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Words and phrases whose definition contains strong:   (745 results)

., abkhaz, abkhazia, able, able-bodied, absinth, absinthe, abutilon theophrasti, accent, achillea millefolium, acquire, acquisitiveness, acrid, acrilan, acrimonious, acrocyanosis, addiction, afflatus, african-american music, all-or-none law, allium acuminatum, allium sativum, amazon, ambition, ambitious, ambitiousness, american federalist party, american white oak, anaclisis, anaclitic, anatoxin, andira inermis, anger, anna eleanor roosevelt, anteater, anti-racketeering law, apomorphine, aqua vitae, arak, ardent, ardent spirits, ardor, ardour, arguing, argument, armadillo, armored car, armoured car, aromatic, arrack, arrogantly, asafetida, asafoetida, ash, asseverator, association, astronium fraxinifolium, atomic number 22, atomic number 4, atomic number 40, attack, australian chestnut, automatic, backed, backed up, backpedal, badger, balm of gilead, balsa, balsa wood, banded anteater, banging, barbed wire, barracuda, baryon, bast, bast fiber, batis maritima, battering, be, beach grass, beam, bear, beard, beat, beef up, bee eater, bee killer, bench, beryllium, bike, binge-purge syndrome, binge-vomit syndrome, birch oil, bird-footed dinosaur, birdcage mask, bird fancier, bird of jove, bite, bitt, bitter, black locust, black music, blanket stitch, blast, blaze, blazing, blessed, blizzard, block out, blood-red, bloodwood tree, blow, blow off, bock, bock beer, bodied, bollard, bomb, bomb calorimeter, bond, bond paper, bowstring hemp, briard, brine, bruiser, brussels carpet, bulimarexia, bulima nervosa, bull, bulldog, burn, burton, butcher paper, butter-print, byssus, cabbage-bark tree, cabbage bark, cabbage tree, cable, cafe noir, caffe latte, california nutmeg, calmness, cane, cannabis sativa, captive, carmine, carrick bitt, caryocar, catch, catfish, catgut, caustic, cerise, chagrin, charger, chenopodium vulvaria, cherry, cherry-red, china jute, chinkapin oak, chinquapin oak, chloric acid, choke, choler, cigarette paper, claim, clammyweed, clear-air turbulence, cleome, climber, coach horse, cold-eyed, collinsonia canadensis, collocate, color, colorado river hemp, colour, commiphora meccanensis, common oak, composite material, concern, concrete, condemn, condemnation, conjunct, contention, contestation, controversy, convinced, cooper, coral, cordial, corn-fed, corrosive, crampfish, crash barrier, crimson, ctene, deadlight, decry, deep, demitasse, deplore, deprecate, diluted, dimity, directorate for inter-services intelligence, disapprobation, disceptation, disgust, disgusted, dispassionate, disputation, douglas fir, downdraft, drawbar, drive, drunkenly, dry, dust devil, eagle, eau de vie, ect, effectiveness, effectual, elan, eleanor roosevelt, electrical storm, electric ray, electric storm, electroconvulsive therapy, electromagnetic interaction, electroshock, electroshock therapy, emotion, emotional arousal, emotional person, emphatic, endorser, english bulldog, english oak, enthusiast, epoxy, epoxy glue, epoxy resin, erosive, espresso, ethnicity, exclamatory, excoriate, exhortative, exhortatory, eysenck, face guard, faith, family rutaceae, fancier, farc, federalist, federalist party, federal government, federal party, fed upp, firewater, firm, flap, flimsy, foglamp, fondp, forbearing, fortemente, fortify, foulness, frank cooper, french marigold, fuerzas armadas revolucionarios de colombia, fustian, gale, gamboge, ganja, garden nasturtium, garlic, gary cooper, gash, gempylus serpens, genus caryocar, genus matricaria, genus ruta, george ellery hale, giant silkworm, gin, glow, glucinium, gluon, goncalo alves, good ol' boy, good old boy, good ole boy, gravitationally, grievance, grip, grudge, gusher, gust, gusty, gut, h. j. eysenck, hail, hale, hans eysenck, hans jurgen eysenck, harangue, hard, hardiness, hard drug, harpoon, harpoon line, hate, hatred, heavy metal, heavy particle, herb of grace, hezbollah, high wind, hircine, hizballah, hizbollah, hizbullah, hoenir, hooker's onion, hooks, horseweed, horse balm, hortative, hortatory, hot jazz, humiliation, hunger, huskiness, hydriodic acid, hydrobromic acid, hydrogen peroxide, hydrophilic, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, hypoxia, iced coffee, iced tea, ice coffee, ice tea, impact, impressive, indian cress, indian mallow, indorser, industrial-strength, inter-services intelligence, ionisation, ionization, ire, ironman, iron man, irrational impulse, isi, islamic jihad, islamic jihad for the liberation