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Words and phrases whose definition contains work:   (1135 results)

., a. e. kennelly, abbreviator, abridgement, abridger, abridgment, absenteeism, absentee rate, accustomed, acer saccharum, acknowledgement, act, action, active, actuarial, adaptation, adeline virginia stephen woolf, administer, administrate, afraid, agonist, aid, al-asifa, al-fatah, alger, alice hamilton, along, alsatian, amazing, amedeo avogadro, analecta, analects, annals, apparatus, application, apply, apprentice, archimedes, architecture, arduous, argument, army engineer, arnold gesell, arnold lucius gesell, arthur edwin kennelly, arthur rimbaud, artisan's lien, artist, art object, assist, assistant foreman, asthenopia, asynergia, asynergy, attack, attend, attend to, attention, attitude, author's name, authority, autotelism, average, avogadro, baby-sit, babysitting, baby sitting, backseat, bad, baddie, badly, bailey, balance, baldly, be, beast of burden, beatniks, beats, beat generation, beauty parlor, beauty parlour, beauty salon, beauty shop, beaver, beaver away, behind, belabor, belabour, bench clamp, benefit album, benjamin shahn, ben shahn, best-known, biosafety level, biz, blackleg, blue-collar, blue law, bo's'n, bo'sun, board of trade unit, boatswain, bodywork, boilersuit, boilers suit, book, boondoggle, boringly, bos'n, bosun, botchy, bowed downp, brainchild, brakes, brake system, break, break one's back, breast drill, brush, buckle down, building block, bulk, bum, bunk off, burden, burdened, bus, busman's holiday, busy, busywork, buy, call, camillo golgi, camp, canary whitewood, caning, capsule, car, care, carefulness, carnot's ideal cycle, carnot cycle, carpenter, cartage, carter, carting, casebook, caste, castration, casually, catch up with, chantey, chanty, chapter, character, chef-d'oeuvre, child welfare agency, child welfare service, chore, civilian clothing, civilian dress, civilian garb, claim, clean room, clerical, clerk, clinic, clinician, clock-watching, clock in, clock off, clock on, clock out, closet, co-worker, coating, coffee break, collaborate, colleague, commit, commute, commuter, commuter traffic, comparably, compendium, complainingly, compose, composition, computer user, condensation, conflict, congenial, congress of racial equality, conscientious, continue, contrast, contributor, contrive, cooperate, coordinator, copyright, copyrighted, core, correct, coursework, covering, craft, craftsman, creative, creative person, credit, crewman, criticism, cross-index, cross-reference, crossroads, cunctator, curriculum vitae, cutter, cutting angle, cv, cyclopaedia, cyclopedia, d. h. lawrence, da'wah, dabble, david herbert lawrence, dawah, daycare, day care, day care center, day nursery, day off, day shift, day watch, deconstruction, deconstructionism, dedication, definitive, deflate, deliverance, demoralized, demur, dennis gabor, denouement, department of local government, deployment, deserve, design, despise, develop, device, dewar, diagram, dictator, diffidently, dig, dingdong, diplomatic building, disability check, disability payment, discipline, disingenuously, dissection, distaff, diving bell, do-nothing, do-nothinga, donkeywork, door, down, draft, draft copy, drama, dramatic play, dream, drive, drown, drudge, drudgery, drudging, duct tape, duty, duty period, dystopia, ease, economy, editing, edouard manet, edvard grieg, edvard hagerup grieg, effect, efficiency, effort, elaborate, elbow grease, electioneer, electric motor, electron volt, embassy, emil hermann fischer, employ, employee-owned business, employee-owned enterprise, employee ownership, encyclopaedia, encyclopedia, energy, energy unit, engage, engine, ensemble, enthalpy, entropy, epilog, epilogue, episode, erg, ergotropism, escape, essence, ethnologic, ethnological, eugene paul wigner, eugene wigner, eusebius hieronymus, eusebius sophronius hieronymus, ev, evening shift, evolve, examen, example, excerpt, excuse, exercise, exertion, exhaust, expense, exploit, expurgation, extract, eyestrain, factory whistle, fag, faineance, faineant, fair, farm, farm out, fascicle, fascicule, fatah, fatigue, fauvism, fechner, fechner's law, fellow worker, ferment, festoon, fiction, fictionalisation, fictionalization, fictional character, fictitious character, field, figure, filmable, finish, fischer, fixed up, flat, flnc, florence