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expose, uncover

Often used in the same context:
defray, coverage, underwrite, expose, compensate, conceal, recoup, absorb, reimburse, padding, retouch, offset, insure, pay, hide, gatefold, justify, itemise, shield, wrap, fess, skim, contain, encompass, imbursement, skirt, subsidize, glossy, print, toboggan cap, fill, gussy, coverup, sidestep, foldout, amortize, publicize, replenish, uncover, incur, include, insurance, negate, incidentals, trim, enclose, gloss, blanket, dodge, supplement, accompany, uncropped, rumple, insulate, rip, write, soften, misreport, camouflage, prettify, mention, shoehorn, scoop, encase, insurable, backfill, rack, bare, noninstitutional, related, slipcase, apply, pocket, cope, amortise, plus, overexpose, bumbershoot, mads, wipe, bodypaint, trues, unprinted, indemnity, pierce, stipulate, serialise, balled, mop, smother, resurface, fronting, reveal, obscuring, stem, pertain, explain, overshadow, extra, substantiate, outburn, cushion, covers, covering, outer, binder, wrapper, wrapping, drape, mulch, canopy, casing, lid, cast, coating, mask, blinds, coats, coverings, smudgy, smudged, lithographed, stamped, color, copyrighted, engraved, sample, touch, bullet, catch, change, check, gel, intial, orginal, penciled, pencilled, stitch

More specific:
afghan, aluminize, apply, asphyxiate, bank, bark, bedaub, besmear, bind, blacklead, blanket, blind, blindfold, blinker, block out, bloody, board up, body covering, bread, bridge, brush, bury, butter, cake, camouflage, canopy, cap, carpet, case, clapboard, coat, concrete, constellate, cowl, crape, crepe, crisscross, cross, crown, crust, daub, discourse, discuss, dot, drape, drown, dust, eggshell, electric blanket, enclose, encrustation, enfold, envelop, envelope, enwrap, face, feather, felt, flake, flash, flood, floral envelope, foil, ford, frost, glaciate, gloss over, grass, grass over, gravel, grease, half binding, hold, hood, hop, hush up, ice, incrustation, indemnify, indusium, integument, jacket, jaywalk, lag, laminate, lather, leptospira, lid, lime, line, mackinaw, mackinaw blanket, manhole cover, manta, mantle, mask, mist, mist over, mound over, mulch, oil, overlap, overspread, overwhelm, paint, pall, paper, parcel, paste, perianth, pericarp, peridium, plank, plank over, plaster, plaster over, put on, put out, recover, reinsure, ridge, roof, sac, scale, security blanket, seed vessel, sheath, sheathe, sheet, shell, shoji, shroud, sleek over, slough, smear, smother, soap, sod, span, spiel, splash, spray, spread, stalking-horse, stick on, straw, strew, stride, stud, submerge, suffocate, surface, surround, sweep, talk about, tar-and-feather, test, theca, three-quarter binding, tile, traverse, turf, veil, veneer, walk, wallpaper, wash, wax, white-out, whitewash, wrap, wrap up