of palestine, itch, itchy feet, jacob, jerker, john henry, juicy, jupati, jupati palm, jupaty, juxtapose, kiaat, kick, knock-downa, knockout, kowhai, kraft, kraft paper, latte, lebanese hizballah, lech, lecher, lecherousness, lech after, lemon, lemon yellow, letch, liederkranz, lifeboat, limbed, limburger, liqueur, lisle, longer, love, lovesick, luscious, lust, lustfulness, lustiness, lust after, lye, machiavelli, macula, madder, magnetize, maize, malodorousness, manila, manila paper, manilla, manilla paper, marihuana, marijuana, marseille, matricaria, maulers, measure, meat hook, meat hooks, mercury-vapor lamp, methyl salicylate, milfoil, militarism, mistral, moderate, morala, moreton bay chestnut, mortification, motorcycle, mudskipper, mudspringer, musk turtle, myrmecobius fasciatus, naphthalene, nationalist, nauclea diderrichii, nausea, neutralisation, neutralisation reaction, neutralization, neutralization reaction, niccolo machiavelli, ninon, numbat, numbfish, nutmeg-yew, obedience, objurgate, obsessed, obsessive-compulsive personality, ochroma lagopus, octoberfest, oktoberfest, oleophilic, ommastrephes, onionskin, opepe, organization of the oppressed on earth, overpowering, overwhelming, ozone, packthread, palisade, papist, parsnip, partialp, party of god, passion, passionate, passionateness, pastinaca sativa, pecker, peckerwood, pedunculate oak, penchant, pentothal, peroxide, phasmid, phasmid insect, phenolphthalein, phosphine, phototherapy, physique, piciform bird, picric acid, pilsener, pilsner, piquantly, plagianthus betulinus, plagianthus regius, pogo stick, pointer, polanisia dodecandra, polanisia graveolens, polyester, polypropenonitrile, possessedp, potency, potent, pounding, powerful, predilection, preference, prepossessing, protest, protestation, pruning shears, pterocarpus angolensis, pull, pungency, qcd, quantum chromodynamics, quercus alba, quercus bicolor, quercus muehlenbergii, quercus phellos, quercus robur, racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act, radiate, raffia farinifera, raffia palm, raffia ruffia, raffia taedigera, rankness, rant, ranting, rappee, ratifier, raynaud's sign, reach one's nostrils, recalcitrate, red, red-hot, reddish, redolent, reeking, reignite, religion, religious belief, reliving, reprehend, reprobate, restrengthen, retie, revolutionary armed forces of colombia, revolutionary justice organization, ribbonwood, ribbon tree, rich, richweed, rico, rico act, rings, riptide, rip current, robber fly, robust, robustness, rock, rolling paper, roosevelt, root, rope, ruby, ruby-red, ruddy, rue, rue family, rugged, ruggedness, ruta, rutaceae, ruta graveolens, sack, safety net, sailcloth, saltwort, samson, santa ana, sarcocephalus diderrichii, sash cord, sash line, satyr, scarlet, schnapps, schnaps, score, scrumpy, scunner, selenic acid, self-disgust, self-hatred, self-possessed, sesbania exaltata, severe, sforzando, shag, shallow, sharpness, shear, shears, shine, shopping bag, shrike, sickp, sick ofp, side, silkworm, slash, smolder, smoulder, snake mackerel, snowstorm, sociality, sophora tetraptera, sou'easter, sou'wester, soul-stirring, southeaster, southwester, spanish pointer, spicily, spiderflower, spinelessness, spoil, spot, spotlight, spruce, stab, staff, staffordshire bullterrier, staffordshite bull terrier, stalwartness, stinkiness, stinking goosefoot, stinkpot, stirring, stone-root, stoneroot, stone root, stout, stoutness, strapper, strength, strengthen, strong-arm, strong-boned, strongly, structural steel, subscriber, substantially, sunspot, surge, swamp oak, swamp white oak, sweet-birch oil, sweet tooth, tagetes patula, tame, tangerine, taste, teak, teakwood, telling, tendencious, tendentious, testament, theropod, theropod dinosaur, thiopental, thiopental sodium, thiopentobarbital sodium, thirst, thirster, throb, throbbing, thunderstorm, ti, ticking, tied, tilt, tired ofp, titanium, tolerate, toned downp, tone down, torpedo, torreya californica, toughness, tousle, toxoid, trampoline, trichloracetic acid, trichloroacetic acid, tricholoma aurantium, tropaeolum majus, trouble, trunk, turn, updraft, upsurge, urge, valse, velvet-leaf, velvetleaf, velvetweed, vigorous, virago, vitriolic, voluptuous, wallop, waltz, wanderlust, warm, water bed, water down, weapons-grade, webbing, what for, whelk, whipcord, wild wilkworm, willow oak, withe, withy, wolffish, wolf fish, woodpecker, workbench, work bench, worry, yanker, yarrow, yearner, yellow chestnut oak, zeal, zirconium, zr

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