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phase, phase angle, round steak

Often used in the same context:
seeded, final, knockout, pick, rounders, draft, tournament, semis, wildcard, quarterfinal, carded, semifinals, qualifier, roundrobin, tourney, roud, repechage, tampion, bout, golfclub, eliminatory, clinch, place, kayoed, qualifying, banbury, bogey, titleist, tko, eliminator, round robin, finish, consolations, tie, win, outpoint, balker, titlist, finishers, champion, prelim, dormie, match, wild card, holmia, straight, winner, parred, unseeded, bye, teeoff, amateur, eagled, rookie, champ, opponent, penultimate, knockdown, uppercut, playoffs, selections, championship, preliminaries, spelldown, roundy, kod, unheralded, rematch, tiebreaker, holes, heats, birdies, preseason, medalist, matchup, eagling, postillion, elimination, parings, walkover, tee, blitzed, phase, draftee, opening line, season, flurry, pairing, decider, double bogey, slugfest, victory, beat, showdown, finalist, leaderboard, victor, duffed, martina hingis, outstrike, overall, aced, rounds, installment, instalment, run, batch, spate, consignment, meeting, cut, iteration, roundup, runs, salvo, chapter, lecture, report, semester, single, sitting, squarish, oblong, oval, shaped, square, proportioned, rectangular, roundish, largish, misshapen, rounder, smallish, flattish, pentagonal, pointed, quadrangular, elongated, rounded, shiny, tiny

More specific:
abuse, barrage, begird, blackguard, blister, bottom, bottom of the inning, clapperclaw, claw, cloister, gird, girt, girth, purse, rubbish, shout, top, top of the inning, whang, whip, wreath, wreathe