Appears in the definition of:
., acre-foot, aluminise, aluminize, anxiety disorder, aril, ariled, arillate, armeria maritima, asperula odorata, asphalt, astilbe chinensis pumila, baize, bandage, band aid, bank, bankrupt, bark, barrenwort, baste, beano, beater, bedcover, bedew, bedspread, bed cover, bed covering, beeswax, bell glass, bell jar, bergenia, beset, bestrew, bind, bingo, bishop's hat, blacklead, blanket, blindfold, block, bloody, blue wall, board up, booklet, bound, bread, brochure, brush, bugle, bugleweed, burial garment, bury, butter dish, calcimine, caley pea, canopy, canvas, cap, carpet, carry, case, cement, certified check, certified cheque, circuit court of appeals, clapboard, cliff rose, clinical thermometer, cloche, cloudiness, coat, coconspire, coif, come, concrete, contact, cotoneaster dammeri, cotoneaster horizontalis, counterpane, covered couch, covering material, cover for, cover glass, cover plate, cover slip, cowl, crape, creep, creeping st john's wort, crepe, cross, crown, crystal, daub, day lily, defenseless, deluge, dig, digressive, disclose, discursive, double-team, douse, dowse, drape, draw, dredge, drench, drive, drown, dust, dust cover, dust sheet, dwarf astilbe, dwarf phlox, effort, elytron, encrust, engulf, enshroud, enucleate, epimedium grandiflorum, excursive, expose, eyelid, face, feather, felt, figurehead, film, flake, flood, floor, flour, flow, foil, folder, footwork, fragrant bedstraw, front, front man, frost, galium odoratum, galvanise, galvanize, get out, glaciate, gloss over, grass, grass over, gravel, grit, ground, grow over, hairy tare, hairy vetch, hamper, hardback, hardbacked, hardbound, hardcover, hard surface, hernaria glabra, hide, hip tile, hold, hood, hour, house, housepaint, house paint, housing, hush up, hypericum calycinum, incrust, insolvent, inundate, jacket, japanese spurge, keno, lag, laminate, lather, lathyrus hirsutus, leaflet, lid, lilyturf, lily turf, lime, line, liriope muscari, lotto, malpractice insurance, manhole, manhole cover, mantle, mask, masking paper, masking tape, matricaria tchihatchewii, mattress cover, melilotus officinalis, mental measurement, mercury-in-glass clinical thermometer, metal, minute, mist, moss phlox, moss pink, mountain phlox, mulch, naked, noc, nominal head, nuclear winter, oil, open, operculum, organically, origination fee, overcast, overlap, overwhelm, pachysandra, pachysandra terminalis, pack, painter, pall, palpebra, pamphlet, paper, parcel, parqueterie, parquetry, paste, pasties, patch, pave, phlox subulata, pillowcase, pillow sham, pillow slip, pinguecula, plank, plank over, plantain lily, plaster, plastic film, preliminary prospectus, press corps, prime, pull, pull out, rambling, recover, red herring, render-set, resurface, ridge tile, right of offset, roof, rough pea, run, rupturewort, seal, sea pink, sedum acre, self-insurance, sell short, shawl, sheathe, sheet, shellac, shingle, shroud, singletary pea, size, slate, sleek over, slime, slip, smear, smother, soak, sod, sop, souse, span, spray, spread, spread over, spritz, stack, staff, steel, stick, stocking, straw, strawman, straw man, strew, stride, stucco, submerge, suborn, surface, sweep, sweet woodruff, take out, terrorist, thatch, three-quarter binding, tile, tiling, toupe, toupee, toupeed, traverse, tripleurospermum tchihatchewii, tunica albuginea testes, tureen, turf, turfing daisy, unbound, uncovered, undercoat, undo, unveil, unwrap, varnish, vegetational, veiled, veneer, versant, vesture, vicia villosa, waldmeister, walk, wallboard, wallpaper, wall pepper, watch crystal, watch glass, wax, weather strip, weather stripping, white-out, whitewash, wild winterpea, window shade, wing case, woodruff, wrap, wrap up, yellow sweet clover

Part of:
book, volume

More general:
apparel, be, bedclothes, bedding, bed clothing, broach, clothe, conceal, concealing, concealment, copulate, couple, covering, deputize, dress, empower, enclose, enclothe, endow, endue, enfold, envelop, enwrap, fire, firing, fit out, fulfil, fulfill, garb, garment, gift, go across, go through, habilitate, hide, hiding, indue, inform, initiate, invest, live up to, mate, natural object, pair, pass, play, protect, protection, protective covering, raiment, satisfy, secreting, sit, sit down, stand in, step in, substitute, tog, wrap

address, back, binding, blanket, book binding, breed, brood, comprehend, concealment, cover up, covering, covering fire, covert, cross, cut across, cut through, deal, embrace, encompass, enshroud, extend, get across, get over, handle, hatch, hide, incubate, insure, masking, natural covering, overlay, pass over, plow, report, screen, screening, shroud, spread over, top, track, traverse, treat, underwrite, work, wrap up

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— Adjectives for cover: front, back, inside, protective, vegetative, thick, hard, dense, top, heavy, soft, more...

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