nightingale, foist, foliation, follow, follow-up, followup, foot-pound, foot-poundal, footage, foreign mission, forfeit, for one thing, four-stroke engine, four-stroke internal-combustion engine, frederick soddy, free-lance, freeload, friedrich august von hayek, frisch, front burner, full employment, gabor, galley slave, galvanisation, galvanization, game, gang, ganger, garageman's lien, garden, gardener, genre, germ, german police dog, german shepherd, german shepherd dog, germinate, gesell, get down, get together, gist, giulio natta, glass ceiling, glorious, godard, goldbricking, golden years, golgi, goner, goofing off, gordimer, government office, graham, grain, graphic, gratification, graveyard shift, great, grieg, grind, grumble, guestworker, guest worker, gun dog, gustav theodor fechner, hackwork, half-holiday, hamilton, handcraft, handicraft, handiwork, handwork, hand in glove, hardworking, hayek, health profession, heap, heartily, heat engine, heat unit, heavy, heavy-duty, heavy lifting, heller, help, hendrik antoon lorentz, here, heroine, herschel, hertzian, hieronymus, high time, hire, hired help, hokusai, holiday, holy day of obligation, homework, home help, hope, hopkins, horatio alger, horse-cart, horsepower-hour, horse cart, hours, housekeeping, housewifery, housework, humble, humiliated, hunt, hunting, idle, idleness, idler, impression, inaccessible, inactive, inclusion, incompatibility, inconsequent, inconsequential, increase, indicate, indite, indolence, indolent, industrious, inertia, influence, ingrain, inscribe, inscription, inspiration, inspire, instruct, interactive, interfere, interlock, intern, inundated, inventory, investigating, investigation, in practice, ironing, ironwork, itinerant, itinerate, jan tinbergen, jean luc godard, jean nicholas arthur rimbaud, jerome, jesuit order, job, john herschel, joiner, join forces, jolly, jolly boat, joseph heller, joule, jument, katsushika hokusai, keep one's nose to the grindstone, keep one's shoulder to the wheel, keep up, kennelly, keynote, kill, kilogram-meter, kilowatt hour, kitchen help, knuckle down, kw-hr, label, labor, laboring, labor of love, labour, labouring, labour of love, lacework, lacquerware, land, lars onsager, latchkey child, lavation, lawrence, layabout, layoff, laziness, lazy, leakey, leatherwork, leave, leave of absence, legal holiday, lifework, light-duty, like thunder, liriodendron tulipifera, literary argument, literary criticism, live out, loaded downp, loafer, local department, logging, logroll, longueur, long haul, long run, loose end, lorentz, love, low-powered, lowly, lucubration, magnum opus, make-work, make up, malingering, man, manet, manuala, manuscript, man hour, martha graham, master, masterpiece, mathematical, mature, measure, mechanic's lien, mechanize, menial, merit, mesh, mess around, migrant, migratory, military engineer, minister, mission, missionary post, missionary station, missionary work, mistress, modeling, modelling, moil, molded, molding, monastic, mondrian, monk, monkey, monkey around, monotony, moonlight, motif, moulding, move, move around, ms, muck about, muck around, musical composition, mutilate, nadine gordimer, nathaniel bailey, nathan bailey, national holiday, national liberation front of corsica, natta, navigation, navvy, neck-deep, needlecraft, needlenose pliers, needlework, needleworker, negligently, nervous exhaustion, nervous prostration, nightingale, nightwork, night shift, nil, notice, novel, numerical, nursing, object, objet d'art, oblate, obscure, obscurely, occupational group, occupational safety and health administration, off-the-clock, office block, office building, old-age pension, onsager, on leave, on the jobp, openwork, operation, opus, organisation, organization, origen, original, osha, otiose, out-of-school, outlier, outsource, outstanding, out of work, overall, overburden, overburdened, overdrive, overlook, overtime, overwork, page, paid, paid vacation, painless, paperwork, paradisal, paragraph, parkinson's law, particular, passable, pastiche, pastoral, pattern, pay, payday, peer review, peg away, pen, peon, peonage, performer, performing artist, period piece, peripeteia, peripetia, peripety, perpetual motion machine, person hour, pet sitting, photocopy, physical exertion, picket, picture plane, piece, piecework, piece of music, piece of writing, piet mondrian, pile, pittance, plagiarism, plain clothes, plan, plane, planking, planting, platen, play, play around, play