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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to life:   (1132 results)

age, birth, death, demise, dying, past, time of life

Often used in the same context:
lifestyle, lifetime, existences, dailiness, living, society, family, happiness, humanity, childhood, finiteness, humanness, vocation, adulthood, motherhood, lifework, griever, upbringing, fatherhood, mundaneness, enjoyments, career, mankind, finitude, everydayness, domesticity, parenthood, experiences, hallowing, dreams, humankind, marriage, death, overcomer, freedom, babyhood, profession, pursuits, alife, adolescence, dignity, civilization, fleetingness, immortality, endlessness, loneliness, afterlife, summum bonum, evanescence, perfectibility, coup de foudre, orphanhood, journey, human beings, fellowman, ordeals, extraordinariness, contentment, spirituality, serendipities, manhood, ordinariness, blissfulness, womanhood, lonesomeness, blessedness, debilitation, macrocosm, character, selfhood, vicissitudes, ife, agelessness, livelong, milieux, aloneness, livelihood, survival, monomaniac, metanoia, earthiest, dotage, forgiver, filial duty, cherishing, engram, soul, friendships, idyll, grief, epiphanies, consciousness, aliveness, disfigurements, liberty, anguishes, wife, gratuitousness, culture, vestal virgin, romance, bachelorhood, lite, hie, lives, hfe, me, fife, existence, life.1, being, self, selves, welfare, lile, needs, proceeds, righteousness, ', affords, reallife, realworld, conjunctural, similar, social, such, world, specific, transcultural, contrived, current, ical, nonclinical, simulated, sociohistorical, childrearing, cial, comparable, conflictive

More specific:
aerobiosis, afterlife, airiness, alacrity, autobiography, biology, breeziness, briskness, buoyancy, days, delicacy, ebullience, elan, endurance, energy, enthusiasm, esprit, eternal life, exuberance, ginger, hagiography, hereafter, high-spiritedness, high spirits, irrepressibility, jauntiness, life eternal, pep, peppiness, profile, resilience, resiliency, skin, survival, vigor, vigour, vim, wildlife, years

