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Often used in the same context:
nab, snare, grab, hook, sneak, catched, elude, outrun, pass, hop, outleap, leaping, get, apprehend, snatch, snagging, overfish, surfcasting, shoestring catch, scamper, dart, scoot, outsmart, chasing, ribbonfish, overtake, dodge, lunging, watch, swat, dolly varden, pick, steal, nicked, slip, decoyed, sidle, barehanded, lollygag, forty winks, gobble, scoop, stop, hit, sewin, tickle, muffing, capture, jigged, pinpoint, thwart, see, smother, spotting, grabbling, gaffed, chummed, corralled, hoicks, collaring, spanish mackerel, crevalle jack, intercept, jaunted, throw, snicking, beat, imitate, brown bullhead, punish, escape, wiggle, overstride, skying, tease, follow, curl, lure, scarper, golden shiner, outwit, keep, find, rile, snaffled, wrap, rip, missed, bounce, detect, busted, butterfingered, mackinaw trout, poke, tackle, heave, soak, jack crevalle, flopping, evade, retie, ensnare, catches, haul, harvest, crop, kill, buy, harvests, turnout, draw, prize, take, collection, consignment, shortfall, show, dairy, fiesta, herd, job, enigmatical, count, silliest, underline, enigmatic, facetious, ine, interpolated, italicized, noncommittal, pompous, prefixed, ridiculous, save, underlined, ambiguous, arrival, boastful, bracketed

More specific:
bag, batfowl, catch cold, click, detent, dog, doorstop, doorstopper, ensnare, entrap, fair catch, fish, harpoon, hasp, hold, hook, hunt, hunt down, intercept, interception, interlock, interlocking, latch, mesh, meshing, net, nett, pawl, preview, rat, recapture, reception, retake, run, shoestring catch, snag, snare, snooker, spectate, stop, track down, trammel, trap, trip, tripper

Appears in the definition of:
., antlion, antlion fly, ant lion, archerfish, barricade, batfowl, batting cage, birdlime, blindman's bluff, blindman's buff, blindside, butterfingers, buy-and-bust operation, by-catch, cage, catchfly, catch up, catch up with, chase, chase after, click, cormorant, cyclic redundancy check, descry, detent, diaper, dog, doorhandle, doorknob, dragger, enmesh, ensnare, ensnarl, entrap, espy, eye, fair catch, field, firetrap, fish, fishing boat, fishing season, fishing smack, fishing vessel, flat out, flycatcher, frame, give chase, glimpse, go after, hare and hounds, harpoon line, hood latch, hook, how, industrialize, inflame, juggle, kindle, knock on, lacrosse, lariat, lasso, latch, lime, lose, lychnis, mesh, miss, muff, napkin, nappy, net, nett, new world flycatcher, night-line, nose, overtake, paper chase, pass catcher, pass receiver, pawl, phalacrocorax carbo, plaguey, pretend, price, rat, ratter, rat terrier, reata, receiver, riata, roadblock, rope, safety net, save-all, scent, scorn, seine, set up, shoestring catch, sight, snag, snare, spell-checker, spelling checker, spin the plate, spin the platter, spot, spy, start, swoop, swoop up, tag, tail, toxotes jaculatrix, track, trail, trammel, trap, trawler, trip, tripper, tyrant bird, tyrant flycatcher, weir, wicket-keeper, wild pitch, wind, window

More general:
acquire, adult, appeal, attach, attract, capture, catch fire, change, check, clutch, compete, comprehend, constraint, contain, contend, contract, control, curb, delay, delivery, detain, discover, drawback, draw in, erupt, fastener, fastening, find out, gaining control, game, get, get a line, get wind, get word, grownup, hear, hit, hold, holdfast, hold in, hold up, ignite, indefinite quantity, learn, listen, manner of speaking, moderate, object, perceive, physical object, pick up, play, prehend, pull, pull in, restraint, see, seize, seizure, speech, spread, surprise, take, take fire, touch, touching, understand, vie, watch

apprehension, arrest, becharm, beguile, bewitch, captivate, capture, catch up with, charm, collar, enamor, enamour, enchant, entrance, fascinate, get, grab, haul, hitch, match, overhear, overtake, pick up, pinch, see, snap, snatch, stop, take hold of, take in, taking into custody, trance, trip up, view, watch

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