Words and phrases that have a meaning related to run:   (677 results)

idle, malfunction, misfunction

Often used in the same context:
drive, scamper, walk, sacrifice fly, trot, solo homer, plated, sprint, stretch, start, clouted, pull, straightaway, operate, grand slam, keyed, raced, take, shut, play, belted, capped, push, coasted, chase, pitch, singled, throw, lead, slam, hits, tying, went, steamroll, pass, hutting, sneak, fly, burst, win, overcommit, shoestring catch, come, move, scoot, jump, ride, stroked, gallop, bunted, turn, steal, squibbing, put, jaunted, groundouts, cruised, stay, misplayed, outgun, double, compete, knock, carry, romp, hop, roughshod, staffed, squander, smacked, gunned, try, dash, finish, open, happen, haul, rally, ripped, overtake, cushion, tacked, batted, connected, scored, relinquish, pinch, powering, bankroll, bounce, sit, punted, sweep, rush, scramble, creamed, mowed, trounce, squeeze, extend, hold, flourish, runs, trip, workout, batch, stint, bout, round, season, advertisement, audition, baking, commercial, dive, excursion, flight, longrun, shortrun, longerterm, term, economywide, longterm, macroeconomic, overall, shortterm, longrange, period, range, microeconomic, systemwide, anticipated, global, societal, aggregate, allocative, economic

More specific:
ambush, audition, barnstorm, block, brim over, campaign, carry over, circulate, clip, come, crock, cross-file, cut, dash, double, drain, draw, draw play, dribble, drive, earned run, eddy, end run, escape, falcon, filter, financier, fitting, flush, forage, fowl, foxhunt, go deep, go far, gravitate, gurge, gush, gutter, hare, hawk, horse-race, jack, jacklight, jet, jog, leak, leakage, lope, losing streak, marathon, obstacle race, ooze, outflow, outrun, overflow, overrun, pilot program, pilot project, poach, pour, purl, rabbit, radiate, ray, rbi, register, render, rerun, return, roll, run bases, run batted in, run down, run off, run out, run over, rush, rushing, scamper, scrounge, scurry, scuttle, seal, seep, serve, service, skedaddle, skitter, snipe, spill, spirt, sprint, spurt, squirt, stampede, steeplechase, still-hunt, streak, stream, surge, sweep, swirl, thread, tide, toe, track event, tree, trickle, trot, try, try-on, trying on, tryout, unearned run, warm up, waste, well out, well over, whale, whirl, whirlpool, whistlestop, winning streak

Appears in the definition of:
., abscond, absquatulate, acinonyx jubatus, acknowledge, automotive vehicle, ball, bannister, baseball, baseball game, basilisk, behindhand, block, blower, bolt, book, break away, break loose, brim over, bunk, campaign, censured, cheetah, chetah, church school, clinic, clip, co-op, collateral, commando, command line, compatible software, conglomerate, connect, cooperative, corticospinal tract, counter, cradle, credits, cross country, dart, dash, decamp, derail, direct primary, disgorge, dive-bombing, dog-eared, dribble, drive in, dry, eared, earned run, electrical outlet, electric fan, electric outlet, electric receptacle, eligible, elope, empire, engine failure, escape, extend, fair catch, filter, flash, flee, fly, flyblown, fly the coop, footman, footrace, foot race, force, four-minute man, funrun, fun run, gantlet, gauntlet, gentrification, get away, give up, go, good sense, go off, grand national, hare, hare and hounds, head for the hills, high-level language, hightail it, hit, hit-and-run, homer, home run, hush, iditarod, iditarod trail dog sled race, idle, impregnably, in the long run, jackson, java, job control, jog, john walker, jump, lam, lap of honour, law of averages, lead, leering, levant, loft bombing, long-dated, long-run, long run, lope, low-level, motor vehicle, nickel-and-dime, ninth, nominating address, nominating speech, nomination, nonstarter, on the fly, operation, outlet, outp, outrun, overflow, overrun, page, pageboy, paper chase, parochial school, pass, passive matrix display, piste, possibly, pour, press run, print run, pulley, pulley-block, pursuit, pyramidal motor system, pyramidal tract, racecourse, racetrack, raceway, rack, ragged, rally, ranch, ranger, rationalise, rationalize, rattrap, rbi, reach into, reelection, religious school, rerun, retired, rim, roger bannister, romp, roulade, ruined, run-down, run-of-the-mill, run-of-the-mine, run-time, run-time error, run-up, running stitch, runtime error, run away, run bases, run batted in, run off, run on, run out, run over, run through, run up, rush, scarper, scoot, scud, selectman, selectwoman, self-limited, semantic error, shed, shoot, short-dated, short-run, sir roger gilbert bannister, skedaddle, slate, slop, smash, snipe hunt, solo blast, solo homer, sordid, spill, splatter, split run, sprint, squalid, stampede, steeplechaser, stonewall jackson, streak, stream, streetcar track, strip mine, take flight, take to the woods, tamely, tend, thomas j. jackson, thomas jackson, thomas jonathan jackson, ticket, tick over, tip-and-run, tontine, toss bombing, track, train set, tramline, tramway, trickle, trot, turn tail, unearned run, unpaid, unsmoothed, upgrade, victoria clafin woodhull, victory lap, violence, walk, walker, wall plug, wall socket, warm up, washingtonian, waste, well over, white-shoe, winning, woodhull

More general:
accompany, accomplish, apply, attempt, be, become, break, break up, broadcast, capture, carry out, carry through, catch, change, circularise, circularize, circulate, come apart, come through, compete, contend, continue, damage, diffuse, direct, disintegrate, disperse, displace, disseminate, dissolve, distribute, effort, endeavor, endeavour, endure, enforce, execute, fall apart, fan out, flow, flowing, football play, free, fulfil, fulfill, function, get, go, go across, go away, go forth, go through, harm, hurry, impairment, implement, incur, jaunt, last, leave, liberate, locomote, locomotion, loose, merchandise, move, occur, operate, pass, pass around, process, propagate, race, release, sail, score, separate, speed, split up, spread, spread out, stream, succeed, succession, thrust, trade, travel, travel rapidly, treat, trip, try, unloose, vie, watercourse, work, zip

black market, bleed, break away, bunk, campaign, carry, consort, course, die hard, discharge, drive, endure, extend, flow, foot race, footrace, force, function, go, guide, hunt, hunt down, incline, ladder, lam, lead, lean, melt, melt down, move, operate, outpouring, pass, persist, play, ply, prevail, race, ram, range, ravel, rill, rivulet, run away, run for, runnel, running, running game, running play, scarper, streak, streamlet, tally, tend, test, track down, trial, turn tail, unravel, work

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— Nouns for run: curve, equilibrium, off, effects, costs, cost, down, growth, effect, rate, more...

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