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Words and phrases whose definition contains manner:   (2813 results)

., abaxially, abjectly, ablative, ablative case, ably, abnormally, abominably, abortively, aboveboard, abrupt, abruptness, absently, absentmindedly, abstemiously, abstractedly, abstrusely, absurdly, abundantly, abusively, abysmally, acataphasia, accent, acceptably, accidentally, accusingly, acerbity, acquit, acrimony, across, act, actively, act involuntarily, act reflexively, acutely, adaxially, address, adequately, adjectivally, admirably, adorably, adroitly, adulate, adulterously, advantageously, adversely, advertently, advisedly, aerially, aeschylean, affably, affectedly, affectingly, aggressively, agilely, agonizingly, agreeably, aimlessly, airily, airiness, alarmingly, alertly, algebraically, alike, alizarin yellow, allargando, allegorically, allegro, alliteratively, allowably, all right, aloof, aloofness, alright, altruistically, amateurishly, amazingly, ambiguously, ambitiously, amiably, amicably, amiss, amorously, amply, amusingly, anachronistically, analogously, anamorphism, anamorphosis, anarchically, animatedly, anisotropically, annoyingly, anomalously, antagonistically, antithetically, apathetically, apologetically, appealingly, appositively, appreciatively, appropriately, approvingly, aptly, arbitrarily, archaistic, ardently, arduously, argumentatively, aright, aristocratically, arrogance, arrogantly, artfully, articulately, articulation, artistically, artless, artlessly, asana, ascetically, asexually, asperity, aspiration, assertively, assert oneself, astonishingly, astutely, asymmetrically, as a formality, as if by magic, as usual, as was common, as we say, atrociously, attack, attentively, attractively, attributively, atypically, at length, at random, audaciously, audenesque, audibly, auspicate, auspiciously, authoritarian, authoritative, authoritatively, autocratically, automatically, avariciously, avidly, awfully, awkward, awkwardly, backward, backwards, badly, baldly, balefully, balmily, barbarously, basely, bashfully, bawdily, bawdiness, bear, bearing, beastly, beautifully, becomingly, bedside manner, beetle, befittingly, behave, behavior, behaviour, believably, believingly, belligerently, below the belt, beneficially, benevolently, benign, benignantly, benignly, beseechingly, best, bestially, better, bewilderedly, bewilderingly, bewitchingly, big, bilaterally, bilingually, binaurally, biradially, bitterly, bitterness, bit by bit, blamelessly, blandly, blandness, blankly, blaspheme, blasphemously, blatantly, blessedly, blissfully, blithely, bloodlessly, blow out, bluff, bluffly, blunt, bluntly, bluster, boast, boastfully, boisterously, boldly, bolt, bombastically, bonnily, boorishness, boringly, bounteously, bountifully, bowed, bowing, brashly, bravely, brazenly, break, break in, breathlessly, breeding, breezily, breeziness, briefly, briskly, broad-mindedly, brotherly, browbeat, brusque, brusquely, brusqueness, brutalisation, brutalization, brutally, brutishly, bully, bumptiously, buoyantly, bureaucratically, busily, busy, busybodied, butch, buttery, buttoned-up, by chance, by choice, by design, by selection, by trial and error, cackle, caesarean, caesarian, cagily, cajolingly, calculatingly, calmly, calumniously, candid, capably, capriciously, captiously, captivatingly, carelessly, caress, caressingly, caricaturist, carnally, carry, casually, casualness, catalytically, categorically, cause, caustically, cautiously, cavalierly, cerebrally, ceremonially, ceremoniously, ceremoniousness, chaotically, characteristically, charitably, charmer, charmingly, chastely, chattily, cheaply, cheekily, cheerfully, cheerily, cheerlessly, childishly, chintzily, chirpily, chivalrously, choice of words, chronically, churlishly, circularly, circumspectly, civilly, clammily, clamorously, clannishly, classically, cleanly, clear, clearly, cleverly, clinically, cliquishly, close, closely, cloyingly, clumsily, coaxingly, coherent, coherently, cold-bloodedly, coldly, collectedly, colloidally, color, colour, combatively, come off, comfortingly, comically, commendable, commensally, commercially, common