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Often used in the same context:
clout, sway, impact, curry favor, corrupting, involvement, dominion, meddling, intoxicant, repercussions, receptivity, leverage, presence, hegemony, counterweight, pressure, patronage, significance, influencer, dominance, detriment, force, factor, latitude, counterbalance, taint, control, popularity, dissuasion, thrall, prerogatives, alcohol, relevance, centrality, powers, coercion, primacy, saliency, intimidation, passivism, sphere, suspicion, role, determinant, ascendancy, perceptions, implications, stranglehold, predominance, glamourize, imprimatur, authority, domination, stature, suasion, cachet, preoccupation, reverberations, coattails, persuasiveness, acquiescence, dependance, leeway, backfire, mystique, legitimacy, importance, bargaining chip, mellowing, familiarity, prestige, vested interest, ramifications, bipolarity, kingmaker, mythologise, preeminence, salience, bully pulpit, consequences, skew, effect, tutelary, disaffection, persuasion, nexus, determiners, powerbroker, closeness, predisposition, driving, unpopularity, monopsony, alcoholic beverage, leanings, wariness, resonance, tutelage, assertiveness, benefit, aggrandizement, irrepressibility, influ, influences, help, impetus, legacy, mentors, preponderance, advantage, duress, incentive, inducement, public, repercussion, asynchronous, attitude, bending, hardwired, position, saturation, vocal, actual, approximated, arbitrary, arrhenius, associational, astigmatic, axis, clientelistic, continuous, copy, covariate, dc, defensive

More specific:
bewitch, blackjack, blackmail, carry, color, cross-pollination, dead hand, dead hand of the past, decide, dominate, encroachment, enticement, exposure, force, form, get at, grasp, grip, hypnotism, impact, impingement, imponderable, imprint, index, magnetize, manipulate, manipulation, mesmerism, mesmerize, militate, morale builder, mortmain, pace, persuade, persuasion, pestilence, predetermine, prejudice, prepossess, pressure, purchase, reshape, spellbind, suggestion, support, sway, swing, swing over, temptation, time, use, wind

Appears in the definition of:
., absolute, active, act upon, alcoholize, ambiance, ambidextrous, ambience, amicus curiae, anicius manlius severinus boethius, arrest, atmosphere, at workp, authoritative, beat back, beguile, belittle, benefic, benign, benignant, bias, big business, blarney, boethius, bribe, broad interpretation, buy, buy off, cajole, carnegie, carry weight, cataphoresis, charisma, check, chinoiserie, cipher, clericalism, clout, coax, codariocalyx motorius, cogent, cognitive factor, complex, conjunct, consequence, contain, control, corrupt, corrupting, cothromboplastin, countervailing, cross-pollination, cypher, dag hammarskjold, dag hjalmar agne carl hammarskjold, dale carnegie, day, de-stalinisation, de-stalinization, dead hand, dead hand of the past, deceitful, decide, desmodium gyrans, desmodium motorium, destalinisation, destalinization, determine, deterrence, diabolical, diane de poitiers, dielectrolysis, disengage, disincentive, disinformation, divine guidance, djinni, djinny, dominant, doped, double-dealing, double-faced, double-tongued, drive, dropping, drugged, drunk, duchesse de valentinois, duplicitous, duplicity, effective, ego trip, electrophoresis, eminence grise, ennobling, ethnicity, evil, exaltation, exert, expand, expansionism, expose, extend, factor vii, fair game, fall, falling, fix, force, force back, formative, free electron, friend of the court, genie, get at, good, govern, grace, grasp, grease one's palms, great power, grip, guiding, hammarskjold, heliopause, hold back, hoodwink, hopped-up, hushed-up, idiotically, immediate, immune, imperative, imperative mood, import, important, important person, imprint, inactive, incentive, inconsequence, independence, independency, inducement, infection, influential, influentially, influential person, inner, insignificant, inspiration, inspirational, intoxicated, intractability, intractableness, inveigle, in effectp, in forcep, ionophoresis, janus-faced, jinnee, jinni, judicial activism, juggle, jussive mood, keep in line, kingmaker, leaven, leavening, lightweight, loaded, lobby, logrolling, louis the great, louis xiv, ludwig josef johan wittgenstein, ludwig wittgenstein, magic, major power, malefic, malevolent, malign, mammon, manipulate, manipulation, mercurial, meteorological conditions, michelson-morley experiment, military-industrial complex, militate, mold, moment, mortmain, motivator, mover and shaker, multiple correlation coefficient, narcotised, narcotized, network army, nobody, nonentity, numerology, obstruction of justice, oligopoly, operant, overriding, pack, palaver, paramount, pay off, peanut, pendulum, personage, personal appeal, personal magnetism, perturbation, pestilence, photosensitise, photosensitize, pieter zeeman, potent, potently, power, powerful, powerfully, powerfulness, predominant, predominantly, predominate, prejudice, preponderance, preponderant, preponderantly, preponderating, prepossess, pressure group, prestige, prestigious, prestigiousness, prey, priestcraft, proconvertin, psychological operation, psychotropic agent, psyop, puissance, pull, pull strings, pull wires, purchase, push back, quarry, racetrack tout, reciprocality, reciprocity, regulate, relent, repel, repulse, rotationally, salutary, saturation, saving grace, scend, secularisation, secularization, sedated, self-aggrandisement, self-aggrandizement, semaphore plant, seminal, separative, shaker, shape, slave, sociolinguist, soften, space cadet, special interest, stable factor, state of grace, stoned, stop, sun king, superpower, surge, sway, sweet-talk, sweetheart, swing, swing over, target, telegraph plant, third house, turf, turn back, two-faced, undue, unresponsive, use, weather, wheedle, wire-puller, wittgenstein, work, world power, yield, yielding, zeeman

More general:
affect, bear on, bear upon, causal factor, causation, cause, causing, consequence, determinant, determinative, determiner, determining factor, do, effect, force, impact, issue, make, outcome, persuade, potency, power, powerfulness, result, touch, touch on, upshot

act upon, charm, determine, regulate, shape, tempt

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— Adjectives for influence: great, political, strong, considerable, powerful, direct, important, little, significant, much, profound, more...

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