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like, same, similar

Often used in the same context:
dissimilar, divergent, distinct, similar, various, varied, identical, other, same, separate, interesting, deferent, multiple, unique, strange, seperate, conflicting, certain, untraditional, weird, all, unalike, like, odd, disparate, specific, diverse, dichotomous, peculiar, interchangeable, overlapping, trickier, contrastive, better, contradictory, alternate, interrelated, unusual, complicated, disjoint, wrong, myriad, these, nontraditional, complementary, unfamiliar, individual, fresher, new, analogous, confusing, heterogenous, weirder, unordinary, atypical, umpteen, simpler, nicer, intriguing, wackier, crazy, opposite, tougher, familiar, darker, conceivable, two, ranging, whole, three, unorthodox, unreal, homogenous, smaller, simular, problematic, surreal, distinguishable, diametric, one, ridiculous, unconventional, subtler, bewildering, screwy, particular, advantageous, discrepant, goofier, congruent, friendlier, harsher, difficult, predetermined, fascinating, tridimensional, dicier, interlinked, indistinguishable, several, rougher, calmer, basic, real, cellular, com, directional, discrete, foreign, great, it, leas, let, moder, natural, ques, simple, soft, synthetic, vocal, absorbing, ferent, diiferent, differem, diflerent, ent, vatious, diferent, diff\u00e9rent, diverent, ditferent, contrasted

