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Words and phrases whose definition contains give:   (765 results)

., abandon, abandonment, abdicate, abraham, abstract, accept, accommodation ladder, account, accounting, account for, accredit, actualise, actualize, actuate, address, administer, admit, adumbrate, advance, advantage, advert, advise, affiance, afford, aid, aliment, alka-seltzer, allot, allow, ambo, animate, animated cartoon, animise, animize, announce, answer, antiquate, antique, antithesis, appear, apply, apportion, apprise, apprize, appropriate, approve, archaise, archaize, archesporial, argent, argue, array, arrhenius theory of dissociation, assign, assist, assurance, assure, astatic coils, atomic number 10, attend, attest, authorisation, authorise, authority, authorization, authorize, award, back, back up, ballast, bastinado, batting glove, bear, bear witness, beat, beat up, beauty, beleaguer, bequeath, besiege, bestialise, bestialize, bestow, betray, betroth, birth, black humor, black humour, bless, blue, blueing, bluing, body, bonded labor, boost, boot, bottle-feed, bounteousness, bounty, break, breastfeed, bridle, brief, bronze, bruiser, build, bung, burning, burst out, call, call off, camp, candlewick, carry, cartoon, cash flow, catatonia, catatonic schizophrenia, catatonic type schizophrenia, catechise, catechize, cause, cede, change, charge, cheer, chuck up the sponge, churl, cine-camera, circumstantiate, circumvent, coal tar, coloring, colouring, combustion, comfort, commend, commit, compensate, complementary, complementary color, complexion, concede, concertise, concertize, concurrent operation, configured, connive at, consecrate, consent, consider, consign, console, constancy, contact, corroborate, cough up, counsel, countenance, creation science, credit, cub, curry, cushioning, cut, dais, deal, dedicate, define, definition, delegate, delight, deliver, denounce, depict, depute, describe, designate, designed, despair, determine, devise, devote, diametrically, dine, direct, discount, dispense, dispense with, displease, dispose, disregard, dissociate, distil, distill, distribute, divvy up, do, doctor, dominance, donate, dope, dope up, double-breasted jacket, draw, dress, drop, drop by the wayside, drop out, dub, due, earmark, educate, effeminize, effuse, elevate, emanate, emancipate, embolden, emit, emote, emphasise, emphasize, empower, encourage, endorse, endow, endue, engage, enjoin, enlighten, ennoble, entitle, ephemeris, erreminise, essay, etymologise, etymologize, evidence, evince, examine, exchange, exercise, exhale, express, express emotion, express feelings, exteriorise, exteriorize, externalise, externalize, factoring, factorisation, factorization, fall by the wayside, falter, far, farrow, feast of sacrifice, fee, feed, fee simple, fee tail, feminise, feminize, fin keel, fire bell, fistmele, flail, flak, flat, foal, fodder, food, food color, food coloring, food colour, food colouring, force, foreswear, forewarn, form, for love or money, foundation, foundation garment, frame of reference, frankly, freedom from self-incrimination, fresh, furring, furring strip, gee, gen, generate, generosity, generous, generousness, gentle, gerrymander, get, gift, giver, give and take, give away, give a damn, give a hoot, give birth, give ear, give forth, give it a whirl, give notice, give off, give or take, give out, give suck, give up, give vent, gloss, go, goad, golf glove, go for, grant, grass, gratify, gratis, groom, grudging, guarantee, guarded, guinea gold, hack, hale, hand, hand out, hang, have, hearing, hearten, hear out, heed, help, hem in, high-performance, hopped-up, horn, horse-trade, houseroom, huddled, hug, hurrah, hurt, ibrahim, identify, id al-adha, ignore, impressionism, incite, inclination, incommunicative, indemnify, indicate, indifferent, individuate, indorse, indue, indulge, indulgently, influence, inform, inject, insecure, insinuate, instruct, intensive, interchange, interpret, intimate, invest, invigorate, invite, irradiate, jazz, jog, juggle, juggling, jury, keep, keynote, kick