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Words and phrases whose definition contains activity:   (636 results)

., accountability, ace inhibitor, act, action, activating, activation, activator, active, active agent, actus reus, adrenarche, adrenosterone, aeronautical engineering, aestivation, aid, aim, allow, amygdalotomy, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor, animation, answerability, answerableness, anticatalyst, antifeminism, antithyroid, arousal, assist, assistance, associate, associationism, association theory, athletics, athletic game, attempt, attention span, automotive engineering, automotive technology, avocation, back away, back out, bag, balanced diet, bandwagon effect, basic training, beginner, bellwether, bestiality, bioassay, bisexuality, blind, blunt, bookkeeping, bottle collection, break, break away, break in, breeding, brutalisation, brutalization, building, bullfighting, burst, business, business activity, business cycle, business enterprise, bustling, busy, busyness, buzz, by-line, byplay, calculate, call, call in, caper, cardiography, care, carry over, cease, cease and desist order, center, centre, cephalosporin, ceremony, charity, chauvinism, chemical engineering, chicken, circadian rhythm, circumstance, clampdown, clerking, clinic, clonic, cloning, coenzyme, cognitive operation, cognitive process, combined, comeback, come back, command, commercial activity, commercial enterprise, commit, committal to writing, communicating, communication, communications technology, company, computer technology, concealing, concealment, concerted, condemn, conjunct, conjunctive, consecrate, construction, continuance, continuation, continue, control, cooperative, correction, countercurrent, cox-2 inhibitor, crawfish, crawfish out, create, crosscurrent, crowd control, cup of tea, curtain raiser, cutting, dabbler, dead, deaden, decipherment, decoding, decryption, dedicate, deflation, demand, depress, depressant, depression, depressor, depressor nerve, devote, diestrum, diestrus, dilettante, direct, directive, discontinue, dish, disinfestation, disrupt, dissipation, distribution, district manager, disturbance, diversion, dormant account, downswing, downturn, dramatics, dressing, dry walling, earthquake, ease, eeg, effort, electrification, electrocardiography, electroencephalogram, electromyograph, electroretinogram, encephalogram, encoding, encryption, endeavor, endeavour, endocrine system, energizing, energy, engage, enjoining, enjoinment, enlightened, enthusiast, entrant, environmentalism, enzymology, erotica, estivation, estrus, exercise, exercising, exportation, exporting, facilitatory, facts of life, fatigue fracture, feel like, fetich, fetish, figurehead, film editing, finance, firing line, fit, fits and starts, fixation, fixings, fledgeling, fledgling, focal seizure, focus, follow-up, followup, formation, freshman, frolic, front, front man, fueling, full-time, fun, gambol, gammopathy, gb, genital phase, genital stage, get back, give, give-and-take, give up, glide, gliding, glucocorticoid, golden age, gold standard, gonadotrophic hormone, gonadotrophin, gonadotropic hormone, gonadotropin, go along, go back, go on, graphic, grass roots, grooming, grouping, haircare, hairdressing, hair care, half-time, hamas, handwriting, harvest, hauling, heat, hell, help, heparin, hesitate, hibernation, hiding, hobby, hobbyist, hold, horizon, hot, hub, hugger-mugger, hum, hunt, hunting, hustle, hyperpituitarism, id, importation, importing, inaction, inactive, inactiveness, inherently, inhibitor, initiate, injunction, inscription, inspiration, interchange, interdict, interdiction, interest, interest group, interference, intermission, interrupt, invigoration, in full swingp, islamic resistance movement, jest, job, jocularity, joke, keep, keynesianism, lamentation, land-office business, laughter, law, lay off, leadership, leading, lecherous, lechery, leisure, lethargic, lifeless, limber up, line, line duty, line function, line of work, lipo-hepin, liquaemin, liveliness, lively, logjam, loosen up, loss, maintain, maintenance, make, male chauvinism, managerial, manic, market, marketplace, mask, mastery, mecholyl, mefoxin, mental process, meshugaas, metalwork, metalworking, methacholine, military operation, minesweeping, misconduct, mishegaas, mishegoss, miss, mixer, molecular biologist, molecular biology, molecular genetics, molestation, monopolistic, moratorium, mother, mountaineering, mountain climbing, mourning, mumbo jumbo, music, myogram, mystification, negotiation, neophyte, neurochemical, newbie, newcomer, noise, nominal head, notation, novice, now, nsaid, obfuscation, occupation, occupational, oestrus, off-peak, old growth, operation, organisation, organization, orgiastic, orgy, outlet, overactivity, overdrive, paedophilia, paraphilia, part-time, participant, participating, partisan, partizan, party, past master, patrol, pause, peacekeeping, peacekeeping mission, peacekeeping operation, peak, pedophilia, permit, perturbation, pet, physical, physical exercise, physical exertion, piece of work, pilot program, pilot project, piscatorial, piscatory, platoon, play, pleasure, pluck, point, political arena, political sphere, porn, porno, pornography, portraiture, positron emission tomography, preparation, presentation, preservation, proceed, process, procreation, professionalisation, professionalise, professionalization, professionalize, prolusion, prosecute, prostaglandin, protection, provision, pseudoscience, pull back, pull in one's horns, pursue, purview, quake, quiet, quietly, quit, raging, railroading, rail technology, rainmaking, raising, readying, reciprocation, reconstruction, recreation, refreshment, refueling, regeneration, regulator, relaxation, release, repose, representation, reproduction, requirement, rest, result, resultant role, resurgence, retreat, return, revenue enhancement, revitalisation, revitalization, revival, revivification, role, roll, romp, round, roundup, round of golf, rousing, rush, rut, safe sex, sailing, sailplaning, sale, sarin, saving, schedule, sciolist, search, sector, secularisation, secularization, sedative-hypnotic, sedative-hypnotic drug, seethe, seism, self-sacrifice, selflessness, sell, sensory activity, session, set about, sex drive, sideline, sign up, sin, sit out, smoke, smut, soaring, sociable, social, social activity, social service, solo, space walk, spare-time activity, spearhead, specialised, specialized, sphere, spree, spring-cleaning, stage business, stand, standstill, starter, stimulating, stimulative, stocking, stop, strawman, straw man, stress fracture, subconscious, subconscious mind, subterfuge, superscription, supply, supplying, support, sweatshirt, swing, synergist, talent, tax, taxation, tax advantage, tax benefit, tax break, temblor, temperature, terrorist, throw, thymosin, tie-up, time, tiro, tolerate, toy, trade cycle, traffic, training, triassic, triassic period, trimmings, truckage, trucking, try, tune-up, turn, tyro, unconscious, unconscious mind, undertake, unergetic, uninitiate, united, up-tick, upkeep, upturn, variance, variation, vegetative, vegetive, vent, vested interest, view, vigorous, vim, virgin forest, visiting, vitality, vivification, volcanism, votary, warm-up, warm up, waste, wastefulness, waste of time, welfare work, window-washing, withdraw, work, working, workout, worship, writing, wrongdoing, wrongful conduct, year, zooerastia, zooerasty

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