Words and phrases whose definition contains causing:   (562 results)

., abortifacient, abrasive, accident, aching, achy, activating, activatinga, activation, active, active immunity, active voice, actuatinga, addictive, afflictive, agitating, agitation, agitative, alarming, albugo, alienating, alienation, aligning, amebiasis, amebiosis, amoebiasis, amoebiosis, amphibolips, annoying, anorectic, anorexigenic, anthelminthic, anthelmintic, antimicrobial, antimicrobic, antiseptic, anxious, appalling, apple rust, aspergillosis, aspergillus, aspergillus fumigatus, assimilating, assimilative, assimilatory, associative, associatory, atrioventricular bundle, atrioventricular trunk, attract, awful, awkward, bacteriolytic, bacteriostatic, bewildering, binding, birch leaf miner, biting, bitter, black root rot fungus, black rot, blasting, blister rust, blue, blue mold fungus, boil smut, bothersome, bottom rot fungus, brown root rot fungus, bruising, brutal, bug, bundle of his, cacogenic, cacogenics, calming, capture, carcinogenic, catalytic, causal, causation, cedar-apple rust, ceratostomella ulmi, cercospora kopkei, chigger, cliff-hanging, climactic, coffee fungus, cohesive, computer virus, confusing, confusion, connectedness, connection, connexion, constipating, conversion, convincing, corticium salmonicolor, corticium solani, covered smut, cowpox, coxsackievirus, coxsackie virus, crazyweed, crazy weed, creepy, creepy-crawly, cronartium ribicola, cruel, cruelness, cruelty, crustal movement, cytopathogenic, dacryocystitis, damaging, damping off fungus, dangerous, dark, deadly, deathly, debilitative, deceptive, decompositional, defoliation, deformational, delusory, demeaning, depressing, depressive, destructive, destructiveness, detractive, detribalisation, detribalization, detrimental, deviated nasal septum, diabetic, difficulty, diphtheria, diplococcus pneumoniae, dire, direful, disconcerting, disconsolate, dismal, dismaying, dismiss, disorganisation, disorganization, disorienting, dispiriting, displeasing, disquieting, disruption, dissolving, distressful, distressing, disturbing, dizzy, domino effect, dreada, dreaded, dreadful, dry rot, dutch-elm beetle, dutch elm fungus, dynamo, dysgenic, dysgenics, eastern poison oak, easy, ekbom syndrome, electrifying, elysian, emanation, embarrassing, embarrassingly, emission, energizing, enervating, enfeebling, enviable, errhine, etiolation, eugenic, evaporative, extinction, extinguishing, family plasmodiophoraceae, family rickettsiaceae, fearful, fearsome, fenusa pusilla, fibrinolysis, filariasis, first-degree burn, flag smut fungus, flax rust, flax rust fungus, focal infection, forward, frightening, frigorific, gallfly, galling, genus albugo, genus amphibolips, genus aspergillus, genus chlamydia, genus phytophthora, genus rhizopus, genus ustilaginoidea, germ, giddy, glad, gloomy, grave, green smut fungus, grievous, grim, gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae, habit-forming, haemolytic, hard, harmful, harmless, harshness, harvest mite, head smut, heartbreaking, heartrending, heartwarming, helminthic, hemolytic, hepadnavirus, hepatitis a virus, herpes, hexed, hideous, hilarious, horrendous, horrid, horrific, hot, htlv-1, human t-cell leukemia virus-1, humbling, humiliating, hurtful, hyperparathyroidism, image orthicon, incendiary, inculpative, inculpatory, infectious, infective, infliction, influence, ingrown hair, innocuous, inoffensive, insulin reaction, insulin shock, intersection, iodinating, irritating, isoagglutinogen, jarring, jigger, jinxed, kaiser bill, kaiser wilhelm, keratitis, leaf blight, leaf cast, leaf scorch, leak fungus, leptospira, lethal