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Words and phrases whose definition contains into:   (4057 results)

., 401-k, 401-k plan, aar, aare, aare river, aback, abasement, abloom, absorb, absorption, accept, accessory hemiazygos vein, accessory hemiazygous vein, accessory vertebral vein, accommodative, accrue, acculturation, accumulated, acellular, acetabulum, acetic anhydride, acetylate, acetylation, acetylise, acetylize, acholia, acidification, acidity, acidulousness, acknowledge, acquire, actin, actinomorphic, actinomorphous, actuator, acylation, ada, add up, adenosine deaminase, adige, adit, adjusted, admit, adopt, adopted, adrian, adventurer, aec, aegospotami, aegospotamos, aerify, affluent, afforestation, affrication, afield, african love grass, afterburner, agent-in-place, agglomerate, agglomerator, aggregate, aggregated, aggregative, agropyron intermedium, ahead, ai, aim, airlift, airt, air current, al-gama'a al-islamiyya, al-hasan ibn al-haytham, al-haytham, albescent, alcyone, aleksandr mikjailovich prokhorov, aleksandr prokhorov, algonquian, algonquin, alhazen, ali, align, aligned, aligning, allegheny, allegheny river, allegorise, allegorize, alliaceae, allium sativum, allow, alloy, aloeaceae, aloe family, aloft, alstroemeriaceae, alter, amalgamate, amalgamated, amassed, amazon, amazon river, americanisation, americanization, american white birch, amount, amphibian, amphibious demonstration, amur, amur river, analog-digital converter, analog-to-digital converter, analyse, analysis, analysis situs, analytic thinking, analyze, anamorphism, anastomose, angiotensin converting enzyme, angle, angleworm, animal starch, anomala orientalis, anterior cerebral artery, anterior cerebral vein, anterior facial vein, anterior vertebral vein, anti-personnel bomb, antidorcas euchore, antidorcas marsupialis, antipersonnel bomb, antoine laurent de jussieu, aortic valve, apache, apart, apartment building, apartment house, apheresis, aphyllanthaceae, appear, appearance, appendicular vein, apple maggot, apple of discord, applied, apply, appointment, appreciable, apprehend, arab-israeli war, arborvirus, arbovirus, archerfish, archive, areolar, areolate, argo, arise, armory, arrange, arrest, arresting, arterialise, arterialize, arteria brachialis, arteria celiaca, arteria radialis, arteria vertebralis, artesian well, arthroscope, article of faith, articulate, articulatio spheroidea, artificial insemination, artist's loft, ascension, ascension day, ascension of christ, ascension of the lord, ash, asiatic beetle, aside, aslant, asleep, asparagaceae, asphodelaceae, aspleniaceae, assembled, assembler, assembly plant, assembly program, assibilate, assibilation, assignment, assimilable, assimilate, assimilating, assimilation, assimilative, assimilatory, associate, association football, assortment, assume, assumption, assumption of mary, astuteness, asunder, athyriaceae, atomic energy commission, atomic number 91, atomisation, atomise, atomiser, atomistic, atomistical, atomization, atomize, atomizer, attractive nuisance, attune, attuned, at random, august 15, aurify, austria-hungary, automatise, automatize, avon, away, azonal, b-complex vitamin, babushka, back, backslider, badger dog, bag, bagatelle, bagger, bagpipe, bait, balance, bale, balkanise, balkanize, ball, ball-and-socket joint, ballast, ballast resistor, bamboozle, banderillero, bang, banian, banian tree, bank, banking company, banking concern, banyan, banyan tree, barge, barge in, barium enema, bark, baron adrian, barretter, bar billiards, basal vein, basilic vein, basivertebral vein, basket oak, bastion, bath, bathe, battle flag, bead, beaked salmon, bean beetle, bear away, bear off, beat, become, beginning, behind, being, bemisia tabaci, beneficiation, berserk, berserker, berth, bessemer converter, betula cordifolia, betula papyrifera, be born, bhagavad-gita, bhagavadgita, bicapsular, bifid, bifold, bifurcate, bifurcated, bifurcation, bilaterally symmetrical, bile duct, biliary ductule, bilobate, bilobated, bilobed, bilocular, bilocular capsule, biloculate, biltong, bipartite, biramous, birefringence, bisection, bishop ulfila, bishop ulfilas, bishop wulfila, bite, bithynia, bitter, bitterness, black, black-and-white, blank, blast, blastopore, blaze, blechnaceae, blend, blind alley, blind gut, block, block out, blood clotting, blood coagulation, blood extravasation, blood transfusion, blossom, blowback, blown, blowpipe, blowtube, blow a fuse, blow one's stack, blow tube, blow up, bludgeon, blue, bluefish, board, bob up, bolt, bolt-hole, bomber jacket, book of joshua, borer, born, boston tea party, botany bay fig, bottle, bottled water, bottling plant, bow down, box, boxer, brachial artery, brachial vein, bracket, bracket out, brahmaputra, brahmaputra river, braid, brail, brainwashing, brake, branch, branched, branching, branchiobdellidae, braun, bravely, brazos, brazos river, breadfruit, break, break-in, breakdown, breaking, breaking