fate, compactly, comparably, comparatively, compassionately, competently, complacently, complexly, comport, comportment, composedly, comprehensively, compulsively, compulsorily, conceitedly, conceptually, concernedly, concisely, condescend, condescendingly, conduct, confidentially, confidently, confidingly, conformably, confoundedly, confusedly, confusingly, congenially, conically, conjugally, connive, connubial, consecutive, consecutively, conservatively, conservatory, considerately, consistently, consolingly, conspicuously, constrainedly, constructively, contagiously, contempt, contemptibly, contemptuously, contextually, contradictorily, contrarily, contrariwise, contrastingly, contritely, contumaciously, contumeliously, conveniently, conventionally, convincingly, convivially, coolly, coordinately, copiously, coquettishly, cordially, correctly, correspondingly, corruptedly, corruptly, cosily, coterminously, counteractively, counterintuitively, courageously, courteously, courtesy, courtly, covertly, covetously, coyly, cozily, craftily, crank out, crazily, creakily, creakingly, creatively, credulously, criminally, crisply, critically, cromwellian, crookedly, crooning, cross-dresser, crossly, crosswise, cross dressing, crudely, crudeness, crudity, cruelly, crushingly, cryptically, cryptographically, cuisine, culinary art, culpably, cumulatively, cumulative vote, cunningly, curiously, currishly, cursedly, cursively, curtly, curtness, cussedly, cutely, cynically, dabble, daftly, daintily, damnably, damned, damply, dandified, dandily, dandyish, dangerously, daringly, darkly, dashingly, dauntingly, dazedly, dazzlingly, deadpan, dealing, dearly, deathly, deceitfully, decent, decently, decipherably, declaim, decoratively, decorously, defectively, defensively, deferentially, defiantly, deftly, degage, dejectedly, deliberately, delicacy, delicately, deliciously, delightfully, delineative, deliriously, delivery, delusively, demandingly, demeaningly, dementedly, democratically, demoniacally, demonstrably, demonstratively, demurely, densely, dependably, depictive, deplorably, deport, deprecatively, depressingly, derisively, derisorily, describe, design, designed, designedly, despicably, despitefully, destructively, detector, determinedly, detestably, detrimentally, devilish, devilishly, deviously, devoutly, dexterously, dextrously, diabolically, diagonally, diagrammatically, dialectically, dichotomously, dictator, dictatorially, diction, didactically, differentially, differently, diffidently, diffusely, digitately, diligently, dimly, dingily, diplomatically, direct, directly, direfully, dirtily, disagreeably, disappointedly, disappointingly, disastrously, disbelievingly, discolor, discolour, disconcertingly, discontentedly, discordantly, discouragingly, discourteously, discourtesy, discreditably, discursively, disdainfully, disgracefully, disgustedly, disgustingly, dishonestly, dishonorably, dishonourably, disingenuously, disjointedly, disloyally, dismally, disobediently, disparagingly, dispassionately, dispiritedly, displaying incompetence, displeasingly, disputatiously, disquietingly, disreputably, disrespect, disrespectfully, disruptively, distant, distastefully, distinctively, distinctly, distractedly, distributively, disturbingly, dithyrambic, divertingly, dizzily, do, dogmatically, doings, dolefully, doltishly, domineer, domineeringly, donnean, donnian, dottily, double dutch, doubly, doubtfully, dour, dourly, dowdily, drably, dragging, draggingly, dramatically, dramatise, dramatize, drape, drastically, dreadfully, dreamfully, dreamily, drearily, dress, dress code, dress up, drippily, droll, droopingly, drowsily, dryly, dubiously, dumbly, dutifully, dynamically, eagerly, earnestly, easy, ebulliently, ecclesiastically, ecstatically, educationally, eerily, effectively, effectually, efficaciously, efficiently, effusively, egotistically, electronic deception, electrostatically, elegant, elegantly, elementarily, elocute, elocution, eloquently, else, eminently, emotionally, empathetically, empirically, emulously, enchantingly, encouragingly, endearingly, enduringly, energetically, engagingly, enigmatically, enjoyably, enquiringly, enterprisingly, entertainingly, enthrallingly, enthusiastically, entreatingly, enviably, enviously, en