agent, letting down, life-threatening, light reflex, loathsome, locoweed, loose smut, lossless, lossy, lowering, lulling, maleficence, mange, melampsora lini, melancholic, melancholy, mercury-in-glass thermometer, mercury thermometer, microbe, miosis, miotic, mischievous, mollification, mortal, mortifying, motivea, motor, mutagenesis, mycobacteria, mycobacterium, myosis, myotic, nail-biting, nauseating, nauseous, needle blight, needle cast, negative stimulation, nervous, nettlesome, noisome, nonaddictive, nonlethal, numbing, objectionable, obnoxious, off-putting, offensive, onion mildew, onion smut, order uredinales, order ustilaginales, orthicon, orthomyxovirus, outrageous, pacification, painful, painless, papovavirus, paradisaic, paradisaical, paradisal, paradisiac, paradisiacal, paradisial, paramyxovirus, parasitism, parvo, parvovirus, peliosis, pellicularia filamentosa, pellicularia koleroga, peptising, peptizing, peronospora destructor, peronospora hyoscyami, peronospora tabacina, perplexing, perturbation, perturbing, pesky, pestering, pestiferous, phytophthora, phytophthora infestans, pink disease fungus, piroplasm, plaguey, plaguy, plasmodiophoraceae, pleuropneumonialike organism, pneumococcus, poliovirus, population, porphyria, portal hypertension, positioning, potato fungus, potato wart, potato wart fungus, pplo, prejudicial, prejudicious, prickling, proactive, provoking, pupillary reflex, purpura, putrefacient, putrefactive, puzzling, pyrectic, pyretic, pythium debaryanum, quenching, quiescent, quietening, racking, rahu, ransacking, ratbite fever bacterium, reagin, rebirth, redbug, reductive, reflecting, refrigerant, refrigerating, regenerate, reovirus, report, resistance, resonance, restless legs, restless legs syndrome, reverse, rhabdovirus, rhizoctinia solani, rhizopus, rhizopus stolonifer, rhus quercifolia, rhus toxicodenedron, rickettsiaceae, ring rot fungus, rotatory, rotavirus, ruinous, rummage, rust, rust fungus, saddening, sand crack, saprolegnia ferax, sclerotinia, scolytus multistriatus, scorching, scratchy, screaminga, second-degree burn, sending, sensational, septic, serious, severe, severely, shake, shaking, shank, sickening, slip, smothering, sneezeweed, sore, sphacelotheca reiliana, spirillum minus, spiritual rebirth, spoil, spoilage, spoiling, stabbing, stabilising, stabilizing, steadying, steering linkage, sternutative, sternutatory, sticky, stinging, stunning, stylisation, stylization, suffocating, suffocative, surprising, suspenseful, suspensive, synchronisation, synchronization, synchronizing, synchytrium endobioticum, tank, teasing, tectonic movement, terminal, terrible, terrific, terrifying, tetanic, thielavia basicola, thrilling, thrombin, tietze's syndrome, tingling, tobacco mildew, tobacco mosaic, togavirus, toxicodendron quercifolium, transeunt, transient, transmission, transmittal, transmitting, traumatic, trip, trouble, troubling, truncus atrioventricularis, turbine, turn-on, turnoff, uneasy, unenviable, unexpected, unhappy, unlamented, unmourned, unobjectionable, unoffending, unpleasant, unquiet, unsafe, unsurprising, uproarious, upsetting, uredinales, urocystis cepulae, usher out, ustilaginales, ustilaginoidea, ustilaginoidea virens, ustilago maydis, vaccina, vaccinia, variola vaccina, variola vaccine, variola vaccinia, vermifuge, vertiginous, vesicant, vesicatory, vexatious, vexed, vexing, vile, virus, wag, waggle, weakening, weighty, white fungus, white rust, wilhelm ii, wilt, wilting, woozy, worrisome, worrying, wounding, wrenching, xylaria mali, yellow spot fungus, zymolytic, zymotic

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