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Words and phrases whose definition contains off:   (903 results)

., abortion pill, abraded, abrasion, abruption, abscission, absolve, abstract, adrift, aegadean islands, aegadean isles, aegates, affluent, afield, air-dry, airfield, alcove, alexander archipelago, alexander selcraig, alexander selkirk, amazon, amphibian, amphibious aircraft, aposematic coloration, aposiopesis, arborescent, armillaria zelleri, arteria facialis, arteria gastrica breves, atacama trench, atlanta, autotomy, auxiliary operation, avertable, avertible, avoidable, away, backboard, bahrain, bahrein, balearic islands, ball over, banana peel, banana skin, bank shot, barndoor, barricade, barricado, battle of atlanta, battle of jutland, battle of trafalgar, bay, becoming, beheaded, beheading, berg, berlin airlift, bermuda, bermudas, bill, bit, bite, bite off, bitt pin, blackbeard, blaze, blinker, blinking, blocked, block off, bloodsucking, blow, blow off, blow out of the water, bluster, boast, boletus pallidus, bombay, bonded labor, bookfair, bookie, bookmaker, book fair, booth, bootjack, bound off, boxed, brag, branch, break, breaker, breaking off, break away, break off, bubbliness, bully off, bump, bundle off, bundling, burglar alarm, burn, burnside, burn off, burster, bursting, bursting charge, bus, business deduction, cabbage, call off, campaign, canaries, canary islands, cancellation, cancun, candid, cannula, canvas, cape canaveral, cape hatteras, cape kennedy, cape trafalgar, cape verde, cape verde islands, cap opener, carom, carpet slipper, castawaya, catalina island, catty-corner, cautionary, cay, center, ceylon, chafe, chain-smoker, channel bass, channel islands, charge, check, chenfish, chiloe, chinaman, chios, chip, chipped, chip off, chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile, chomp, choson, cigar cutter, circumcise, clean, cleanly, climbing salamander, clipped, clipper, cloakroom, close off, close out, clove, coelacanth, come off, commence, compensatory time, contrastingly, contrivance, cool off, corner, corneum, counterattack, countermove, crazily, cropped, cs gas, cubicle, culebra, cunctation, curvet, cut, cutting, cutting off, cutworm, cut away, cut off, cut out, cut short, damping off fungus, dangerously, dark, darkness, day off, debarkation, decapitated, decapitation, declination, decline, deducted, deferment, deferral, deferred, defoliant, defoliation, dehorn, delay, delayer, delilah, democratic republic of sao tome and principe, deplane, deprived, deracination, derail, derailment, derivation, dermabrasion, despatch, desquamate, desquamation, detach, deterge, detonating, diagonal matrix, dial, dip switch, dirt bike, disburden, discerp, discharge, discontinuance, discontinuation, disembarkation, disembarkment, disengagement, dish rack, dismantle, dismount, dispatch, dispatched, dispersion, distil, distill, district, divaricate, dominion, domino effect, drain, drainage ditch, drainage system, drained, drippings, drive, driving, drop-off, dual inline package switch, dunkirk, dwarf pipefish, ease, economically, economic strangulation, edward teach, edward thatch, effervescence, effervescent, egadi islands, electrical relay, el nino, embark on, emit, emitting, encircled, energy, evaporated, evitable, excision, excommunication, excoriate, excoriation, exfoliate, exfoliation, exploding, explosive charge, extended, external maxillary artery, extirpation, exuviae, exuvial, exuviate, face off, facial artery, falkland islands, fallback, fall off, far-off, feeder line, fenugreek, field, fight off, filch, filing, finger-roll, fire, fire alarm, fitch, flake, flake off, flasher, flay, fleck, fleece, flick, flip, floatplane, floor, florida keys, flowering ash, flow away, flow off, flue, fluorescent, flying dutchman, flying field, formosa, foulmart, foumart, foursome, fragment, fraxinus dipetala, free, freeload, frisian islands, frothiness, galapagos, galapagos islands, gallop, gangboard, gangplank, gangway, garlic clove, gas, gasconade, gazump, geld, genyonemus lineatus, get down, get off, get off the ground, give off, give out, golf tee, gossypium barbadense, go off, go off half-cocked, gray snapper, great auk, great barrier reef, greek clover, guard, guillotine, gulf of guinea, gulf of saint lawrence, gulf of st. lawrence, haemulon aurolineatum, hammer, hands-off, hard copy, hare and hounds, hat, head-shrinker, header, headhunter, head off, hebridean islands, hebridean isles, hebrides, heliograph, hermit crab, high horse, high stepper, holdup, hold off, holocephalan, hook, horny layer, horseshoe arch, hot, humpty dumpty, hydra, hydroplane, iceberg, inadvertent, infernal machine, inlet, interior door, international flight, interrogate, interval, in spades, in the final analysis, iron filing, isles of scilly, isolated, isole egadi, jackstraws, japan current, job, jump, jumping, jumping-off place, jumping-off point, jump off, jury mast, justify, jutland, keep off, key, khios, kill, kingfish, kiosk, knap, knockdown, kodiak, kodiak island, korea, korean peninsula, kuroshio, kuroshio current, lagoon, laguna, lagune, landing field, laser-guided bomb, latimeria chalumnae, lay-up, layoff, layup, lead, lead off, leave