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Words and phrases whose definition contains substance:   (718 results)

., 2-hydroxybenzoic acid, abradant, abrasive, abrasiveness, abrasive material, absorbent, absorbent material, absorptance, absorption, absorption band, absorption coefficient, abused, accelerator, achromatinic, actinotherapy, active transport, activity, actualise, actualize, addict, adhesive, adhesive material, adsorbent, adsorbent material, adulterant, adulterate, adulteration, adulterator, agent, agglutinogen, albumen, alkalinise, alkalinize, allergen, alundum, ambergris, amidopyrine, aminopyrine, amyloid, anaphylactic shock, anaphylaxis, anaximander, angiocardiogram, angiogram, animal black, animal charcoal, antagonism, antibiotic, antibiotic drug, anticatalyst, anticholinergic, anticholinergic drug, antigen, antioxidant, antiperspirant, antipruritic, antiseptic, ant cow, applicator, applier, asphalt, assay, astringe, astringence, astringency, athanasianism, atomic cocktail, attenuate, autoimmune, avogadro's number, avogadro number, backed, bacteriochlorophyll, balata, bar, basivertebral vein, bed, behavior, behaviour, bioassay, blacking, body substance, bombardment, bone, bone black, bone char, bounce, bounciness, bound, buffered aspirin, bufferin, builder, built, burning, butterfat, butyraceous, cake, calcine, calcium hydrate, calcium hydroxide, canal, cancer juice, candied apple, candy apple, caramel apple, carbon, carbon black, carbon paper, carcinogen, cardboard, carrier, catalyst, caustic, caustic lime, cauterant, cautery, celluloid, cement, cementum, chalk, channel, char, chemical analysis, chemical compound, chemical energy, chemical formula, chemical irritant, chemisorb, chicle, chicle gum, chitin, chondrin, chromatin, chromatinic, chromatin granule, chromatography column, coating, coefficient of absorption, cofactor, colophony, colorimeter, coloring, colouring, column, combustible, combustible material, combustion, comestible, compose, compound, concentrated, concentration, conditioner, conductor, consubstantial, consubstantiate, consubstantiation, contaminant, contamination, content, contrast material, contrast medium, controlled substance, convert, converter, convertible, convertor, corneous, corporeal, corrosive, coupon, crud, cryocautery, crystal, crystallization, culture medium, curie point, curie temperature, cytolysin, cytotoxin, daub, debase, decay, decomposition, decomposition reaction, defective pleading, deflagrate, denaturant, densitometry, dentifrice, desiccant, desorb, destructive distillation, detergent builder, diamagnet, dilute, discharge, disgorge, disintegration, dispersed particles, dispersed phase, dispersing medium, dispersing phase, dispersion medium, displacement, displacement reaction, dissolvent, dissolver, dissolving agent, diuretic, diuretic drug, doped, dosage, dose, double salt, dragon's blood, drier, dronabinol, drug, drunk, drying agent, duct, dust, dwindle, dwindle away, dwindle down, dye, dyestuff, eatable, eburnation, ectoplasm, edible, egg white, electrodeposition, elixir, elixir of life, emission, enamel, epidural injection, epithelial duct, erosive, erythrocytolysin, erythrolysin, essence, ether, explosive, express, extend, extract, exudate, exudation, eyeshadow, fat, feebleness, ferment, fermentation, fermenting, fertiliser, fertilizer, fiber, fibre, fill, filth, finish, finishing, firelighter, fish glue, fleshed out, flimsy, fluid, flux, flypaper, foamentation, fog, fogginess, food, foodstuff, food allergy, food color, food coloring, food colour, food colouring, food product, form, form-onlya, formula, formulation, fractional process, fractionation, fuel, full-clad, fulvic acid, fumigant, galactocele, ganoin, ganoine, genus picris, glue, gluten, glycerite, glycerole, goitrogen, goo, gram molecule, greasepaint, ground substance, guck, gum, gunk, gutta balata, haemolysin, haemosiderin, half-life, half life, harshness, hatch, heat of dissociation, heat of formation, heat of solution, hemolysin, hemosiderin, hexachlorophene, homogenised, homogenized, hornlike, horny, humectant, humic acid, humin, hyaluronic acid, hydrated lime, hydrocolloid, igniter, ignitor, immaterial, immovable bandage, immune reaction, immune response, immunizing agent, immunoassay, immunochemical assay, immunogen, immunologic response, immunosuppressive, impregnation, incense, incorporeal, indicator, industrial