Words and phrases whose definition contains way:   (823 results)

., abdominal delivery, access, accompanying vein, acknowledgement, act up, adapter, adaptor, additional, additionally, adorable, advance, aesthetically, affected, afresh, agrobiology, alchemy, alexis carrel, align, all the way, alter, amiss, anamorphism, anamorphosis, and so forth, and so on, anew, angelfish, angel shark, angle, anonymous file transfer protocol, anonymous ftp, anyhow, anyway, appraise, approach, apropos, aptness, aquila, arduous, ariadne, around, arrange, arrangement, array, arrive, articulate, articulation, aside, askance, at leisure, auditory center, auriga, automaton, aversion therapy, avoid, away, babble, badly, bait and switch, banefully, barely, barge, base hit, battle of midway, beachhead, bearing, begin, behavior, behaviour, bent, best, be amiss, bias, bid, big, bingle, blind alley, block, bloomer, blue wall, blue wall of silence, blunder, boarder, bosie, bosie ball, bossy, boy, brilliantly, brush, bunt, burlesque, bus, busbar, bushwhack, butt, buxomly, by any means, by hook or by crook, by the way, c-section, cachinnate, caesarean, caesarean delivery, caesarean section, callously, call waiting, cardiac valve, careen, carper, carrel, carriage, carry on, case, casual, catatonia, catatonic schizophrenia, catatonic type schizophrenia, ceremony, cesarean, cesarean delivery, cesarean section, cesarian, cesarian section, chance, change, channel, charade, charioteer, chemistry, choose, churn out, circuit, circumlocution, clap, claw, clawback, clear, climb, clutter, clutter up, coastwise, come, come across, come along, come down, come on, commend, commercialize, complementary distribution, complementation, composition, compromise, concavely, conclusively, condescend, conduct, conducting, connection, conspicuously, constitution, constitutionalize, content, convexly, convulsively, corpus geniculatum laterale, correlation table, countermarch, coy, coyness, crash course, creep, crux, crux australis, culture shock, cul de sac, curvaceously, cuteness, cuttingly, cut corners, cygnus, dance, data conversion, data mining, dead-end street, deadhead, deal, deceivingly, deceptively, dedicate, deflection, defy, demeanor, demeanour, demure, demureness, deportment, descend, despair, devilish, devious, differentiate, dilate, directing, directional, directive, disadvantageously, dissolutely, distribution channel, do, do by, drag a bunt, drape, dresser, drippiness, dulcet, easement, eat, eat on, edge in, edge up, effectual, effortless, egotrip, elaborate, elbow, endearing, enforce, enlarge, enounce, ensue, enunciate, en famille, equally, escape, esthetically, etcetera, evening, evenly, every inch, excogitate, exhibitionist, expand, expatiate, expiative, expiatory, exposit, expound, expressive style, extemporize, extensively, extenuation, extropy, fail, fall, falter, farming, feel, fixate, flaminius, flesh out, floating voter, flow, foothold, forceps delivery, fortune, fraternisation, fraternization, from way back, fruitfully, fumble, furthera, gainfully, gaius flaminius, galactic, geniculate body, get along, get in, get off, get on, glamorisation, glamorization, glamourisation, glamourization, gnosticism, go, go-around, googly, go down, go far, grammatical case, granny, granny knot, graphically, greet, grind, grow over, guard ship, guidance, guide, guidepost, guiding, hack, hadith, halal, handle, hang, hanky panky, happily, hard, hazard, hazily, heart valve, heave, hero, heron, hero of alexandria, heteronym, hike, hit, hocus-pocus, hole-in-the-wall, homeward, homograph, homonym, homophone, homophonous, horse-and-buggy, how, however, huff, humorist, humourist, hurriedly, hypertext, hypertext system, ignite, illiberally, immaterial, impasse, imperfectly, impetuously, importantly, impose, improperly, improvise, impulsively, incidentally, indifferent, indirect expression, individualist, individualistic, infatuate, infect, informally, initiate, insecure, insidious, intact, intercept, intergalactic space, interlock, interpersonal chemistry, interpreted, intramuscularly, introjection, invade, invite, in addition, in a big way, in a way, in some manner, in some way, islam, islamism, jar, jawbone, jest, jiggery-pokery, joke, jostle, jostling, judas, juggernaut, jump ball, key, knack, knocker, labyrinthine, lackadaisical, lampoon, lance, land, lane, lateral geniculate body, leading, leading question, lead up, least effort, least resistance, leisurely, leverage, leveraging, liberia, lilt, linesman, line of least resistance, line of thought, lingeringly, link, lip