and entering, breakwater, break apart, break down, break in, break into, break up, breast drill, breath, breathe, brecciate, breezily, brigade, bring, bring forth, bring in, bring through, bring to bear, britain, brocade, broken, bronchial vein, bronchodilator, browbeaten, brown-tail moth, brownsville, browntail, bruise, brush, bubble gum, bucket, buckwheat, bulbourethral gland, bulkhead, bullied, bulwark, bump, bunch, bunch together, bunch up, bundle, bundle up, bundling, bunker, burn bag, burr drill, burst, burst forth, butt hinge, butt in, butylate, b cell, b complex, b lymphocyte, b vitamin, cabal, caecum, calcify, calcination, caldera, calendar, calender, calibrate, calibrated, call, callimorpha jacobeae, call up, calpe, calque, caltrop, calvatia, cam, canadian province, canalis inguinalis, canal of schlemm, cannula, cannulate, cannulation, cannulisation, cannulise, cannulization, cannulize, canoe birch, canonisation, canonization, canton, canton river, canulate, canulation, canulisation, canulization, canvass, cap, cape, capek, cape ann, cape canaveral, cape cod, cape colony, cape fear, cape kennedy, cape may, cape of good hope province, cape province, capitalise, capitalize, capital of portugal, caponise, caponize, caput, cap screw, caramelise, caramelize, carbonate, carbonise, carbonize, carbon cycle, card, cardia, cardiospasm, carelessly, caret, cargo hatch, carnal knowledge, carolina parakeet, carotene, carotin, carpenter bee, carriage bolt, carry away, carry off, carry through, cartridge, cartridge brass, cartridge clip, cartridge font, cartridge holder, carve, carve up, caseate, casey jones, cashable, cast, caster, cat's-paw, catabolism, catalase, catalytic converter, catalytic cracker, catchment area, catchment basin, catch fire, categorisation, categorise, categorised, categorization, categorize, categorized, catheter, catheterise, catheterize, cat burglar, cat cracker, cat squirrel, caudal anaesthesia, caudal anesthesia, caudal block, caudate, cave in, cecum, cedar of goa, celery stick, celiac artery, celiac trunk, cell, cellphone, cellular, cellular phone, cellular telephone, center, centesimal, centile, centipede, central vein of suprarenal gland, centre, centrifugal, centrifugal pump, cephalic vein, cesspit, cesspool, chaff, chain, chainlink fence, challah, chamfer, chance, chang, change of state, chang jiang, chao phraya, charge, charger, chari, chari river, charles, charles digby harrod, charles henry harrod, charles ringling, charles river, charm, chase, check, checker, chemical analysis, chemical element, chemical reaction, chenopodium album, chequer, chime in, chinook, chip, chisel in, chloris gayana, choke, cholestasis, cholinesterase, chondrify, chop, chop up, chord, chromatid, chromatin, chromatin granule, chukka, chukker, chunking, church slavic, churning, chu kiang, chylifactive, chylifactory, chylific, chylomicron, chyme, cimarron, cimarron river, cinematise, cinematize, cinnabar, cinnabar moth, cipher, circe, circuit board, circuit card, cisc, citadel, citizen genet, clabber, clamor, clash, classification, classified, class dicotyledonae, class dicotyledones, class gymnospermae, class liliopsida, class magnoliopsida, class monocotyledonae, class monocotyledones, cleave, cleft foot, clew, click, click beetle, cliff diving, clinch, clip, clogging, close, closeness, clot, cloven foot, cloven hoof, clue, clump, cluster, co-opt, coagulate, coagulated, coalesced, coalescence, coalescency, coalition, cobra, cochlea, cockle, cocoon, code, codify, coding dna, codlins-and-cream, coelostat, coffin, coil, coin slot, coition, coitus, colchicaceae, collapsed, collar, collected, collide, collide with, colonic, colonic irrigation, colonist, colorado, colorado four o'clock, colorado river, colpocele, columbia, columbia river, combination, combined, combust, come, come along, come apart, come in, come into being, come to life, come up, comfit, comfort woman, commando, commercial bribery, commission, common bile duct, common carotid, common carotid artery, common facial vein, common stock equivalent, communal, communise, communize, compact, compactly, company, compartmental, compartmentalisation, compartmentalise, compartmentalised, compartmentalization, compartmentalize, compartmentalized, compartmented, compilation, compile, compiling, complex instruction set computer, complex instruction set computing, complot, compositor, compounded, compound morphology, compulsion, computer architecture, computer readable, comstock's mealybug, comstock mealybug, concatenate, concenter, concentre, conceptus, conclusion, concrete, concretion, condemn, condensation, condense, condenser, condition, confect, confection, confidence, confine, conflagrate, confused, congealed, conglobation, conglomerate, conglomeration, conglutination, congo, congorism, congo river, congregate, congress, conjugate, conjure, connect, connecticut, connecticut