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Words and phrases whose definition contains animals:   (703 results)

., abactinal, abattoir, acarid, aciculate, acrylamide, actinomycete, adult, aestivation, african clawed frog, all-devouringa, amphibian, amphibious, anatomy, animal, animal-worship, animalia, animal communication, animal fancier, animal fat, animal fiber, animal fibre, animal group, animal husbandry, animal kingdom, animal material, animal order, animal pigment, animal psychology, animal scientist, animal stuffer, animal tissue, animal toxin, animal trainer, animatronics, anteriority, anthrax, anthropomorphic, anthropomorphous, antisepticize, anton van leeuwenhoek, anton van leuwenhoek, aquaculture, aquarium, ark, armed, armored, armoured, arresting, arthromeric, asocial, aspergillus, assassin, association, atomic number 20, axenic, bacillus anthracis, bacteroidaceae, bacteroides, bang's disease, barn, bay, beak, beat, bedding, bedding material, benthos, bestiary, big, bighead, big game, bioattack, bioelectricity, biogeography, biological attack, biological group, biological warfare, biologic attack, bird of prey, bladderwort, blastomycete, bloat, blood meal, blood sport, bob, bobtail, bone-covered, bos taurus, bounty, bounty hunter, brain, branchia, brand, breed, breeder, breeding, breeding ground, brucellosis, bryozoa, bubulcus ibis, buffalo, butcher, butchery, bw, ca, cage, calcium, canned hunt, captor, capturer, caput, carbohydrate, caribe, carnivorous, carnivorous plant, carnosaura, carotenoid, cattle, cattle egret, cell, cephalochordate, chattel, chatter, chattering, chemical weapon, chordata, chytridiales, circus, citric acid cycle, class reptilia, clawed, cleg, clegg, clipped, cnidarian, coelenterate, cold-blooded, colonial, colony, comb jelly, comparative anatomist, comparative anatomy, comparative psychology, coney, congregation, contagious abortion, cony, coop, cote, cows, craniate, craw, crawl, creep, creep feed, critter, crop, cross, crossbreed, crossbreeding, crossing, ctenophore, cultural, culture, custodian, cut, cypriniformes, ddt, death chamber, deer fly fever, dehorn, den, dermacentor, destroy, detusk, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, diestrous, diestrual, diestrum, diestrus, dioecian, dioecious, dioestrous, dioestrual, display, distemper, diurnal, division protista, divot, djinni, djinny, dock, docked, domestic, domestic animal, drive, driver, drop, droppings, drove, dumb, dung, duplicidentata, e. coli, e. o. wilson, eat, ebola virus, echinococcus, ectothermic, edentate, edible fat, edward osborne wilson, endoparasite, endoparasitic, endozoan, enterics, enteric bacteria, enterobacteria, entire, entoparasite, entoproct, entozoan, entozoon, epizootic, equidae, escherichia coli, essential amino acid, estivate, estivation, ethologist, ethology, everglades national park, exoskeleton, express, exuvial, family bacteroidaceae, family equidae, family mimosaceae, family myxinidae, family pulicidae, farm animal, fasciola hepatica, fattened, feed, feel, female mammal, fibrous tissue, fictional animal, fin, fish tank, flagellate, flagellated protozoan, flagellate protozoan, flesh-eatinga, flesh fly, flipper, floor, fodder, foot-and-mouth disease, foot rot, forage, forelimb, fossilize, francisella, free-swimming, full-grown, fully grown, furred, game, game law, gas chamber, geld, general anatomy, generically, genie, genus aspergillus, genus bacteroides, genus corynebacterium, genus dermacentor, genus francisella, genus treponema, gibraltar fever, gill, glucocorticoid, glycogenesis, gnawer, gnawing animal, gnawing mammal, grand canyon national park, grass, grassy death camas, grotesque, growl, growling, grown, grownup, habitation, hairball, hair ball, halal, half-blooded, half-bred, half-breed, handler, harbor, harbour, harrier, harvey, head, hedge, hen, herd, herdinga, heterothermic, heterotrophic, hibernation, hind limb, hispid, holozoic, hoof-and-mouth disease, hoofed, horsefly, horse fly, howl, human, humaneness, humanlike, hunt, hunting, hunt down, hutch, hybrid, hybridisation, hybridise, hybridization, hybridize, hybridizing, hydrophobia, hypericism, hyracoidea, infrahuman, infuse, inhabitancy, inhabitation, insectivorous, inspan, intact, interbreed, interbreeding, invertebrate, itch