disease, inebriated, infiltrate, infusion, inhibitor, injection, inlay, inoculant, inoculum, insectifuge, insect repellant, insect repellent, insoluble, insubstantial, insubstantiality, intangible, intercellular substance, intermediate, intoxicated, intoxication, intrinsic factor, inversion, irradiation, jelly, lac, lacquer, laetrile, lampblack, lanolin, law of constant proportion, law of definite proportions, layer, lead, lead pencil, leaven, leavening, leucothoe, lighter, lime, lime hydrate, liquefy, liquid, liquidise, liquidity, liquidize, liquidness, liquify, liquor, living substance, lochia, lubricant, lubricating substance, lubricator, lute, luting, lymphangiogram, lysin, magnetic induction, magnetic ink, magnetisation, magnetization, malignant anaemia, malignant anemia, mantle, marbles, massive, material, matrix, meaty, medicate, medium, medulla, metabolite, metamorphic, metamorphosis, metaphysical, micronutrient, mineral pitch, mixture, moderator, modulus, mohs scale, mol, molar, mole, monism, mordant, mother, mucilage, mucin, muck, mucoid, murk, murkiness, mutable, myelin, myeline, myelinic, neurochemical, neuromuscular blocking agent, nodule, nonionic, nonphysical, nutrient, occluded, occupational disease, oil, oil beetle, ooze, osseous tissue, ovalbumin, oxidant, oxidiser, oxidizer, oxidizing agent, pabulum, paint, painted, pallium, paper wasp, papier-mache, paramagnet, parmenides, passive transport, pencil, pencil lead, percolate, permeation, pernicious anaemia, pernicious anemia, pervasion, phase space, pheromone, philosopher's stone, phlogiston, photoconduction, photoconductive, photoconductivity, photosensitise, photosensitize, physical, phytotoxin, picris, pine tar, plant food, plant toxin, plaster, plastered, plasticiser, plasticizer, poison, poisoning, poisonous substance, poultice, powder, powder method, powder photography, powder technique, precipitate, precursor, preparation, press out, product, prostaglandin, protoplasm, provitamin, psychotropic agent, pulverisation, pulverization, punk, pyrectic, pyrogen, pyroligneous, pyrolignic, pyrolysis, qualitatively, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, quantitative chemical analysis, quench, quintessence, radiation, radiation therapy, radioactive decay, radioimmunoassay, radiotherapy, rarefy, reabsorption, react, reactant, real, realise, realize, recap, recapitulation, rectification, reducer, reducing agent, reductant, reductase, refinery, refractometer, refrigerant, regulatory gene, regulator gene, reinforced, releasing factor, releasing hormone, remover, render, rennet, repellant, repellent, reservoir, resolvent, resorption, review, rf, saccharin, salicylic acid, sarcolemma, saturate, saturated, saturation, saturation point, scintillate, scratchiness, sealing material, secernment, secretion, section, semiconducting material, semiconductor, sensitiser, sensitizer, shadowy, shape, shed, shoe polish, sicative, silicic acid, sink, size, skank, slaked lime, slicked, slight, slime, slimy, slop, sludge, smear, smoke, smut, soaking up, sober, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, softener, solid, solidness, solubility, soluble, solute, solvate, solvent, soot, sorbate, sorbed, sorbent, sorbent material, sorption, source, spark, spatter, spattering, specific gravity, specific heat, spermaceti, spill, spiritual, spitball, spitter, splash, splashing, splatter, splattering, spontaneous combustion, spray-dried, sternutator, sternutatory, still, stretch, stuff, subside, subsistence, substantial, substantiality, substantialness, substantiate, substantive, substrate, suffusion, superficial, superficies, surface-active agent, surfactant, tablet, taffy apple, tangible, target organ, taurine, tenderiser, tenderizer, tenuity, tenuous, test, tetrahydrocannabinol, thc, thermion, thin, third law of thermodynamics, tintometer, toffee apple, tomalley, toner, tooth enamel, torch, tortoiseshell, touchable, toxic condition, toxin, transformable, translatable, transmission, transmittance, transmutable, transmutation, transpirate, transpire, transubstantiation, transudate, transudation, trivial, trypsinogen, unlifelike, unreal, unsaturated, unsubstantial, vapor, vapour, vegetable wax, vena basivertebralis, victual, victuals, vitrification, vitrify, vitriolic, volatile, water pill, water softener, wax insect, wetter, wetting agent, wood, woolly aphid, woolly plant louse, wraithlike, zymolysis, zymosis

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