deshabille, episodically, epitaxy, equably, equitably, equivocally, erasmian, erectly, erotically, erratically, erroneously, eruditely, especially, ethically, euphemistically, evasively, evenhandedly, every which way, evilly, evisceration, exactly, exaggeratedly, exasperating, exasperatingly, excellently, excitedly, excitingly, excruciatingly, excusably, exhaustively, expansively, expectantly, expediently, expeditiously, expensively, expertly, explicitly, explode, explosively, exponentially, exposure, expression, expressionless, expressively, expressly, exquisitely, extort, extravagantly, exuberantly, exultantly, exultingly, fabulously, faddily, faddishly, fain, fair, fairly, faithfully, faithlessly, false, falsely, falteringly, familiarity, familiarly, famously, fanatically, fancifully, fantastically, farcically, fascinatingly, fashion, fashionably, fastidiously, fatefully, faultily, faultlessly, fearfully, fearsomely, feasible, feature, fecklessly, feebly, feed, felicitous, felicitously, felicitousness, felicity, ferociously, feudally, feverishly, fiddler, fiddle with, field theory, fiendishly, fiercely, filthily, financier, fine, finely, firmly, fishily, fit, fitfully, fitly, fittingly, fixedly, flabbily, flagrantly, flamboyantly, flashily, flat, flatly, flat out, flawlessly, fleetly, flimsily, fling, flinty, flippantly, flirtatiously, floridly, fluently, flurry, fluster, focally, footwork, foppish, forbidding, forbiddingly, forcibly, forge, forgetfully, forgivably, forgivingly, forlornly, formal, formality, formally, formalness, formidably, formlessly, forthright, foully, foxily, fractiously, frank, frantically, fraternally, fraudulently, free-spoken, freely, frenetically, frenziedly, freshly, fretfully, frighteningly, friskily, frivolously, frostian, frothily, frugally, fruitlessly, frumpily, frumpishly, fulsome, fulsomely, functioning, funnily, funny, furiously, furtive, furtively, fussily, futilely, gaily, gait, gallantly, gamely, garishly, garrulously, gaspingly, gaucheness, gaudily, gauguinesque, gayly, genealogically, generously, genially, genteelly, genteelness, gentility, gentleness, gently, genuflect, get, get through, gibingly, giddily, giddiness, gingerly, giving protection, gladly, glaringly, gleefully, glissando, gloatingly, gloriously, glossily, gloweringly, glowingly, glumly, gluttonously, goethean, goethian, good, good-naturedly, good manners, good ol' boy, good old boy, good ole boy, goose step, gorgeously, go off, go over, gracefully, gracelessly, graciously, gradually, grammatically, grand, grandiloquent, grandiloquently, grandiosely, grandly, graphically, gratefully, gratifyingly, gratingly, gratuitously, grave, gravely, graveness, gravity, greasily, greedily, gregariously, grievously, grim, grimly, grind out, gropingly, grossly, grotesquely, grouchily, groupthink, grubbily, grudgingly, gruesomely, gruff, gruffly, gruffness, grumpily, grungily, guardedly, guiltily, gushingly, gutturally, haggardly, half-heartedly, haltingly, handelian, handily, handsomely, haphazard, haphazardly, happily, harmfully, harmlessly, harmoniously, harshly, harum-scarum, haste, hastily, hatefully, haughtily, haughtiness, hauteur, haute cuisine, have, hazardously, headlong, healthily, heartily, heartlessly, heatedly, heavily, hectically, heedfully, heinously, helpfully, helplessly, hemingwayesque, hem in, hermetically, heroically, hesitantly, hesitatingly, hideously, hierarchically, higgledy-piggledy, high, high-handedly, high-mindedly, highhandedness, hilariously, hinderingly, hitch, hobble, hold, homeostatically, honestly, honorably, hopefully, hopelessly, horridly, horrifyingly, hospitably, hostilely, hothouse, hotly, how, however, hoyden, huffily, hugoesque, humanely, humanly, humbly, humiliatingly, humorlessly, humorously, humourlessly, hungrily, hurriedly, hurry, hydraulically, hydraulicly, hygienically, hyperbolically, hypocritically, hysterically, ibsenian, icily, ideally, identically, identifiably, ideographically, idiom, idiomatically, idiotically, idly, idolatrously, idyllically, ignobly, ignominiously, ignorantly, ill, illegally, illegibly, illegitimately, illiberally, illicitly, illogically, illustriously, ill at