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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to business:   (768 results)

business activity, commercial activity

Often used in the same context:
businesses, company, industry, profitability, retailing, corporate, customer, investment, biz, market, enterprise, franchising, sales, entrepreneurs, businessperson, marketplace, operations, wholesaling, succession planning, ventures, economic, businesspeople, financial, clients, real estate, corporation, commerce, leasing, firms, intrapreneur, economy, revenue, transactional, proprietorships, manufacturing, profits, shop, brokerage, clientele, outsourcing, consumer, workforce, suppliers, investing, sector, growth, consulting, acclivity, networking, sourcing, marketeer, salespeople, banking, startups, innovation, finance, strategic, franchisee, relationships, forfaiting, wholesaler, executives, businessmen, shopkeeping, choregus, bookkeeping, philanthropy, merchant, locksmithing, cash flow, sole proprietorship, vitalization, cashflow, portfolio, discoverture, employees, owners, agribusiness, subsidiaries, geographies, conglomerate, operating, reseller, acquisitions, income, services, libava, vertically integrated, farming, management, consultancy, telesales, employment, diversification, prosper, midsize, telemarketing, franchiser, bookselling, dealership, accountancy, storefront, busi, practise, con, practice, transactions, trading, use, avocation, customers, deals, mercantile, nursery, retail, transaction, worries, concern, concerns, debt, ness, it, orientated, family, school, businesslike, centred, decentralized, neighbourhood, supporting, vate, alone, integrated, new, private, prudent, reliant, wiser, american

More specific:
advertising, advertizing, agency, agribusiness, agriculture, biz, brokerage, building, business firm, butchering, butchery, calling, career, carrier, catering, chain, co-op, common carrier, conglomerate, construction, cooperative, corp, corporation, craft, dealership, discount business, empire, employee-owned business, employee-owned enterprise, employment, farming, field, field of operation, finance, firm, fishing, franchise, game, house, industry, job, know, land, land-office business, line of business, maker, manufacture, manufacturer, manufacturing, manufacturing business, medium, metier, occasions, partnership, patronage, photography, printing, processor, profession, publication, publicizing, publishing, real-estate business, shipbuilder, shipping, sport, storage, touring, tourism, touristry, trade, transport, transportation, venture, vocation, work