off, ledgeman, leechlike, lemon shark, lessen, levant, level, lgb, lift, light, like blue murder, like clockwork, limiter, linesman, lingcod, liquidate, list price, load, load-shedding, lofoten, log off, lop, lopped, lopped off, lop off, lose weight, lutjanus griseus, madagascar, mangrove snapper, manifestly, marooned, martha's vineyard, massachusetts bay, material, melt off, mercifully, merluccius bilinearis, metal filing, meterstick, metrestick, mid-off, mifepristone, minamata disease, miscue, molt, momentum, moorish arch, moult, mousetrap, mumbai, mustache, mustela putorius, mutton chop, nantucket, negaprion brevirostris, neoteny, newport news, nibble, nip, nip off, nitrogen balance, nobble, non-volatile storage, nonvolatile storage, norfolk island, norwegian sea, note, obediently, obliterate, obstructed, occluded, odoriferous, off-base, off-color, off-day, off-hand, off-limits, off-line, off-line operation, off-peak, off-putting, off-road, off-season, off-site, off-street, off-the-clock, off-the-cuff, off-the-wall, offload, off and on, off his guard, off the cuff, off the record, orkney islands, overcharge, oxbow lake, pace, pace car, pacific sardine, pair, palette knife, paper chase, parasitic, parasitical, pare, paring, partition, pass, paternoster, pawky, pay off, pearl oyster, peel, peeling, peel off, pervaporation, pilfer, pinch, pinctada margaritifera, pinguinus impennis, pinion, plagiarised, plagiaristic, plagiarized, plane tree, platan, pluck, plugged, plume, polecat, pontoon plane, postponed, postponement, pound, pound off, poverty trap, precaution, preventive, printing, procrastination, procrustes, prophylactic, pruned, pruning, pry, pullout, purloin, pursuit, pythium debaryanum, pyxidium, pyxis, quaver, queen charlotte sound, quench, quest, rack, raffle, rail, rail off, ram disk, rebuff, recess, redeem, redfish, reduce, red drum, reek, reeking, reel, reggae, rejected, relay, remove, renounce, republic of cape verde, republic of trinidad and tobago, repudiate, repulse, respiratory system, revenue bond, rhodes, rim, ring, rinse, rinse off, rob, rodhos, roll, roll-on roll-off, round, rounding, rounding error, round off, run, runway, run off, run out, ru 486, safeguard, sally, sallying forth, santa catalina, sao thome e principe, sao tome and principe, sao tome e principe, sardinops caerulea, sawed-off, scattering, sciaenops ocellatus, scilly islands, scintillate, scorched-earth policy, scrambler, scrap, scrape, scraped, scraping, scratch, screen off, screwtop, seaplane, seat, sea island cotton, second-best, secretase, security, security measures, security system, seize with teeth, selcraig, selkirk, serration, set gun, set off, sever, sewage system, sewage works, sewer system, sgraffito, shave, shaved, shaven, sheared, shearer, shearing, shed, shedding, shetland, shetland islands, shillyshally, shimmer, shipment, shock, shoot a line, shorn, short gastric artery, shove off, shut off, side-whiskers, sideburn, side chapel, side road, sight-read, sign, sign off, silver hake, single-lane, siphon, siphon off, skin, skinned, skip, slave-maker, slave-making ant, slave market, sleep off, slenderize, slice, slim, slim down, slip-on, slipper, slip off, slough, smallpox, smash, smoke alarm, smoke bomb, smoke grenade, snap at, snarf, sneak, snick, snip, snippet, snipping, snub, soak, soft palate, some other, sound, spall, sparerib, spareribs, spawl, sphenodon punctatum, spiccato, spiccato bowing, spillikins, spirit away, spirit off, splat, springless, spring gun, squelch, squelcher, squelch circuit, st. thomas and principe, stall, start, start up, state of bahrain, stay off, steam, stench bomb, step, stepper, stick lac, stinker, stink bomb, stormbound, straight-arm, stranded, strangle, strangulate, strangulation, strappado, stratum corneum, streaker, streamlined, street, strickle, strip, stripped, stun, st john's wort, subside, superincumbent, supernatant, surcharge, surface lift, swash, sweat, sweep, swipe, sycamore, syngnathus hildebrandi, syphon, systema respiratorium, taiwan, take, take-away, takeaway, takeout, takeout food, take aback, take away, take off, take the field, take time off, taper, tarpon, tarpon atlanticus, tasmania, teach, tear away, tear off, tee, tenerife, territorial dominion, territory, thatch, thin, thrilling, throttle, throw, tick, ticking bomb, tick off, tierra del fuego, time bomb, time interval, time off, tip, toggle, tomtate, top, topic, topper, torpedo, tout, trafalgar, trail bike, transpiration, transpire, trap play, tree cotton, trigonella foenumgraecum, trinidad and tobago, truncate, truncated, truncation error, tuatara, turncock, turnoff, turn off, twist, twisting, unburden, unclipped, unclothe, unhook, unhorse, unload, unregulated, unstaple, untrue, vancouver island, variola, variola major, vasa brevis, vaunt, velum, vienna sausage, vieques, vignette, volatile storage, volatilise, volatilize, wanted, ward off, warn, warning coloration, wash out, waste, waste material, waver, well-off, western islands, western isles, whisk, whisk off, whiteout, white croaker, whiting, wipe out, withdraw, work off, wrench, write off, yaw, yellow sea, zanzibar, zetland, zuider zee

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