easep, immaculately, immaturely, imminently, immoderately, immodestly, immutably, impartially, impassive, impassively, impatiently, impenitently, imperatively, imperceptibly, imperially, imperiously, impersonally, impertinently, impiously, impishly, implement, imploringly, impolitely, impoliteness, importunately, imposingly, impossibly, impotently, imprecisely, impregnably, impressively, improvidently, imprudently, impudently, inaccessibly, inaccurately, inadequately, inadvisably, inalienably, inappropriately, inarticulately, inattentively, inaudibly, inauspiciously, incidentally, incisively, incoherent, incoherently, incomparably, incompetently, incongruously, inconsiderately, inconspicuously, incontrovertibly, inconveniently, incorrectly, incredulously, incriminatingly, incurably, indecently, indelibly, indeterminably, indifferently, indigenously, indignantly, indirect, indirectly, indiscriminately, indistinctly, individualistically, indolently, indoor garden, indubitably, induce, indulgently, industriously, ineffectively, ineffectually, inefficaciously, inefficiently, ineloquently, ineptly, inequitably, inevitably, inexactly, inexcusably, inexorably, inexpediently, inexpensively, inexpertly, inexpressively, inextricably, infectiously, infelicitously, infelicity, inflection, inflexibly, informal, informality, informatively, ingeniously, ingenuously, ingloriously, ingratiating, ingratiatingly, ingratiatory, inherently, inhospitably, inhumanely, inimitably, iniquitously, injudiciously, injuriously, innately, innocently, inoffensively, inquiringly, insanely, insatiably, insecurely, insensibly, insensitively, insidiously, insignificantly, insinuate, insinuatingly, insipidly, insistently, insolently, inspirationally, instructively, insultingly, integrally, intellectually, intelligently, intelligibly, intensely, intensively, intentionally, interchangeably, interestingly, interfering, intermittently, intimately, intolerantly, intransitively, intravenously, intrigue, intuitively, invariably, inveigh, inventively, inversely, inveterately, invidiously, invincibly, invitingly, in apposition, in a beastly manner, in a heartfelt way, in a well mannered way, in both ears, in brief, in cold blood, in dishabille, in earnest, in good order, in haste, in low spirits, in no way, in one ear, in public, in short, in some manner, in some way, in two ways, irately, ironically, irrationally, irregularly, irrelevantly, irreparably, irreproachably, irresponsibly, irretrievably, irreverent, irreverently, irreversibly, irrevocably, irritably, irrupt, isotropically, jabber, japan, jarringly, jaundice, jauntily, jealously, jeeringly, jejunely, jog, join, joint, jovially, joyfully, joylessly, joyously, jubilantly, judicially, judiciously, junction, juncture, just so, kafkaesque, keenly, kerugma, kerygma, killingly, kinaesthetically, kindly, kinesthetically, kiplingesque, knavishly, kowtow, laboriously, lackadaisically, laconically, lamely, lamentably, languidly, languorously, large, largo, lasciviously, lastingly, laudably, lavishly, lawfully, lawlessly, law of common fate, laxly, lazily, learnedly, legally, legibly, legitimately, lengthily, leniently, leonardesque, lethargically, levity, lewdly, lewdness, liberally, licentiously, licitly, lie, lief, life-style, lifelessly, lifestyle, life style, light-handedly, light-headedly, light-heartedly, lightsomely, likewise, like an amateur, like an expert, like kings, like royalty, limp, limpidly, lincolnesque, lincolnian, linearly, listlessly, lividly, lockstep, loftily, logarithmically, logical, logically, lolling, long-windedly, longingly, loosely, loosen up, lopsidedly, loquaciously, lordliness, loudly, lounging, loverlike, loverly, loyally, lucid, lucidly, lugubriously, lukewarmly, luridly, lurk, lustfully, lustily, luxuriantly, luxuriously, lyrically, macho, madly, magically, magisterially, magnanimously, magnificently, magniloquently, majestic, majestically, make, maladroitly, malevolently, maliciously, malignantly, mandatorily, manfully, mangily, maniacally, manipulate, manly, manner name, manner of speaking, manner of