Appears in the definition of:
., 1 maccabees, 2 maccabees, abandon, acquired immunity, active, adulthood, advance death benefit, aerobe, aerobiosis, afterlife, age, ahimsa, air jacket, al-qur'an, albert schweitzer, alchemist, aleatory, alien, alive, aliveness, alivep, alternation of generations, alternative, animate, animated, animateness, animise, animize, annual, anomalous, answer, apanage, appanage, appetite, apprehensive, arcadian, archaebacteria, archaebacterium, archaeobacteria, archaeozoic, archaeozoic aeon, archaic, archean, archean aeon, archean eon, archeobacteria, archeozoic, archeozoic eon, area, arena, artificial additive, ashcan school, ash can, asp, assertively, assumption, assumption of mary, astrobiology, atropos, attempt, august 15, austere, authority, autoecious, ayurveda, azoic, bachelorhood, bad, bane, barbary coast, barren, bast, be, beatification, begin, beguine, benton, berit, berith, bhagavad-gita, bhagavadgita, biennial, big, biodiversity, biogenic, biographer, biography, biologic, biological, biology, biome, biosafety level 4, biota, bird of passage, birth, biscayne national park, blackdamp, blameless, blister rust, bohemian, book, book of ecclesiastes, bored, breathe, breeches buoy, bret harte, brilliant, bris, briss, brith, brutalize, bucolic, buddhism, buffalo indian, bug, buoy, burg, burroughs, business, callow, callowness, capsule, career, carolean, caroline, cash out, cash surrender value, catamenia, cataphyll, cather, cell, cellular slime mold, ch'i, change of life, channel islands national park, chapter, charadriiformes, charcot-marie-tooth disease, chi, childhood, chokedamp, chopin, christ, ciliata, ciliophora, circumstances, civil, civil death, civil union, class ciliata, class ciliophora, clean, climacteric, cloistered, cloistral, clotho, cold, come to life, commercialize, commutable, compartmentalize, complacently, conceptus, consecrate, consecrated, consecration, contemplative, content, contentedness, contentment, conventual, conversion, cooper, cork jacket, cost, cost of living, countrified, country, countryfied, cracker-barrel, cripple, cronartium ribicola, cryonics, culture shock, damon, daoism, days, dead, deaden, death, debonair, decadent, decease, decuma, defibrillate, dehumanization, dehumanize, deity, deliverer, depict, deprived, desert plant, destiny, determinant, devitalise, devitalize, die, direction, disadvantaged, disassociation, dishonor, dissipate, dissipated, dissociation, distastefully, divinity, domain, domesticate, domesticated, domestication, domesticity, donald robert perry marquis, donatism, don marquis, dormition, dos passos, dour, dower, drain, due process, due process of law, dyinga, dystopia, earthborn, earthy, ease, easygoing, ecclesiastes, eclogue, economic, economical, edmund john millington synge, education, egyptian cobra, eight, eighties, eld, elemental, elixir of life, embodiment, embryo, encainide, endaemonism, endowment insurance, enforced, enkaid, enlivener, episodic memory, eremitic, eremitical, eremitism, escape, essential, essential tremor, estate for life, estimate, eternal life, ethnic music, eucaryote, eudemonism, eudora welty, eugene sue, eukaryote, evangel, eventful, everlasting, evermore, exanimate, exit, exobiology, exogenous depression, expansiveness, expire, extend, extraterrestrial, extraterrestrial being, extropy, eye of ra, failure, family man, fantasy life, farming, fast lane, fate, fauna, feast of dormition, felicitous, fertilized egg, field, fifties, flame-out, flora, floral, flourishing, flow, folk, folksy, folk music, follow, food additive, forest goat, form, forties, fortune, for dear life, fragonard, freehold, frivolously, frost, fugue, full of life, futurism, galapagos, galapagos islands, galatea, gametophyte, gay, geezerhood, generative, genre painting, germ, gita, give and take, glory, go, god, golden years, golem, good shepherd, gospel, gospels, gospel according to luke, gospel of luke, grant wood, grassland, growing, hadean, hadean aeon, hadean eon, hadean time, hadith, haemosporidian, hale, hap, hardscrabble, hardship, harmless, harte, hemiepiphyte, henri toulouse-lautrec, henry wheeler shaw, hereafter, hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy, heroic, hesiod, hess, heteroecious, heterogenesis, hindu calendar, hold, hole-and-corner, hole-in-corner, holocaust, homespun, homoecious, horse opera, hospitable, hostile, howard hughes, howard robard hughes, hughes, humanize, human right, humic acid, idealization, idiolect, idyll, idyllic, ii maccabees, imitate, immature, immortal, immortality, impermanent, imprinting, inactive, inanimate, inanimateness, inarticulately, incarcerate, incarnation, incomplete, inexperienced, infant deathrate, infant mortality, infant mortality rate, influence, inhospitable, inject, instrument of execution, insular, insured, insured person, intelligent, intensive care, interior, intermediate host, invigorate, invigorator, in perpetuity, iodine-125, iodine-131, irregular, islam, islamism, i maccabees, j. m. synge, james fenimore cooper, jean honore fragonard, jejuneness, jesus, jesus christ, jesus of nazareth, job, john dos passos, john millington synge, josh billings, juiceless, juvenility, kate chopin, kate o'flaherty chopin, ki, kill, killing, koran, lachesis, lackluster, land, last, latin quarter, lead, left bank, lethal gene, life-and-death, life-giving, life-size, life-support, life-support system, life-threatening, lifeblood, lifeless, lifelessness, lifelong, lifer, lifesaver, life assurance, life belt, life buoy, life estate, life eternal, life history, life insurance, life jacket, life office, life ring, life story, life support, life vest, light, light-heartedly, line, line