prewar, later, samo, changed, same, tical

More specific:
argue, bequeath, bestow, birthday gift, birthday present, bring home, bring in, bring out, bung, cast, cede, certificate, christmas gift, christmas present, commend, confer, contemporary world, date, deed over, deliver, distribute, donate, dower, endow, give away, give out, give up, grant, hand out, here and now, historical present, indicate, introduce, leave, localize, modern times, modern world, moment, nonce, now, place, present moment, present time, raffle, raffle off, reacquaint, reason, render, set, speechify, submit, surrender, tender, times, time being, tip, today, tonight, treat, wedding gift, wedding present, will

Appears in the definition of:
., absence, abundance, abundant, accept, acceptor rna, accessory before the fact, ache, acidimetry, acid value, actual, actually, adenosine, administer, administration, adverse opinion, aegospotami, aegospotamos, ahead, alkalimetry, all-time, allyl alcohol, alpha-naphthol test, angle, antibody, anymore, any longer, apostle of the gentiles, apostle paul, apparition, appear, argue, assyria, as yet, attend, attendance, attending, at present, audiovisual, audiovisual aid, autoimmune, awayp, bestow, bidding, birthday gift, birthday present, birth defect, bouquet, bride-gift, caenogenesis, cainogenesis, capitalise, capitalize, capital of syria, carboxyl, carboxyl group, cenogenesis, cerebral palsy, certificate, cholic acid, christmas box, christmas gift, christmas present, clairvoyance, clear, clear and present danger, coenzyme a, commend, complement fixation test, conceive of, confer, confront, congenital, congenital abnormality, congenital anomaly, congenital defect, congenital disorder, contemporaneity, contemporaneousness, contemporary, contemporary world, corsage, currency, current, currentness, damascus, date, dead drop, debut, departeda, depersonalise, depersonalize, derive, development, diaspora, discontent, discontentedness, discontentment, discordant, dish, dronabinol, e. coli, endanger, endemic, endemical, endemic disease, envisage, enzootic, escherichia coli, esp, ever-present, expectable, extrasensory perception, face, factor i, fehling's solution, fibrinogen, flip chart, flow, footprint, frank breech, frank breech delivery, generalise, generalize, genetic constitution, genotype, gift, give, gonep, go to, haber-bosch process, haber process, hair cell, here, heretofore, hippo, hippo regius, histone, historical present, history, hitherto, homunculus, horizon, ideate, igd, ige, imagination, imaginativeness, imagine, immediate, immunoglobulin d, immunoglobulin e, imperil, inborn, indian giver, inhabit, inherent, innate, inst, instant, invitation, in attendancep, in handp, jeopardise, jeopardize, kainogenesis, kenogenesis, klinefelter's syndrome, klinefelter syndrome, languish, latea, latest, latter-day, lay out, life, linger, mantoux test, markoff process, markov process, meet, megaloblast, menace, metastable, microcosmic salt, minyan, modern, modern-day, modernism, modernity, modernness, modern era, modern times, modern world, molisch's test, molisch reaction, molisch test, nad, nadp, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate, nitrogen oxide, no, nonce, noncurrent, norman rockwell, nosegay, now, nowness, no more, numidia, objectify, occupy, offer, offer up, omnipresent, on handp, opisthobranchia, ordination, overdramatise, overdramatize, parasitaemia, parasitemia, past, paul, paul the apostle, peril, phanerozoic, phanerozoic aeon, phanerozoic eon, phlogiston, pine, plasma, plenum, pneumatically, point out, popularise, popularize, posy, presence, present-daya, presentist, presentness, present participle, present perfect, present perfect tense, present time, preussen, prevailing, prevalent, proffer, project, proof, propenyl alcohol, propose, prox, proximo, prussia, quartz, quaternary, reactant, real presence, reason, recency, recent, recentness, rehash, remonstrate, represent, rh-negative, rh-positive, rheumatoid factor, rife, rockwell, room, saint paul, saul, saul of tarsus, second sight, shadow, shakiness, shower, showmanship, sitting bull, situation, soluble rna, so far, space age, spastic paralysis, st. paul, state-of-the-art, stocking filler, stocking stuffer, strontium 90, subacute, subclass opisthobranchia, succussion, sulfur dioxide, sulphur dioxide, sumer, summons, superfetate, tender, tetrahydrocannabinol, thc, this evening, this night, threaten, thus far, til now, time, times, time being, tincture, tine test, today, tomorrow, tonight, topical, topicality, to date, trace, transfer rna, trna, tuberculin skin test, tuberculin test, ubiquitous, ult, ulterior, ultimo, until now, up-to-dateness, up-to-the-minute, up to now, urease, verdandi, verthandi, vested interest, vestige, visiblea, visigoth, vision, vulgarise, vulgarize, war of greek independence, water of crystallisation, water of crystallization, water of hydration, wedding gift, wedding present, weight, xxy-syndrome, x chromosome, yearn, yen, yet, zymase

More general:
acquaint, allocate, apportion, be, comprise, constitute, gesticulate, gesture, gift, give, inform, interpret, introduce, make up, motion, mouth, re-create, represent, say, show, speak, state, talk, tell, tense, time, utter, verbalize

acquaint, attending, award, confront, deliver, demo, demonstrate, ever-present, exhibit, existing, face, gift, give, here, immediate, in attendance, inst, instant, introduce, latter-day, lay out, nowadays, omnipresent, portray, pose, present tense, salute, show, stage, submit, ubiquitous

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— Nouns for present: time, day, state, study, system, situation, case, value, moment, work, chapter, more...

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