upstairs, lactate, lam, lamb, larrup, launch, laurentius, lawrence, lead astray, leave, leave office, lend, let, liberate, licenser, life, life-giving, limited company, list, listen, litter, loan, look, lutefisk, lutfisk, make, make up, masculinize, massage, match, material breach, mental quickness, metabolic rate, middleman, mind, misadvise, misdirect, misguide, misinform, mislead, mixer, mold, monetise, monetize, monosaccharide, monosaccharose, motion-picture camera, motivate, move, movie camera, muggee, name, narrate, nathan hale, naturalised, naturalized, ne, neglect, neon, nest, nickname, niggard, nip, noncommittal, notice, noticer, notify, nourish, nullipara, number, nurse, nutrient, nutrify, objectify, occasion, ocular, offhand, official, okay, omerta, order, outline, padding, paddle, pander, paramedic, paramedical, parks, partake, partake in, partial breach, part with, pass on, pavement artist, pay, pay back, pay heed, pay off, pep, perform, perm, permit, personify, pick up, pig, pillar of strength, pine-tar rag, planck's law, please, pledge, plight, plump, podium, point, politicise, politicize, pony up, portion, portion out, potential unit, practice, prefer, present, previse, privilege against self incrimination, professionalise, professionalize, promise, promote, prompt, propel, proportion, proportionately, props, prove, psychological, pulpit, put, quaver, quick-wittedness, quicken, quickness, quit, radioactive iodine test, raise, rat, realise, realize, reanimate, reassure, rebate, recap, receive, reciprocate, recite, recognition, reconsider, recount, recreate, red-eye, redefine, red brass, reek, refinish, reflect, regard, regenerate, regulate, rejuvenate, relate, relative humidity, relent, relinquish, remold, remould, render, renounce, renovate, repair, repay, report, reserve, resign, resinate, respect, respectable, rest, restitute, restore, resume, retouch, retread, return, revitalise, revitalize, revive, revivify, reward, rinse, root, rosa parks, rostrum, rubric, rusticate, saint lawrence, sanction, sass, satin weave, savor, savour, say, say-so, schematise, schematize, scintillate, sclerotium, scrooge, second, secure, seem, sell, sell out, send a message, send in, send word, serviceable, set, set aside, set in motion, shape, share, sharpen, shimmer, shoot, shop, show, shtik, simple sugar, sketch, skinflint, sleek down, slick, slick down, snitch, snow tire, soapbox, soften, solace, soliloquy, solution, sooner, soothe, sop, sound, spank, spare, speak, spell, spin, spiritualise, spiritualize, spit up, splat, springer, springing cow, spur, squat, st. lawrence, stag, stand, static, statute title, stench bomb, step down, stereo, stereophonic system, stereo system, stink bomb, stipulate, strengthen, structure, study, stuff, stump, suborn, subornation, substantiate, suck, suckle, summarise, summarize, sum up, support, surrender, surround, swap, switch, swop, take the road, take the stand, taper, tell, tell on, tempt, tenure, test, testify, theory of dissociation, theory of electrolytic dissociation, think, thrash, thresh, throw in, throw in the towel, tip, tip off, title, tone, tone up, top out, totipotence, totipotency, totipotent, tower of strength, trade, transfuse, transpire, triangulate, tricolor television tube, tricolor tube, tricolour television tube, tricolour tube, try, try out, tutor, twin, two-dimensional, ugliness, ultimately, unacceptable, uncommunicative, undercut, underline, underscore, unrevealing, unselfishness, unwanted, unyielding, upgrade, validate, vent, ventilate, verya, vitalise, vitalize, vitalizing, vivify, voice, vouch, walk, waver, wet-nurse, whatever, whistle, will, window, wind up, wink at, womanize, word, work, work out, work over, yield, yielding

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