walking, marginally, markedly, martially, masochistically, massively, masterfully, materialistically, maternally, maturely, mawkishly, meagerly, meagrely, meanderingly, meaningfully, meanly, meanspiritedly, measuredly, mechanically, mechanistically, meddlesome, meddling, medicinally, meditatively, meek, meekly, mellow, mellowly, melodiously, melodramatically, memorably, menace, menacingly, mendaciously, menially, mercifully, mercilessly, meretriciously, meritoriously, merrily, messily, metalwork, metalworking, metaphorically, metaphysically, methodically, methodologically, meticulously, metonymically, michelangelesque, microscopically, mien, mild, mild-mannered, mildly, mill, mill about, mill around, mime, mimic, mincingly, mindfully, mindlessly, ministerially, miraculously, mirthfully, miserably, misfeasance, misplay, mistakenly, mistily, mockingly, moderately, modest, modestly, modesty, modishly, modulation, modus vivendi, moistly, monaurally, monolingually, monosyllabically, monotonously, monstrously, moodily, moonily, morally, morbidly, mordaciously, morose, morosely, morphologically, mortally, motherly, motionlessly, mournfully, mouth off, move involuntarily, move reflexively, movingly, mozartean, mozartian, mulishly, multiplicatively, multiply, mundanely, munificently, murkily, music, musically, musingly, mutually, mysteriously, mystically, naively, nakedly, narrow-mindedly, narrowly, nasally, nastily, nattily, naturally, nearly, nebulously, necessarily, needfully, needs, nefariously, negatively, neglectfully, negligently, nervelessly, nervily, nervously, neural net, neural network, neurotically, niceness, nimbly, no, nobly, nohow, nonchalantly, noncompetitively, nostalgically, noticeably, not fluently, not suitably, nowise, noxiously, numbly, nuttily, obdurately, obediently, objectionably, obligatorily, obnoxiously, obscenely, obscenity, obscurely, obsequious, obsequiously, observably, observantly, observingly, obsessionally, obsessively, obstinately, obstreperously, obstructively, obtrusively, obtusely, oddly, odiously, offensively, offering protection, offhand, offhanded, offhandedly, officious, officiously, offish, of necessity, oily, okay, oleaginous, olympian, ominously, onerously, on an irregular basis, on a regular basis, on purpose, on the sly, opaquely, operation, optically, optimistically, optionally, opulently, organically, organisation, organization, originally, ornately, ostentatiously, otherwise, outlandishly, outrageously, outspoken, outspokenly, outstandingly, over, overbearingly, overdramatise, overdramatize, overtly, overweening, owlishly, pacifically, pacifistically, painstakingly, palely, pallidly, palmately, paradoxically, paralanguage, paralinguistic communication, paranoic type schizophrenia, paranoid schizophrenia, paraphrenia, paraphrenic schizophrenia, parasitically, pardonably, parentally, parenthetically, parlance, parochially, passionately, passively, paternally, pathetically, pathogenically, patiently, patriotically, patronisingly, patronizingly, pawer, paying attention, peaceably, peacefully, peculiarly, pedagogically, pedantically, peevishly, pejoratively, pell-mell, pellucidly, penally, pensively, penurious, penuriously, perceptibly, perceptively, peremptorily, peremptory, perennially, perfidiously, performance, perfunctorily, perilously, periodically, perkily, permissibly, permissively, perniciously, perpendicularly, perplexedly, persistently, perspicuously, persuasively, pertinaciously, pertly, pervasively, perversely, pessimistically, pet, pettishly, petulantly, pheasant under glass, philanthropically, philatelically, philosophically, phlegmatically, phraseology, phrasing, piagetian, pictorially, picturesquely, pig-headedly, piggishly, piously, piquantly, piratically, pitch, piteously, pithy, pitiably, pitilessly, pityingly, placatingly, placidly, plaguey, plaguily, plaguy, plainly, plainspoken, plaintively, plastically, play, playfully, play