Appears in the definition of:
., alopius vulpinus, annona cherimola, apple geranium, arthur, arthurian, autumn pumpkin, baby's tears, baby tears, ball, ball-peen hammer, bartholomeu dias, bartholomeu diaz, basket-handle arch, bead, beadlike, beady, beet, beetleweed, beetroot, belay, bell arch, biscuit, black cherry, black cherry tree, bolus, bottom round, bowl, bowler, bowler hat, breadfruit, briar, brier, bulla, bullbrier, bullet-headed, bur reed, button, buttonlike, buttony, button fern, bye, calabash, calabash tree, callirhoe involucrata, can, canalis inguinalis, can buoy, carriage bolt, catbrier, catherine wheel, checker, cherimoya, cherimoya tree, cherry, cherry tree, chinese scholartree, chinese scholar tree, chubbiness, citrus paradisi, cladrastis kentukea, cladrastis lutea, clintonia borealis, coil, coltsfoot, common snowberry, condyle, corpus mamillare, crescentia cujete, cucurbita pepo, curl, curlicue, cymling, damply, daphnia, darmera peltata, deadeye, derby, dias, diaz, disc, disciform, disk, dog catcher, doily, dovyalis caffra, downy ground cherry, doyley, doyly, drop, eccles cake, encircle, endomorphy, excursion rate, eyelet, family rhizopogonaceae, fanweed, felid, feline, field pennycress, fill out, flesh out, football, football game, fortunella japonica, fox shark, french weed, function, galahad, galax, galaxy, galax urceolata, gawain, genip, genus neofiber, geraint, gingersnap, ginger nut, ginger snap, gird, globe pepper, gopherwood, grapefruit, greenbrier, guenevere, gueridon, guinevere, gyre, gyromitra sphaerospora, habenaria orbiculata, hag, hagfish, hamburger bun, hamburger roll, hand, hard-shell clam, hatbox, heal all, helxine soleirolia, hockey, hockey game, honesty, horse-brier, horseshoe arch, horse brier, hortensia, hydnocarpus laurifolia, hydnocarpus wightiana, hydrangea macrophylla hortensis, ice hockey, idesia, idesia polycarpa, indian button fern, indian rhubarb, inguinal canal, irish soda bread, japanese pagoda tree, jawbreaker, kei apple, kei apple bush, kentucky yellowwood, keurboom, king arthur, knob, knot, ladybeetle, ladybird, ladybird beetle, ladybug, lady beetle, lamper eel, lamprey, lamprey eel, lancelot, la spezia, leaning tower, leaning tower of pisa, lentil, little golden zinnia, loop, lunaria annua, mamillary body, mammillary body, marumi, marumi kumquat, meditatively, merry-go-round, meryta sinclairii, milking stool, mithridate mustard, molluscum contagiosum, money plant, moon-faced, moorish arch, negro peach, neofiber, nucleole, nucleolus, nutmeg geranium, oat cell carcinoma, orange, orb web, os sesamoideum, outwardness, ox-eyed, oxeye, oyster cracker, pass, patty, pattypan squash, pear-shaped, pearl, pearl barley, pelargonium odoratissimum, peltate, peltiphyllum peltatum, penny grass, physalis pubescens, pillbox, pinwheel, pipe bowl, pita, pityriasis alba, plug hat, plum, pocket bread, pole, pooch, pooch out, pot, prickly pear, prunus serotina, pudginess, puffball, puka, pumpkin, pumpkin vine, pump action, purple poppy mallow, pyknic type, quahaug, quahog, quercus falcata, rat-tail file, retinoblastoma, rhizopogonaceae, ringed, ringlet, ring girl, roll, rolypoliness, romanesque, romanesque architecture, roman arch, round-arm, round-bottom, round-eyed, round-faced, round-leaved rein orchid, round-spored gyromitra, rounded, roundel, roundish, roundly, round bone, round clam, round down, round hand, round kumquat, round off, round of golf, round out, round up, rump, rum cherry, sally lunn, sarcocephalus esculentus, sarcocephalus latifolius, satinpod, satin flower, saucer, saucer-eyed, schottische, scroll, semi, semicircular arch, semifinal, sesamoid bone, sheep bell, shield-shaped, shortcake, siege perilous, silver dollar, sir galahad, sir gawain, sir geraint, sir lancelot, skep, slide action, slime eels, small cell carcinoma, smilax rotundifolia, snap, snowberry, social function, soleirolia soleirolii, sophora japonica, sophora sinensis, sourball, southern red oak, spanish lime, spin the plate, spin the platter, square, stinkweed, stock, stopping point, strawberry tomato, strix aluco, supernatural virtue, swamp red oak, symphoricarpos alba, tawny owl, tectaria cicutaria, tectaria macrodonta, tenderly, theological virtue, thlaspi arvense, thrasher, three-centered arch, thresher, thresher shark, thrift, top round, toque, troll, true puffball, truncocolumella citrina, tubbiness, tumbler, turban, turkey oak, twinkly, umbrella plant, unimpressively, virgilia divaricata, wandflower, water flea, waxberry, whorl, year-round, yellow clintonia, zinnia grandiflora

Part of:
feeding chair, folding chair, highchair, rocker, rocking chair, side chair, straight chair

More general:
alter, ammo, ammunition, applause, articulate, bear, call, carry, change, clapping, contain, course, criticise, criticize, crosspiece, cut of beef, enounce, enunciate, form, gain, go, golf, golf game, habitude, hand clapping, helping, hold, hone, interval, locomote, move, partsong, path, perfect, period of play, pick apart, play, playing period, portion, pronounce, put on, rotating mechanism, route, say, serving, shape, time interval, track, travel

around, assail, assault, attack, ball-shaped, beat, bout, brush up, capitate, circle, circuit, circular, coccoid, cycle, daily round, discoid, discoidal, disklike, encircle, environ, fill out, full, global, globose, globular, inexact, labialize, lash out, moon-round, moonlike, nutlike, one shot, orbicular, orbiculate, orotund, polish, polish up, rhythm, ring, ringlike, rotund, round down, round of drinks, round of golf, round off, round out, roundish, rung, snipe, spheric, spherical, stave, surround, turn, unit of ammunition

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