of work, live, liveborn, liveborn infant, lively, liveness, liver, live out, living, lonea, long, long-life, lot, love life, luck, ludi saeculares, luke, mae west, maintenance, man, man-to-man, manakin, manikin, mannequin, mannikin, marquis, marriage, martial, materialistically, matoaka, matrimony, maturity, medusa, mennonite, mennonite church, menopause, merozoite, metabolic process, metabolism, metastasis, microbe, mid-eighties, mid-fifties, mid-forties, mid-nineties, mid-seventies, mid-sixties, mid-thirties, mid-twenties, middle age, mightily, migrant, mild, milestone, miracle play, misread, modernism, mohammadanism, mohammedanism, molecular biologist, molecular biology, monastic, monastical, monasticism, moneygrubber, morta, mortality table, mortgaged, moss-grown, move, movement, mu-meson, muhammadanism, mundanely, muon, muslimism, mystery play, naive, naja haje, nathan hale, needless, negative, negative muon, neonatal death, neonatal mortality, neonatal mortality rate, neonatal period, nineties, nona, nonliving, nonmalignant, norman rockwell, nuisance, oblate, obligate, occupation, off-putting, old age, one-year, operate, orbit, order charadriiformes, ordinary life insurance, organic, organicism, outdoorsy, overall, pass, pass away, past, pastoral, pastorale, payback, perish, personal, personal memory, phantasy life, philip milton roth, philip roth, philosopher, phintias, piscatory, placid, plains indian, pleomorphism, pocahontas, pointlessly, portion, position, practicing, pragmatism, precarious, pregnant, primal, primrose path, priscoan, priscoan aeon, priscoan eon, procreative, prodigal, proterozoic, pseudoryx nghetinhensis, psyche, psychogenic fugue, psychological feature, psychological science, psychology, puberty, pubescence, purposeful, purposeless, pursuance, putting to death, pygmalion, pynchon, pythias, qi, quality of life, quicken, quickener, quickening, quiet, quran, reactive depression, realism, reanimate, reanimated, rebecca rolfe, rebirth, recapitulate, reclaim, reclusive, recreate, rectify, redeemer, redemptive, reductive, reform, regenerate, regulated, rehabilitated, rejuvenate, renewing, renovate, repaint, repair, reproductive, restorative, restore, restructure, resurgent, resuscitated, retarded, retinoblastoma, retire, retribution, retrospective, reverberate, revitalise, revitalised, revitalising, revitalize, revitalized, revitalizing, revive, revived, revivify, reviving, right of privacy, road to damascus, roamer, robert frost, robert lee frost, robert william service, rockwell, romance, root, roth, rough, rover, rubicund, rubidium-strontium dating, ruddy, rudiment, rudolf hess, rule, rural, rustic, rusticate, rustication, sanguine, savior, saviour, savitar, scene, schooldays, schooltime, schweitzer, scid, scyphozoan, seamy, sector, secular games, sedentary, sekhet, self-indulgent, semiepiphyte, serve, service, settle, settle down, set up, seventies, severe combined immunodeficiency, severe combined immunodeficiency disease, sex, sex manual, shaw, short, shortened, shortener, situation comedy, sixties, skin, slavish, soak, social, socialise, socialize, soldiering, soldiership, solitary, sophisticated, soul, space biology, space capsule, spellbinding, sphere, spindle horn, spiritual, spiritual rebirth, sporophyte, sporozoite, spousal relationship, squally, steady down, step, stillborn, stillborn infant, stipulate, straight-line method, straight-line method of depreciation, straight life insurance, strain, strand, stress, subhuman, sue, sunna, sunnah, supreme, sustainment, sustenance, sustentation, symbion pandora, synge, take root, tame, taoism, taoist, taste, teens, teliospore, tenure, tenured, term insurance, texture, theater of the absurd, therapeutic abortion, the living dead, the nazarene, thirties, thirty-something, thomas hart benton, thomas pynchon, thriftlessness, thriving, time of life, tinge, tontine, tontine insurance, totalistic, totalitarian, toulouse-lautrec, townee, tragicomic, tragicomical, transportation, tribulation, trophozoite, twenties, two-year, uncomfortable, uncongenial, unconventional, undisturbed, undomesticated, unencumbered, unenlivened, uneventful, unfriendly, union, university, unobtrusive, unrelaxed, unsophisticated, unsweet, upkeep, urban, urbane, urbanise, urbanize, vagabond, vegetation, vengeance, viable, vicissitude, villager, virtuous, visualized, vital, vitalisation, vitalise, vitalism, vitalization, vitalize, vitalizing, vitalness, vitals, vital organ, vital sign, vivify, votary, walk, walther richard rudolf hess, wanderer, wandering, wanton, warlike, waste, wasted, water, water wings, way, wedlock, weltanschauung, welty, western, whole life insurance, widowhood, willa cather, willa sibert cather, william burroughs, william s. burroughs, william seward burroughs, william wordsworth, woman, womb-to-tomb, wood, wordsworth, world view, wrestle, wretched, writ large, xenogenesis, xerophile, xerophilous plant, xerophyte, xerophytic plant, years, young, youth, zero coupon bond, zoic, zombi, zombie

More general:
account, amount of time, animation, being, beingness, chronicle, existence, experience, history, human, individual, life form, living thing, mortal, motivation, motive, need, organic phenomenon, organism, period, period of time, person, somebody, someone, soul, spiritedness, story, time period

aliveness, animation, biography, life history, life story, lifespan, lifetime, liveliness, living, spirit, sprightliness

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— Nouns for life: cycle, giving, situations, size, styles, style, span, history, care, situation, crisis, more...

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