around, pleadingly, pleasant, pleasantly, pleasingly, pleasurably, plenarily, plenteously, plentifully, pliantly, plodder, ploddingly, pluckily, pneumatically, poetically, poignantly, point, point-blank, pointedly, pointlessly, poisonously, poker-faced, polished, politely, politeness, polygonally, polyphonically, polysyllabically, pompously, ponderously, pontificate, poorly, popishly, pornographically, portentously, positively, possessively, possibly, potently, poutingly, powerfully, powerlessly, practicably, pragmatically, praiseworthily, pre-eminently, preachification, precariously, preciously, precipitously, precisely, precociously, predictably, preeminently, preferentially, prematurely, presence, presentably, pressingly, presumptuously, pretentiously, preternaturally, prettily, prey, priggishly, primitively, primly, prink, prissily, prodigally, profanely, professionalise, professionalize, professionally, professorially, proficiently, profusely, promiscuously, promisingly, promptly, pronto, pronunciation, properly, prophetically, propitiously, prosaically, prosily, prosperously, protectively, protestingly, proudly, proustian, provably, proverbially, providentially, providently, provocatively, provokingly, prowl, pro forma, prudently, prudishly, pruriently, pryingly, publically, publicly, puckishly, puff, pugnaciously, punctiliously, pungently, punily, punishingly, punitively, punitorily, puritanically, purposefully, purposely, pyramidically, quaintly, qualitatively, quantitatively, quaveringly, queasily, queerly, querulously, questionably, questioningly, quietly, quixotically, quizzically, rabbit on, racily, radially, radiantly, radically, radioactively, raffishly, raggedly, rakishly, ramble, ramble on, ramblingly, rampantly, randomly, rant, ranter, rapaciously, rapturously, rashly, raspingly, rationally, raucously, rave, ravenously, raver, raving, ravingly, ravishingly, readably, readily, realistically, reasonably, reassuringly, rebelliously, rebukingly, reception, receptively, reciprocally, recklessly, recurrently, reference manual, reflectively, reflexly, reformed, refreshfully, refreshingly, regally, regimentally, regionally, register, regularly, relatedness, relatively, relax, release, relentlessly, reliably, remarkably, rembrandtesque, reminiscently, remorsefully, remorselessly, remotely, remoteness, repellently, repellingly, repetitively, reprehensibly, reprehensively, reproachfully, reproducibly, reprovingly, repulsively, reputably, research, resentfully, reserve, reserved, reservedly, resignedly, resolution, resoundingly, resourcefully, respectably, respectfully, resplendently, response, responsibly, restfully, restively, restlessly, restrained, restrictively, retentively, reticent, reticently, retiring, retrospectively, revengefully, reverentially, reverently, reversibly, revoltingly, revolve, rewardingly, rhapsodically, rhetorically, rhythmically, richly, rig, right, righteously, right of entry, rigidly, rigorously, riotously, riskily, ritually, robustly, roguishly, roll, rollickingly, romantically, romp, rooseveltian, rotationally, rottenly, rotundly, rough-house, roundly, rowdily, royally, rudely, rudeness, ruefully, ruggedly, ruinously, rurally, rush, rushing, rustication, ruthlessly, sacrilegiously, sadly, safely, sagaciously, sagely, salaciously, salaciousness, salacity, sally forth, sally out, same, sanctimoniously, sanely, sapiently, sarcastically, sardonically, sass, satirically, satisfactorily, satisfyingly, saucily, savagely, scandalously, scarily, scathingly, sceptically, schematically, scheme, schismatically, scintillate, scoffingly, scornfully, scrape, scrappily, screakily, scurrilously, scurvily, searchingly, secretively, securely, sedate, sedately, seductively, sedulously, selectively, self-assertion, self-conceitedly, self-consciously, self-evidently, self-righteously, selfishly, selflessly, senecan, sensationally, senselessly, sensibly, sensing element, sensitively, sensor, sensually, sententiously, sentimentally, sequentially, serenely, serially, series, seriously, serpent, servilely, severely, shabbily, shaggily, shakily, shallowly, shambolically, shamefacedly, shamefully, shapelessly, sharply, sharpness, sharp tongue, sheepishly, shibboleth, shiftily, shockingly, shoddily, short, shortly, shortness, shout, showily, showing bad manners, showing contempt, showing emotion, showing intelligence, showing lack of intelligence, showing mercy, showing trust, showing