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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to mouth:   (703 results)

arteria lingualis, buccal cavity, clapper, gingiva, glossa, gum, lingua, lingual artery, lingual vein, lip, palate, roof of the mouth, salivary gland, tongue, tooth, vena lingualis

Often used in the same context:
lips, gob, nostrils, piehole, throat, nose, ear, tongue, forehead, yap, vagina, windpipe, snout, anus, jaw, pussy, sphincter, eyes, epiglottis, bronchial tubes, orifices, chest cavity, buccal cavity, cheeks, teeth, gums, penis, rectum, blowhole, ear canal, chest, stomach, nasal cavity, chin, bronchial tube, clit, armpits, trachea, glottis, sores, puss, pant leg, canula, scrotum, booger, sinuses, expectoration, vajayjay, eyelids, mastoid bone, dick, eardrum, tongue depressor, derriere, airway, fingers, forefinger, rib cage, mouthful, ass, bodkin, dishtowel, gnarling, crotch, bunghole, backside, cumming, tummy, muzzle, intestines, uvula, lockjaw, brainpan, belly, toes, barky, gullet, phlegmy, cooch, butt, willy, diaphragm, doob, nether region, abdominal cavity, snot, smegma, ear lobe, spiracles, vomit, schnoz, gag reflex, eustachian tube, lungs, proboscis, beak, tube sock, cowpie, jowls, abscess, tonsils, mouths, noses, face, inside, breasts, bud, jaws, shoulders, clump, fist, amputated, bent, lacerated, laryngeal, reddened, sclerotized, curved, disfigured, eye, fish, gristly, shaped, suctorial, thin, tympanic, dung, gill, invaginated, larynx, mine

More specific:
articulate, babble, bark, bay, beak, begin, blabber, blubber, blubber out, blunder out, blurt, blurt out, cackle, chant, chatter, clack, cytostome, declaim, deliver, drone, drone on, ejaculate, enounce, enthuse, enunciate, falter, gabble, generalise, generalize, gibber, gulp, hiss, hole, inflect, intone, jabber, jaw, lip-sync, lip-synch, lip off, maffle, maunder, maw, modulate, mouth off, mumble, murmur, mussitate, mutter, open up, palaver, piffle, prate, prattle, present, pronounce, rabbit on, rant, rasp, rattle on, rave, read, recite, say, shoot one's mouth off, shout, sibilate, sing, siss, sizz, slur, snap, snarl, snivel, speak in tongues, speak of, speak up, spout, stammer, stutter, swallow, talk about, talk of, tattle, tittle-tattle, trap, troll, twaddle, whine, whisper, yack, yack away, yap, yap away