sync, lip synch, lip synchronisation, lip synchronization, little, logical topology, lovely, loweringly, lower oneself, luck, lucubrate, luxuriantly, lyric, magellanic cloud, magic square, magisterial, make, makeup, make it, make way, manner, mark, mawkishness, mcburney's point, mechanic, mesh, method, midway, mine run, misapprehend, mischievously, misconceive, misconstrue, misinterpret, misleadingly, mistily, misunderstand, mitigation, mockery, mohammadanism, mohammedanism, momentously, monkfish, moon, moon around, moon on, morea, mother hen, mouthpart, much as, muhammadanism, muscle, muscle into, muslimism, mysteriously, natural, naughtily, navigate, negatively, nicely, niggler, noncomprehensively, none, noodge, norma, nose, nosy, nothing, nurture, oblique, obstacle, obstruct, obstruction, offspring, once and for all, one-way, one-way street, on the way, openly, open up, operations research, oppressively, optimally, ordinary, original, originalism, orthoepy, out-of-the-way, out front, out of the blue, overmodest, overshoot, overthrow, palatably, palliation, parody, pasquinade, pass, passage, paternalism, path, path of least resistance, pattern, pedestrian crossing, pencil, penetrate, penetration, perception, perfectly, perfusion, pernicious, perniciously, perseus, personally, personal manner, perspective, pertinently, pettily, photograph, phylloporus boletinoides, pierce, piffle, pioneer, placement, play, plough, plow, poke, position, posture, practice, practicing, prattler, predisposition, prettiness, principle of equivalence, probation, problematically, process, productively, profitably, profligately, progress, prominently, promulgator, pronounce, pronunciation, propensity, propitiatory, props, protractedly, pry, puff, push aside, push away, push forward, put, put-on, quaint, quirk, radio link, raising, randomised, randomized, rape, rascally, rationalisation, rationalization, reaction, read, readiness, rearing, reconcilable, refracture, refuse, regularly, regulate, remember, repair, republic of liberia, resentful, resist, resonant circuit, resonator, result, reversely, richard coeur de lion, richard i, richard the lion-hearted, richard the lionheart, rifle, road, roadside, roar, roguish, roller blind, romanticize, roots, route, royal road, rule, run, run-of-the-mill, run-of-the-mine, sadly, safety, sagitta, salute, satin weave, say, scamper, scantily, scattershot, schmoose, schmooze, school crossing, scientifically, scramble, scuffle, scurry, secure, self-indulgent, sell, sendup, sense, sentimentalise, sentimentality, sentimentalize, sentimentise, sentimentize, set, setup, shape-up, shape up, shelter, shift, shipway, shirtdress, shmoose, shmooze, shoulder, shoulder in, show-off, sidelong, significantly, signified, signpost, skeet, skeet shooting, skulduggery, skullduggery, slickness, slipway, small, smooth, so, soft money, somehow, someway, someways, sordidly, sound, sound out, southern cross, space, spatial relation, specialise, specialize, speciate, speculate, spend, spiccato, spiccato bowing, spike, spoof, spoonfeeding, sprawl, squalidly, square, squarely, squatina squatina, stained glass, staircase, stairs, stairway, start, state, steamroller, steering, stepping stone, steps, stoop, stop, straggle, straight and narrow, strait and narrow, strangely, straying, stupidly, style, styleless, subjectively, substantially, subtle, sunna, sunnah, sure, sure-fire, survey, swing about, swing around, swing voter, tactful, take, taken, takeoff, tangle, tart up, tax shelter, tazir crime, thing, think, three-way, three-way calling, thrombasthenia, throwaway, thrust ahead, thus, thusly, tilt, tip-up, toggle, tour, tout, touter, town, to advantage, to boot, traction, train, transcendentally, transgressor, translate, transplacental, trapshooting, travesty, treat, tricked-out, trickery, tunnel, turnoff, turn around, tussle, two-way, two-way street, typographically, tyrant, underfoot, underneath, under way, unevenly, unexceptional, unexpectedly, unfavorably, unfavourably, unfeelingly, unhappily, unhurried, unlovable, unnatural, unnaturally, unobtrusiveness, unpalatably, unpatriotically, unscientifically, unyielding, used, usufruct, vaguely, valve, vary, vena comitans, very much like, via media, view, vower, walk through, wall of silence, wanton, warp, wave-off, waver, ways, wayside, way out, wear, welter, wend, whimper, whine, will, winsome, wise, with convulsions, wobble, work, work out, wrong, wrong 'un, yielding, zebra crossing, zombi, zombie

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