mite, jan swammerdam, jinnee, jinni, keep, keeper, kind, kine, kingdom animalia, kingdom protoctista, kit, kite, krebs citric acid cycle, krebs cycle, lagomorph, lair, language, lariat, lasher, lasso, leeuwenhoek, leg, legged, leptospirosis, leuwenhoek, lick, limestone, listeria meningitis, listeriosis, litter, liver fluke, livestock, long bone, lorenz oken, lorenz okenfuss, louse, lyssa, macromolecule, madness, malpighi, malta fever, mange, manna lichen, marburg virus, marcello malpighi, marine, marine animal, marine creature, marine museum, marsupial, mastigophoran, mastigophore, meat, meat-eatinga, meat hook, mediterranean fever, meiosis, membrane, menagerie, metabolism, metamere, metamorphosis, metatheria, metazoa, metazoan, migration, migratory, mimosaceae, miosis, mite, morphologic, morphological, morphology, mosquito, muck, multiply, murrain, musk hog, muzzle, muzzler, myxinidae, naturalisation, naturalization, natural fiber, natural fibre, nature, nature study, nekton, nest, nitrogen cycle, noah, nocturnal, nongregarious, nonmigratory, nonnative, nonsocial, nose, oken, okenfuss, old world buffalo, olfactory brain, omnivorous, onychophoran, order chytridiales, order cypriniformes, order hyracoidea, order proboscidea, order rodentia, ordinal, organic phenomenon, os longum, oxen, pack, packsaddle, palaeobiology, palaeozoology, paleobiology, paleozoology, pancreatin, peccary, peripatus, personal chattel, petting zoo, pet shop, phenothiazine, pheromone, phoronida, phoronidea, phylum, phylum bryozoa, phylum chordata, phylum phoronida, phytophagic, phytophagous, phytophilous, pigmentation, pinfold, pirana, piranha, piroplasm, plant-eatinga, plastid, ploughboy, plowboy, pocket, poikilothermic, poikilothermous, polyzoa, pouch, poundage, predaceous, predacious, predator, predatory, predatory animal, premium, preserve, proboscidea, procession, protein, protista, protoctista, pseudomonad, pubescent, pulicidae, rabbit, rabbit fever, rabies, rack up, range, rapacious, raptor, raptorial, raptorial bird, ravening, reata, reduction division, registered, repellant, repellent, reptilia, resident, respiratory system, rhinencephalon, riata, ride herd, rift valley fever, rock fever, rodent, rodentia, rudimentary, ruminant, run, saccharide, sacrifice, safari park, salt lick, saprophagous, saprozoic, sarcophaga carnaria, sarcoptid, scale, scrub, sea animal, sea creature, serve, service, servicing, sessile, shambles, shearer, shell, shigella, shipping fever, shipping pneumonia, shrike, silurian, silurian period, silvex, slaughter, slaughterhouse, slime mold, slime mould, snarer, social, sociobiology, solitary, somite, spirochaete, spirochete, split-brain technique, sponge, stabling, stampede, steroid alcohol, sterol, steward, stock, stock breeder, strain, structural, studbook, stuffer, subclass metatheria, subkingdom metazoa, suborder carnosaura, such as, sucking louse, sugar, supermolecule, survivor, swammerdam, swamp fever, swarminga, swine, systema respiratorium, taloned, tame, tamer, tar pit, taxidermist, taxidermy, taxonomy, team, tentacle, terrier, theory of evolution, theory of organic evolution, thiodiphenylamine, tick, tissue layer, tongue, topiary, towing path, towpath, track down, trainer, translocate, trapper, tread-wheel, treadmill, treadwheel, tricarboxylic acid cycle, trichobezoar, troat, tularaemia, tularemia, tusk, unarmed, unarmored, unarmoured, unattached, unbrowsed, undulant fever, unfattened, unguiculate, unregistered, unwary, unwebbed, vagile, various, velvet worm, venom, vermin, vertebrate, vestigial, veterinary medicine, virgin islands national park, vivarium, vivisect, vivisection, vivisectionist, vulturine, vulturous, wallow, wantonly, warm-blooded, wart, water, webbed, white camas, wild-eyed, william harvey, wilson, withers, wool, working dog, worm, wrawl, xenopus laevis, yammer, yard, yatobyo, yoke, yowl, zigadenus glaucus, zigadenus venenosus, zigadenus venenosus gramineus, zoic, zoo, zoolatry, zoological, zoological garden, zoological science, zoologist, zoology, zoophagous, zoophilia, zoophilism, zoophobia, zoophyte, zoopsia, zootoxin

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