hooky, plodding, plot, plug away, poetic license, polishing, pop, postponer, potter, power, praetorian, praise, premier, premiere, prep, preparation, presuppose, price, priestcraft, printing, probation, procedure, procrastinator, producer, progress report, project, proletariat, promote, propertyless, protagonist, publication, publish, puddle, punch in, punch out, punctiliously, puritan, putter, put to work, race, rack, ragnar anton kittil frisch, ragnar frisch, ramon y cajal, randomness, rask, rasmus christian rask, rat, realization, reassign, recess, recognition, recognize, recognized, reconstruction, reconstructive memory, recreate, redaction, referee, reference, reference work, refiner, relaxation, reliance, remuneration, remunerative, report, repose, reproduction, reproductive memory, republication, require, requirement, resolution, respite, rest, resume, retire, retired, retirement benefit, retirement check, retirement fund, retirement pension, retrospective, richard erskine leakey, richard leakey, richard wright, ride, right of first publication, rimbaud, robert woodrow wilson, rock maple, romanticize, rush hour, sailing, saint jerome, salon, salute, santiago ramon y cajal, scab, scant, scenario, scrimshank, sculpture, scut work, seafaring, sea chantey, second law of thermodynamics, secretarial, secretarial assistant, secretary, section gang, seduce, seed, selection, semiautobiographical, serious, serve, service, sewer, shahn, shanty, shaped, share, sheet-metal work, shift, shining, ship, shipboard system, shirker, shirking, shop floor, sickness benefit, sick benefit, sick leave, silverwork, simon legree, sir frederick gowland hopkins, sir james dewar, sir john frederick william herschel, sir john herschel, sit, skimp, skipper, skivvy, skulking, slack, slacker, slacking, slapdash, slave, slavery, slavey, slave driver, sleep out, slight, slog, sloppily, sloth, slothful, slothfulness, smatter, smeared, smoothing plane, smooth plane, society of jesus, soddy, soldiering, source, spadework, spec, special, specialisation, specialise, specialism, speciality, specialization, specialize, specialty, specification, spell, spin, sporting dog, spot check, spurious, st. jerome, stagehand, stage technician, standard, start, stay up, stemma, stint, straw boss, street clothes, strike, stucco, subcontract, sugar maple, superannuated, superannuation, supertitle, support, suppose, surtitle, swagger, swaggie, swagman, swamped, sweat, swing shift, syndication, synergistic, system, tabletop, tacitly, take, take off, take out, take time off, take up, talk, talk shop, task, taskmaster, team, teamwork, tea break, temporarily, tending, text, thanks, theme, theretofore, the lady with the lamp, thing, till, timecard, timework, time and a half, time clock, time off, time out, tinbergen, tinker, tiredness, tireless, title, toil, toiling, tonsorial, tool, tout ensemble, town, trade, tranquilly, transfer, travail, travel, travel back and forth, tribute album, trick, trowel, tulip poplar, tulip tree, typing pool, unassuming, unassumingly, undercover operation, underestimate, undertaking, undocumented, undone, unemployment rate, unfeelingly, unfinished business, ungenerous, uninterrupted, unlovely, unmalleable, unnaturally, unpaid worker, untiring, unwell, use, utilise, utilize, utopia, vacation, vacationer, vacationist, value, variety, vegetate, version, vestry, vet, villain, virginia woolf, vocation, volunteer, wage-earning, wait on, walk out, warhorse, wash, washing, waterpower, water waggon, water wagon, watt second, weariness, weber-fechner law, week, weekend warrior, weighed downp, well-ordered, welter, wetter, wherein, whirl, whistling, white-collar, white room, wicker, wickerwork, widely, wigner, wildcat, william wordsworth, wilson, wiring, woodwork, woolf, wordsworth, work-board, work-in, work-shy, workaholic, workbag, workbasket, workboard, workbox, workday, workfellow, workflow, working, working-class, workinga, working agreement, working class, working day, working dog, working principle, working rule, workload, workpiece, workplace, workroom, worksheet, workspace, workweek, work day, work flow, work in, work in progress, work off, work out, work shift, work song, work stoppage, work time, work unit, world premiere, wright, write, writer's name, writing, writing board, written material, wrought, yardman, yellow poplar, yoke

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