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Often used in the same context:
sort, type, something, thing, what, heck, guess, bit, kinda, stuff, everybody, somebody, lot, whole, anybody, guy, great, anything, way, thought, that, yeah, youngness, cando, someways, huh, whatever, mentality, sense, everything, per se, this, hey, nothing, but, kidder, hungriness, brazile, mindset, sorta, gosh, gotta, might, nobody, whaddaya, awhile, goosey, naysay, standpoint, nature, epitome, moment, aversion therapy, itsa, sagal, good naturedness, ailes, some, essentialness, flabbergasts, orneriness, pshaw, preconceived idea, physicalness, element, feeling, unsureness, smacks, nitty, aspect, helluva, hokeypokey, ought, pseudo, situations, anticipator, gonna, simpleness, attitude, everyone, wishfulness, ism, ballgame, eggheaded, hell, gratuitousness, cliquishness, antithesis, instinct, blanding, hardass, freak, pollyanna, all, subjectiveness, deary, disgustingness, braggy, big, fluidness, meanness, copout, kinds, sorts, viz, wav, place, ways, case, character, combination, things, variety, pre, circumstance, mode, natural, shape, kindest, kindly, kinder, affectionate, considerate, courteous, obliging, solicitous, compassionate, gracious, indulgent, kindliest, loving, warmhearted, gentlest, motherly, natured, amiable, generous, hearted

More specific:
antitype, art form, brand, description, flavor, flavour, genre, genus, ilk, make, manner, model, species, style, the like, the likes of, type, variety