Appears in the definition of:
., aberrance, aberrancy, aberrant, aberration, about, actual, adapt, adapter, adaptive radiation, adaptor, adherence, adhesion, adhesiveness, adjust, adjustable spanner, adjustable wrench, adjustment, adrenal cortical steroid, aeolotropic, afresh, age of consent, ahead, alimentary tract smear, allochronic, allograft, allomorph, allophone, allotrope, allow, alter, alteration, altered, alternation of generations, american standard code for information interchange, anaximenes, anew, anisotropy, application, arbitrage, around, arrange, arroba, ascii, aside, assimilation, assonant, assorted, away, bacteriochlorophyll, ballgame, bayes' postulate, beat, bell, bevel, bigeneric, bimetal, bimetallic, blend, blotch, bomber, bond, break, break dance, break dancing, break up, breed, brightness constancy, bring, broca, bronchoscopic smear, browse, business relation, by the bye, by the way, cache, cant, carry-over, case, cerebral peduncle, chamfer, change, changeable, changed, change form, change of state, change shape, chatoyant, checker, chemically, chequer, chiaroscuro, chime, circuit, climatically, cloud, coalesce, coefficient of concordance, collage film, collateral, colloquium, color, color constancy, colour, colour constancy, combine, commensal, commensalism, commingle, commission on the status of women, common front, comparative anatomist, comparative anatomy, comparative literature, compatible software, complementary distribution, complementation, completely, compound number, concoction, conflate, conform, consumer research, contrast, contrasting, contrastive, convergent, convert, copolymer, corroborating evidence, coss, cost-benefit analysis, council, counterpoint, cowlick, creating from raw materials, cross, cross-fertilisation, cross-fertilization, cross-fertilize, cross-linguistic, cross-modal, crossbred, crossbreed, crossbreeding, crossing, crossover, cuban sandwich, damascene, dapple, decathlon, decimal notation, deform, denier, development, deviance, deviant, dichotomisation, dichotomization, dichroism, differ, differentia, differentiable, differential, differential gear, differentiate, differentiated, differentiation, differently, dimorphic, dimorphous, disaccord, disagree, discord, discriminate, disparate, dispel, disperse, dissent, dissipate, distinct, distinction, distinctness, distinguish, distinguishable, distributed data processing, diverge, divergence, divergency, divergent, diverging, diversa, diverse, divert, divided highway, drop-off charge, dual carriageway, eccentricity, ecumenicalism, ecumenicism, ecumenism, edition, elastic, elimination reaction, else, encompass, engraft, eolotropic, ethnic minority, evolution, exchange, exchanged, expansion bit, expansive bit, experiment, face, facing, fine structure, fingering, flexible, floater, flowage, flux, flyover, flypast, food faddist, fragmentation, freelance, free house, front, fruit machine, fuse, fusion cooking, galileo, galileo galilei, generalist, global organization, global positioning system, glottochronology, gong, gps, graft, gravity gradient, graze, grinder, haecceity, half-breed, half-caste, harmonious, harmonize, hatch, henry, hero, hero sandwich, heterodyne, heteroecious, heterogenesis, heterologous, heterozygosity, hexadecimal notation, hierarchy, hive off, hoagie, hoagy, homograft, homologous, homonym, homophonous, homophony, hybrid, hybridisation, hybridise, hybridization, hybridize, hybridizing, identical, identifiably, immigrant class, immix, incidentally, independent, indirect, indistinguishable, ingeniously, ingraft, instrumentation, integrate, interbred, interbreed, interbreeding, interchange, interchurch, intercom, intercommunication system, interdenominational, interfaith, interlanguage, intermixture, international organisation, international organization, interphone, interpreter, interracial, intramolecular, iridescent, isomer, isometry, isomorphic, isomorphous, isotope, isotropy, italian sandwich, itinerant, jack of all trades, jag, jumping gene, key, know, koine, kos, label, land, language barrier, latin square, law of segregation, layer, lead, leading indicator, lexical ambiguity, lexicostatistics, lift, light, lingua franca, lining, loan-blend, loanblend, lower respiratory tract smear, magnetic medium, magnetic storage, magnetic storage medium, materially, maund, meld, memory cache, merge, migrator, miscegenation, miscellaneous, mix, mixed, mixed marriage, mixture, modification, modify, monotone, mother cell, motley, mottle, mottling, movable feast, moveable feast, multiculturalism, musical score, mutualism, nadp, napoleonic wars, neapolitan ice cream, newa, new ballgame, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate, non-euclidean geometry, novel, nowise, octal notation, opposite, orchestration, ostwald's theory of indicators, other, otherness, otherwise, outbred, overpass, oyster bar, paint, palaver, pantograph, parallax, paraphrase, parasitism, parity, part, parti-color, particolored buckeye, passer, patchwork, patchwork quilt, pecking order, peculiar, peduncle, pencil lead, pentathlon, people of color, people of colour, performance, phase iv, phase iv clinical trials, phenotype, phrenology, picture plane, pidgin, pierre-paul broca, pleochroism, pleomorphism, pleonastic, pliable, pliant, polymorphic, polymorphism, polymorphous, polyptoton, polysemy, polytonalism, polytonality, poor boy, population shift, power structure, press corps, price list, probabilism, profile, proportional font, proportionate, protean, proxemics, pure tone, pyrometric cone, quiddity, race riot, radiation, radically, raise, range, re-explain, reassign, reassignment, recast, recode, recombinant deoxyribonucleic acid, recombinant dna, recombination, redefine, reducer, redundant, referred pain, refreshing, refurnish, register, register language, reharmonise, reharmonize, rehouse, reinterpret, reinterpretation, relocatable program, remote-access data processing, renaissance man, reordering, reorient, rephrase, reseat, reshuffle, reword, rewrite, road, round, rugelach, ruggelach, rugulah, run, sardonyx, scalene, scatter, scid, score, secern, secernate, second, segregation, self-employed person, separate, separateness, sequence, set, severalise, severalize, severe combined immunodeficiency, severe combined immunodeficiency disease, sexadecimal notation, shingling, shoot, shot, shuffle, simile, skeleton key, skew-eyed, slice, social organization, socket wrench, space, split, split run, split up, sprawling, sputum smear, startling, steel drum, stereo, stereoscopic photograph, stereoscopic picture, stereoscopic vision, stereoscopy, straggling, straggly, stratify, streak, stripe, sub, submarine, submarine sandwich, sundrya, superfecundation, superfetation, switch, symbiosis, symbiotic, symmetrical, symmetry, syncretism, synesthetic metaphor, system, take issue, tautologic, tautological, tea, teleconference, teleconferencing, teleprocessing, tell, tell apart, temperament, thai, theory of indicators, thermocouple, thermocouple junction, thermodynamics, thermography, three-point switch, three-quarter binding, three-way switch, tonal language, tone, tone language, torpedo, totalize, touring, transcribe, transcriber, transduction, transfer, transfer of training, transformed, translator, transliterate, transmogrification, transposition, transposon, traveling, trichroism, troll, turn, type, typing pool, unchanged, unitisation, unitization, unit investment trust, unit trust, vara, variant, variation, varied, variegate, various, vary, version, vicissitude, wage scale, wage schedule, wedge, wide-ranging, william henry, window, wind rose, wine tasting, woolsorter, wool stapler, world council, world organisation, world organization, wrinkle, xenogenesis, xenolith, zep, zoning, zoning board

allo, another, antithetic, antithetical, assorted, contrary, contrasting, contrastive, diametric, diametrical, differing, disparate, dissimilar, distinct, distinguishable, divergent, divers, diverse, opposite, other, polar, several, unlike, unusual, variant, various

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