Appears in the definition of:
., abactinal, aborad, aboral, acidity, acidulousness, actinal, adapin, aegospotami, aegospotamos, agapep, alimentary canal, alimentary tract, amphoric, anterior, aphthous ulcer, apogonidae, argasid, arrowworm, arteria labialis, ascaris, astomatous, astringe, astringence, astringency, back tooth, barf, barracuda, beak, belch, belching, bellows fish, be sick, bill, bird louse, bit, biting louse, bitter, bitterness, blackmouth bass, blow, bristol, brownsville, buccal, buccinator muscle, burbot, burp, burping, buss, by mouth, by word of mouth, cakehole, candida albicans, canker, cast, cat, catfish, chaetognath, cheek muscle, cheek pouch, cheilosis, chelicera, chew, chewing, chinook, chuck, clark, class tardigrada, click, closed, cocopa, cocopah, consumption, cork, cough out, cough up, cryptacanthodes maculatus, cusk, cynoscion regalis, cytostome, danzig, deep kiss, degustation, digestive tract, digestive tube, dipteran, dipteron, dipterous insect, direct transmission, disgorge, disgorgement, doxepin, doxepin hydrochloride, dribble, drinking straw, drivel, drool, dry, dry mouth, eaten, eelpout, elixir, emesis, enanthem, enanthema, endotracheal tube, entoproct, eructation, expectorate, expectorator, family apogonidae, family labiatae, family lamiaceae, fauces, feature, filthy, first stomach, flavor, flavour, folktale, folk tale, foot-and-mouth disease, french kiss, frogfish, frogmouth, front tooth, frothing, funnel, gag, gag reflex, gape, gaping, gargle, gasp, gastrointestinal tract, gdansk, genus ascaris, ghostfish, gift horse, gi tract, gob, goggle-eyed, greater new york, grin, grinning, gumshield, guttural, guttural consonant, hag, hagfish, halchidhoma, handle-bars, hand to mouth, hard palate, hard tick, hearsay, herpangia, hole, holothurian, honk, hoof-and-mouth disease, hookworm, hoop snake, huntington, huntsman's horn, huntsman's horns, incisor, ingesta, ingestion, intake, ixodid, jar, jaw, jawbone, jew's harp, jowl, jug, kiss, koplik's spots, labial, labial artery, labial vein, labiatae, lamiaceae, lamper eel, lamprey, lamprey eel, language, lewis, lewis and clark expedition, le havre, liman, lineament, ling, lingual vein, lip, lipstick, lota lota, louse, lower jaw, lower jawbone, mandible, mandibula, mandibular bone, mandibular gland, manduction, mastication, matamoros, maw, megaphone, mentum, meriwether lewis, mint family, monilia albicans, moustachio, mouthful, mouthless, mouthlike, mouthpart, mouthpiece, mouthwash, mouth bow, mouth hole, musculus buccinator, mustachio, muzzle, napkin, nasal, nasal cavity, nasal consonant, neb, newport news, new amsterdam, new orleans, new york, new york city, nib, noma, norfolk, old wives' tale, open, opened, openmouthed, opsanus tau, orad, oral, orally, oral cancer, oral communication, oral exam, oral examination, oral phase, oral smear, oral stage, order pediculati, order solenichthyes, oropharynx, os, oscitance, oscitancy, osculate, oxygen mask, palatability, palatableness, palate, pant, pecker, pediculati, pentastomid, peristome, perleche, pharyngeal reflex, platysma, polyp, popeyed, posterior, prosthodontia, prosthodontics, ptyalise, ptyalize, puckered, puckered-up, puff, puke, puking, purge, purse string, raise, receptor, regorge, regurgitate, regurgitation, relish, relishing, resonance, retch, retroflection, retroflexion, rhagades, rinse, roof of the mouth, rooting reflex, rumen, rumor, rumored, rumour, salinity, saliva, salivary duct, salivary gland, salt, saltiness, sapidity, sarracenia flava, savannah, savor, savoring, savour, savouring, sea cucumber, sense organ, sensory receptor, serviette, shut, sick, siluriform fish, silver spoon, sinequan, slabber, slaver, slime eels, slobber, smack, smile, smiling, snipefish, snorkel, soft tick, solenichthyes, soul kiss, sour, sourness, spasmodically, speech, speech communication, spew, spit, spitter, spittle, spit out, spit up, spoken communication, spoken language, spue, stoma, stomatal, stomatitis, stomatous, straw, sublingual gland, sublingual salivary gland, submandibular gland, submandibular salivary gland, submaxilla, submaxillary gland, submaxillary salivary gland, suck, sucker, suckling reflex, suction stop, sugariness, sup, sweet, sweetness, symbion pandora, synagrops bellus, table napkin, tang, tardigrada, tartness, tasting, tentacle, throw up, toadfish, tongue depressor, tongue worm, tooth, trap, trench mouth, trumpets, trustfully, two-winged insects, unpalatability, unpalatableness, unyielding, upchuck, uptake, urceolate, vena labialis, vena lingualis, vincent's angina, vincent's infection, viva, viva voce, voice communication, vomit, vomiting, vomit up, water, weakfish, wharf, william clark, word-of-mouth, word of mouth, wrymouth, xerostomia, yap, yawn, yawning, yellow pitcher plant, yellow trumpet

Part of:
bottle, face, human face, jar

More general:
affect, bodily cavity, cavity, cavum, cheek, communicate, devourer, dissemble, eater, feeder, feign, formation, gap, geological formation, geology, impertinence, impudence, intercommunicate, interpreter, opening, orifice, pretend, representative, sham, spokesperson, touch, voice

backtalk, lip, mouthpiece, oral cavity, sass, sassing, speak, talk, utter, verbalize

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— Adjectives for mouth: open, dry, own, wide, big, small, and, large, foot, hand, full, more...

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