Appears in the definition of:
., abaca, abject, abscessed tooth, adipose tissue, alabaster, alembic, amblyopic, american bittern, amphipod, anamorphic, angiomatous, angwantibo, anorak, ant thrush, anything, apotheosis, appointed, apprehensive, arbitrage, archilochus colubris, architectural style, arctocebus calabarensis, arranged, associated, atlantic sailfish, at heart, at libertyp, awfully, babassu, babassu palm, beaut, beauty, beneficence, benevolence, benignancy, benignity, benjamin david goodman, benny goodman, better, bigheartedness, bioscope, bit, black-fronted bush shrike, bodied, bordered, botaurus lentiginosus, botaurus stellaris, bottom fermentation, brace, brake, brand, bubble-jet printer, bubblejet, bubble gum, bubble jet printer, building permit, business line, cackle, can-do, cannibalism, capped, case, case-by-case, catapultic, centrex, centropristis philadelphica, chain stitch, chamaeleo oweni, change, character, chauvinist, chlorophoneus nigrifrons, chrome-nickel steel, church hat, cisc, classify, claxon, clon, clone, clot buster, coco de macao, cohune, cohune palm, collinsia bicolor, collinsia heterophylla, colt, columned, come-on, commercial, commute, complex instruction set computer, complex instruction set computing, composite material, congruent, congruous, considerateness, consideration, constantly, convert, corner, corroborating evidence, coryphaena equisetis, couple, couplet, crackerjack, craft, credence, credenza, cross-ply, dacron, decipherer, decoder, denomination, dentition, develop, dicynodont, dismally, disparate, distich, dolomite, dosed, double crochet, double stitch, drag, drag in, dreadfully, droll, dromaeosaur, duad, duet, duo, duplicate, duplication, duster, dyad, eared, eastern lowland gorilla, eccentric, edged, elinvar, embroil, endogamic, endogamous, enticement, epiphytotic, epizootic, equetus pulcher, erratum, european bittern, european fire salamander, european nuthatch, exchange, exhaust, extra, faced, fat, fatherlike, fatherly, fatigue, fatigue duty, fatty tissue, field, field of operation, finespun, fish louse, fish scale, flint, flooding, foliate, foliolate, forgivingness, fresh, frisch, full house, fulvicin, fungible, funny, galvanization, gazella subgutturosa, generalize, general agent, genre, genus, glibness, golden potto, goodish, goodman, gorilla gorilla gorilla, gorilla gorilla grauri, graciousness, graniteware, great, gregarious, grid metal, griseofulvin, grunt, guinness, haecceity, haemulon macrostomum, hatted, hcg, heart, helix hortensis, helter-skelter, hemipteronatus novacula, herd, herdinga, hermissenda crassicornis, herrerasaur, herrerasaurus, heterocycle, heterocyclic ring, heterogeneity, heterogeneous, heterogeneousness, heterogenous, hit parade, hobbes, homocyclic, homogeneity, homogeneous, homogeneousness, homogenous, homospory, hook and eye, hoover, horned, horned chameleon, horribly, hospital ward, human chorionic gonadotrophin, human chorionic gonadotropin, hylophylax naevioides, icterus galbula, ideal, ilk, imaginative comparison, implosion therapy, individual, industry, infectious disease, inherently, innocense, inversion, in a similar way, in kind, ischaemic stroke, ischemic stroke, isocyclic, istiophorus albicans, item-by-item, jampan, jarvik artificial heart, jarvik heart, jigsaw, jimdandy, jimhickey, kindhearted, kindheartedness, kindly, kindness, kind of, kinkajou, klaxon, kwela, larval, law, legged, legionnaires' disease, leviathan, limbed, line, line of business, line of merchandise, line of products, literal, literal error, live, logic, looker, low, low-down, lure, make, manila hemp, manilla hemp, manner, mantis prawn, march, marching, mathematical space, matthew walker, matthew walker knot, mattock, mercifulness, mercilessness, mercy, mexican onyx, microphotometer, minded, misconstrual, misconstruction, miserable, misprint, monovalent, moonwalk, morganite, mundane, musical time signature, nakedness, negro spiritual, neighbor, neighbour, nerves, nest, network army, new, newfangled, news, nibbed, noise, nonesuch, nonpareil, nonsuch, northern oriole, nosed, nourish, novel, nudeness, nudity, obiism, objective, occupational group, onea, onyx marble, operating, orbignya cohune, orbignya martiana, orbignya phalerata, orbignya spesiosa, ordered, oriental alabaster, otto frisch, otto robert frisch, outsize, outsized, oversize, oversized, pair, paragon, parka, pearly razorfish, perfect, permissible, perodicticus potto, phasianid, piece, piping guan, pleuropneumonialike organism, plicatoperipatus jamaicensis, plumed scorpionfish, plumping, plum tomato, police squad, polymorphic, polymorphous, potto, powered, pplo, predacious, presumption, primo, product line, protective, protoplasmic astrocyte, puff, pure, pure and simple, purple chinese houses, push-down queue, queen, quiddity, quite, quite a, quite an, quotient verdict, rainbow lorikeet, rare, reciprocating saw, recognized, reduced instruction set computer, reduced instruction set computing, regard, register, regretfully, relegate, relocation, rensselaerite, requital, resettlement, return, rimmed, risc, robolo, rock bass, rock sea bass, saber saw, saint, salamandra salamandra, salmonellosis, same, saunter, scorpaena grandicornis, scummy, scurvy, sealant, sealer, seeker, self-styled, set, sheetrock, shot tower, shower, sibylline, sicken, singular, singularity, sitta europaea, slickness, smart, smarting, sno-cat, social, something, sorting, space walk, span, spanish grunt, special, specialty store, species, spectator, spirit, spiritual, splendiferous, spotted antbird, squilla, squirrel, stag beetle, stake driver, standard, stand for, sting, stinging, stomatopod, stomatopod crustacean, stopping, stripe, striped drum, style, style of architecture, sucha, suchlike, such as, suit, swarminga, sweep, sweep up, tadpole shrimp, take, tangle, taste, tasting, teeth, tenant, terylene, thermocouple, thermocouple junction, thermopile, the king of swing, the like, the likes of, thomas hobbes, thoughtfulness, thrombolytic, thrombolytic agent, tiffany glass, time signature, tithe barn, toe, toed, topological space, top fermentation, touch, trade, transplantation, transposition, trichoglossus moluccanus, trigla lucerna, trophobiosis, tub gurnard, twain, twosome, type, typecast, type of architecture, typical, typo, typographical error, unanswered, uncomfortable, uncommon, unconstrained, undersize, undersized, unique, uniqueness, universal agent, unmercifulness, unreciprocated, unrequited, unspoken, untroubled, valued, viewer, visored, vocation, volcanic glass, volumed, vouge, walled, ward, ware, watcher, western lowland gorilla, whacker, whopper, wiggliness, windbreaker, windcheater, witness, yardstick, yellow gurnard, yoke, zeal

More general:

benevolent, benign, benignant, charitable, considerate, forgiving, form, generous, genial, gentle, good, good-hearted, gracious, helpful, hospitable, humane, kindhearted, kindly, merciful, openhearted, sort, sympathetic, thoughtful, tolerant, variety

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