wisdom, showmanship, shrewdly, shrewishly, shyly, sickeningly, sidearm, sidesplittingly, signally, significantly, silkily, silliness, similarly, simply, single-mindedly, singsong, singularly, sinusoidally, skeptically, sketchily, skid, skimpily, skittishly, skulk, sky-high, slackly, slam-bang, slanderously, slangily, slap-bang, slapdash, slatternliness, slavishly, sleekly, sleepily, sleeplessly, slenderly, slew, slide, slightingly, slightly, slimly, slip, slogger, sloppily, slouchily, slue, sluggishly, sluttishness, slyly, small-mindedly, smarmily, smarmy, smartly, smatter, smilingly, smoothie, smoothly, smoothy, smugly, smuttily, snappishly, sneak, sneakily, sneakingly, sneering, sneeringly, snidely, snivel, sniveling, snobbishly, snootily, so, so-so, sober, soberly, soberness, sobriety, sociably, socially, soft, soft-spoken, softly, solemn, solemnly, solicitously, somberly, somberness, sombrely, somehow, someway, someways, somnolently, sonorously, soothingly, sorrowfully, sottishly, soulfully, soullessly, soundly, sourly, so to speak, sparely, sparingly, sparsely, specially, speciously, spectacularly, speculatively, speech, speech pattern, spherically, spicily, spiff, spiritedly, spiritually, spitefully, spit out, splay, splendidly, splutter, spontaneously, spookily, sporadically, sport, sportingly, sportively, spotlessly, spout, sprucely, spuriously, sputter, squeamishly, stably, stagily, staidly, stanchly, standoffish, standoffishly, standoffishness, starchy, starkly, startlingly, stateliness, stately, statically, staunchly, steadily, steady, stealthily, steeply, step, step by step, sternly, stertorously, stickily, stiff, stiffly, stiltedly, stimulate, stingily, stirringly, stockily, stodgily, stoically, stolidly, stonily, stooge, stormily, stoutly, stragglingly, straight, straight-backed, straight-from-the-shoulder, strangely, stravinskian, stravinskyan, strenuously, strictly, stridently, strikingly, stringently, strongly, structure, stubbornly, studiously, stuffily, stunningly, stupidly, sturdily, stylishly, stylistically, suavely, suaveness, suavity, sublimely, submissively, subserviently, subtly, successfully, suitably, sulkily, sullenly, sultrily, summarily, sumptuously, sunnily, superciliously, supercritical, superficially, superfluously, supernaturally, superstitiously, supinely, surgically, surlily, surprisedly, surprisingly, surreptitiously, swagger, swaggerer, swash, sway, sweepingly, sweet, sweetly, sweetness, sweet talker, swiftly, swing, symbiotically, symbolically, symmetrically, sympathetically, sync, synchronise, synchronize, synchronously, synonymously, synthetically, system, systematically, tacitly, tactfully, tactlessly, take off, taking, talkatively, talkily, talk down, tamely, tangibly, tantalizingly, tartly, tastefully, tastelessly, tastily, tattily, tauntingly, tautly, tawdrily, tearfully, teasingly, tediously, telegraphically, telescopically, tellingly, temperately, temptingly, tendentiously, tenderly, tensely, tentatively, tenuously, tepidly, terrestrially, terribly, tersely, testily, tetchily, theatrically, theologically, theoretically, thermostatically, the right way, thickly, thievishly, thinly, thirstily, thoreauvian, thoroughly, thoughtfully, thoughtlessly, threateningly, thriftily, thriftlessly, through empirical observation, tidily, tight, tightly, timidly, timorously, tiredly, tiresomely, tolerably, tolerantly, tomboy, tone-beginning, tone ending, tongue, tongued, topsy-turvy, torpidly, tortuously, torturously, touchily, touchingly, toughly, to an adequate degree, to a tolerable degree, to both ears, to no degree, to one ear, traditionally, tragically, traitorously, transitionally, transitively, transversally, transversely, transvestism, transvestite, transvestitism, treacherously, treasonably, treatment, tremulously, trenchantly, trepidly, trickily, trimly, tritely, triumphantly, trivially, tropically, troponym, troponymy, truckling, truculently, trudger, trustfully, trustingly, tumultuously, tunefully, turbulently, turgidly, tutorially, twiddle, twiddler, twig, twinkle, twinkler, typically, tyrannise, tyrannize, ulteriorly, unabashedly, unable to