Appears in the definition of:
., aboveboard, account, accountancy, accountant, accounting, accounting system, account executive, account representative, actor's agent, address, adman, administration, administrative data processing, administrator, admiralty law, advertiser, advertising, advertising department, advertising division, advertizer, affect, affiliation, agency, agreement, agriculturist, ambition, analyst, antimonopoly, antitrust, approachable, asron montgomery ward, association, astuteness, auditor, automaker, auto maker, auto manufacturer, auto part, bank, banking, bankroll, be-all and end-all, big business, board of selectmen, bookkeeper, bookkeeping, boycott, break even, bring in, brisk, brokerage, brokerage firm, brokerage house, building department, businesslike, businessman, businesspeople, business address, business agent, business card, business college, business concern, business data processing, business deal, business deduction, business department, business editor, business establishment, business executive, business expense, business firm, business index, business letter, business loan, business lunch, business office, business people, business relation, business relationship, business school, business sector, business traveler, busy, butchering, butchery, buttoned-down, buy at, caller, capital, capitalisation, capitalise, capitalist, capitalization, capitalize, capital account, capital cost, capital of connecticut, cardcase, carmaker, carrier, car maker, car manufacturer, cash-and-carry, casino-hotel, chamber, chamber of commerce, charge account, checkered, clear, clerk, clerking, close, cobol, collapse, colon, commercial credit, commercial letter of credit, commercial loan, commitment, common carrier, company, competition, comptroller, computer business, computer user, concern, concession, conclusion, conduct, conducting, consequence, construction, contact, contract out, controller, conveyancer, copartner, corp, corporate executive, corporation, cost of capital, counter, countinghouse, court, cozenage, crash, credit account, cultivator, customer's broker, customer's man, cyberculture, dairying, dairy farming, deal, dealership, decision maker, deferral, design, directorship, discount business, disinformation, disposal, division, doldrums, doomed, dot-com, dot com, dot com company, downswing, downtown, downturn, drag, dud, dull, earn, editorial department, effects, employee ownership, enterprise, enterpriser, entertainment deduction, entrepreneur, espionage agent, establishment, exchanger, excise, excise tax, executive, executive director, expand, failing, fair, federal protective service, finder's fee, firm, fixed charge, fixed cost, fixed costs, floor, foreign direct investment, fps, franchise, frequent, funeral director, funeral undertaker, funny, gain, gambling den, gambling hell, gambling house, game plan, gaming house, general agent, general ledger, going-out-of-business sale, goodwill, good will, grant, greenmail, grille, grower, grubstake, hardball, hartford, have, health club, health spa, home-builder, homebuilder, honeymoon, hostile, hotel-casino, house, house-builder, housebuilder, housekeep, house organ, hurt, ill-fated, importer, intangible, interested, interpellate, in toto, jeweler, jeweller, job, john d. rockefeller, john davison rockefeller, john wanamaker, judicature, judicial admission, junior, keynesianism, land office, lattice, ledger paper, legal holiday, lender, line, liquidation, loaner, lose, loss, lounge suit, luncheon meeting, lunch meeting, magazine, magazine publisher, maintenance staff, make, maker, management, management consultant, management consulting, manufacturer, manufacturing business, man of affairs, maritime law, market capitalisation, market capitalization, market cross, marriage brokerage, marriage mart, massage parlor, master in business, master in business administration, mba, meat packer, meddle, mercantile establishment, merchandise, method of accounting, microcosmic, ministry, money changer, montgomery ward, mortgaged, mortician, move, mover, moving company, national holiday, national technical information service, negotiation, network army, newspaper, newspaper publisher, ntis, occupational, office, office boy, oil tycoon, old boy network, open, open account, operation, operator, order of the day, organisation, organization, outlet, overcapitalisation, overcapitalise, overcapitalization, overcapitalize, overcautious, owner, packaging, packer, paper, part, partnership, partnership certificate, parts department, patronage, patronise, patronize, pending, penny ante, persevering, personal effects, perspicaciousness, perspicacity, picket, place of business, plant department, playbook, player, policy maker, power breakfast, practical, preemptive, premises, press, price competition, price war, printing, private security force, processor, profit sharing, proprietary, proprietor, proprietorship, proprietorship certificate, prospectus, prosperous, provider, prudential, publication, publicizing, public mover, publisher, publishing, publishing company, publishing firm, publishing house, pull in, purchasing department, pyramiding, quorum, racketeer, rainmaker, raiser, rationalisation, rationalization, real-estate business, realise, realize, receivership, recess, red, red ink, registered representative, relocation, removal company, removal firm, remove, remunerative, reorganized, repayable, reputable, restraint of trade, retail store, retirement, road builder, rockefeller, roll, sales department, sales division, sales force, sales outlet, sales staff, say, scam, schtick, schtik, section, securities firm, security director, security force, see, seed money, sell, service agency, service bureau, service club, service department, service firm, service staff, settlement, shelter, shipbuilder, shipper, ship builder, shop, shop at, shop talk, shrewdness, shtick, shtik, single-spaced, slow, sluggish, small, small businessman, smartly, source, spa, speculative, sponsor, spot, spy, squeeze, stagnancy, stagnation, steering committee, stipulation, stockroom, stock room, straightforward, strictly, strip mall, suit, supplier, syndic, synod, system administrator, take in, talk, talk turkey, tamper, tangible, tax shelter, theatrical agent, three-piece, three-piece suit, tie, tie-up, tin pan alley, tip sheet, tourism, touristry, trade, trade expense, transact, transactor, transfer, tribunal, trophy wife, turn a loss, turn over, two-piece, two-piece suit, undercover agent, underhand, underperformer, undertaker, unethical, unfinished, unite, universal agent, upturn, viatical, wanamaker, ward, wicket, wildcat, workhorse, works council, yellow pages, zoning

Part of:
market, marketplace

More general:
acting, activity, aim, business activity, commerce, commercialism, commercial activity, concern, enterprise, headache, mercantilism, object, objective, people, performing, playacting, playing, sector, target, vexation, worry

business concern, business enterprise, business organization, business sector, byplay, clientele, commercial, commercial enterprise, concern, line, line of work, mercantile, occupation, patronage, stage business

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— Nouns for business: cycle, government, men, consumer, commerce, community, man, school, unit, organization, process, more...

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