help, unaccountably, unachievably, unadvisedly, unaffectedness, unalterably, unambiguously, unambitiously, unappealingly, unappreciatively, unarguably, unassailably, unassertive, unassertively, unassumingly, unattainably, unattractively, unbelievably, unbelievingly, uncannily, unceremoniously, unceremoniousness, uncertainly, unchangeably, uncharacteristically, unchivalrously, uncivilly, uncomparably, uncompromisingly, unconcernedly, unconditionally, unconstitutionally, uncontrollably, unconventionally, unconvincingly, uncouthly, uncritically, unctuous, unctuously, undecipherably, undemocratically, undeniably, undependably, understandably, undeservedly, undesirably, undiplomatically, undisputedly, undramatically, undulation, uneasy, unemotional, unemotionally, unenergetically, unequally, unequivocally, unethically, unevenly, uneventfully, unexcitingly, unexpressive, unfairly, unfaithfully, unfalteringly, unfashionably, unforgettably, unforgivably, unforgivingly, unfriendly, ungrammatically, ungratefully, ungrudgingly, unharmoniously, unhelpfully, unhygienically, uniformly, unilaterally, unimaginatively, unimpressively, uninformatively, uninstructively, unintelligently, unintelligibly, unintentionally, uninterestingly, uninvitedly, unjustly, unkindly, unladylike, unmelodiously, unmemorably, unmercifully, unmindfully, unmistakably, unmusically, unnecessarily, unnoticeably, unobtrusively, unpardonably, unpatriotically, unpleasantly, unprecedentedly, unpredictably, unpretentiously, unproductively, unprofitably, unpropitiously, unquestioningly, unreadably, unrealistically, unreasonably, unreasoningly, unrecognisable, unrecognizably, unrelatedness, unrelentingly, unreliably, unrepentantly, unreproducibly, unrestrainedly, unrighteously, unromantically, unsatiably, unsatisfactorily, unselfconsciously, unselfishly, unsentimentally, unshakably, unsmilingly, unsociably, unsparingly, unsportingly, unsteadily, unstintingly, unsuitably, unswervingly, unsymmetrically, unsympathetically, unsystematically, unsystematized, unthinking, unthinkingly, untidily, untimely, untruly, untruthfully, untypically, ununderstandably, unwantedly, unwarrantably, unwillingly, unwontedly, unworthily, uppishly, uprightly, uproariously, upside down, upstage, urbanely, urbanity, urinate, usefully, uselessly, utterly, uxoriously, vacantly, vacuously, valiantly, validly, valorously, vapidly, variably, vauntingly, vegetable matter, vehemently, vein, venally, vengefully, venomously, verbiage, verbosely, via aircraft, vibrate, viciously, victoriously, vigilantly, vigorously, vilely, vindictively, violently, virtuously, virulently, viscerally, viscidly, visibly, vitriolically, vividly, vocally, vociferously, volitionally, voltarean, voltarian, volubly, voluptuously, voraciously, vouchsafe, vow, vulgarise, vulgarize, vulgarly, vulnerably, wackily, waffler, waggishly, walk, walk around, wanly, wantonly, warily, warm, warmly, washingtonian, wastefully, watchfully, weakly, wearily, weightily, weirdly, well, well-behaved, well behaved, well enough, while away, whimsically, whine, whiningly, whip, wholesomely, wickedly, wild, wildly, wilfully, willfully, willingly, willy-nilly, windily, winkle, winsomely, wisely, wishfully, wistfully, withdrawnness, witheringly, without aim, without ambiguity, without bloodshed, without concern, without consideration, without delay, without diplomacy, without emotion, without expression, without favoring one party, without favouring one party, without fear, without humor, without humour, without moderation, without modesty, without reasoning, without showing responsibility, without sympathy, without thinking, without worrying, with adroitness, with all respect, with ambition, with approval, with attention, with authority, with bitterness, with boldness, with compassion, with competence, with conceit, with concern, with confidence, with consideration, with courtesy, with cynicism, with determination, with diplomacy, with efficiency, with empathy, with excitement, with expertise, with formality, with great care, with happiness, with hostility, with humor, with humour, with impatience, with inspiration, with longing, with love, with mercy, with moderation, with modesty, with nostalgia, with ostentation, with patience, with pity, with politeness, with pride, with speculation, with spite, with success, with sympathy, with validity, with wisdom, wittgensteinian, wittily, woefully, wolfishly, wonderingly, wordily, wording, wordsworthian, work, worriedly, worryingly, worse, worship, worthily, worthlessly, wrathfully, wretchedly, wring from, wrong, wrongheadedly, wrongly, wryly, yearningly, yeatsian, yieldingly, youthfully, zealously, zolaesque

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