river, connection, connexion, conscript, consider, consociate, consolidate, consolidated, consolidation, consolidative, conspire, constitutionalise, constitutionalize, construction, consumption, continue, contortionist, contract, contract law, contravention, conuropsis carolinensis, convallariaceae, conversion, conversion disorder, conversion factor, conversion hysteria, conversion reaction, convert, converter, convertibility, convertible, convertor, cookie cutter, coordinate, coordination, cop, coprinus, coprinus atramentarius, copulation, copy editing, coral reef, corner, corn borer, corn borer moth, coronary sinus, corporal, correlate, corrugate, corrugated, corrugated iron, corrugation, corrupting, corypha gebanga, corypha umbraculifera, corypha utan, corythosaur, corythosaurus, cotyloid cavity, cotyloid joint, count, counterbalanced, countercurrent, counterpoised, countersink, covenant, cowed, cowper's gland, cow oak, coyote, crab, crack, cracked, cracking, cram, crank, crash, crate, crawler, crease, create, creating from raw materials, creation, creative, credendum, crick, crimp, crimper, crinkle, crisp, crocodile river, crosscurrent, crotalus scutulatus, crowbar, crown glass, crudites, cruller, crumb, crumble, crumbled, crumbly, crumple, crush, crushed, crust, cry, cryptogrammataceae, cryptorchidism, cryptorchidy, cryptorchism, crystal gazing, cube, cup, cupressus lusitanica, curdle, curdled, curdling, curl, curled, curled up, curl up, cut, cut-in, cutaneous vein, cutting, cut in, cut up, cyber-terrorist, cyberpunk, cyclopterus lumpus, cynthia moth, cypher, cyprinus carpio, cytokinesis, czar nicholas i, czechoslovakia, dabble, dachshund, dachsie, dacryocystitis, dado, daggerboard, daisy cutter, damaged, damascene, damask, damask violet, dame's violet, damp-proof course, damp course, dance, dangling participle, daniel, danube, danube river, daphne, dark, darkness, dash, data input device, daughter cell, davalliaceae, davenport, day, daylong, day bed, deaden, deal, death chamber, deb, debouch, debutante, decadent, decay, decile, decimal system of classification, decipher, decipherment, deck, deckle, decode, decoder, decoding, decompose, decomposition, decomposition reaction, decoy, decrypt, decryption, deep, deep kiss, deep middle cerebral vein, deep temporal vein, defile, degustation, delapidate, delaware, delaware river, delay line, demerara, demonise, demonize, demoralize, demulsify, dennstaedtiaceae, denominationalism, dent, dentist's drill, depart, department of commerce and labor, department store, deposit, depository financial institution, depth, deracinate, derange, descending aorta, desegregation, desertification, desert four o'clock, desexualise, desexualize, desiccated, designation, destination, destructive metabolism, detach, detain, detent, deutschland, develop, devil's weed, devilise, devilize, devolve, dewey decimal classification, dewey decimal system, dew worm, diabolise, diabolize, diagonalizable, diapedesis, dice, dichotomisation, dichotomise, dichotomization, dichotomize, dichotomous, dichotomy, dicotyledonae, dicotyledones, die, die-cast, diffraction grating, digest, digestible, digestion, digestive gland, digestive system, digital-analog converter, digital-to-analog converter, digitalise, digitalize, digitisation, digitise, digitiser, digitization, digitize, digitizer, digression, dihydroxyphenylalanine, dilapidate, din, din land, dip, dipstick, direct, direct transmission, disaccharidase, disassemble, discerp, discombobulated, disconcerted, discountenance, discredited, disgruntle, disintegrate, disintegration, disintegrative, disk controller, dislodge, dismantle, dismember, disordered, displace, dispute, disrepute, disrupt, dissect, dissection, dissever, dissimilation, dissociate, dissociation, dissolution, dissolve, dissolving, distort, disturbed, dive, diver, diversify, divert, divide, divided, divider, dividers, diving, diving event, divisibility, division, division gymnospermophyta, divisor, dnieper, dnieper river, dock, dog, domain, domestic carp, don, don river, dopa, dormition, double refraction, douche, douse, dowel, dowel pin, draft, draftee, drag, drag in, drain, drainage area, drainage basin, drainboard, draining board, dramatisation, dramatise, dramatization, dramatize, draught, draw in, dreamer, dress, dressing, dribble, drink, drinking straw, drive, driven well, driving, driving wheel, drogue, drop, drown, dry-dock, drydock, dryopteridaceae, duality, duck, ductility, ductless gland, dunk, dunked, dunker, dunk shot, dustpan, dust bag, dust devil, early morel, earphone, earpiece, earth, earthstar, earthworm, ease, eastern gray squirrel, east indian fig tree, east midland, eaten, eat into, ebb, ebro, ebro river, eburnation, ecchymosis, ectoblast, ectoderm, edgar douglas adrian, edge in, edge up, editing, editorialise, editorialize, edmund charles edouard genet, edwin herbert land, effacement, effect, effectuation, effloresce, efflorescent, eggdrop soup, elaborate, elbe, elbe river, elbow, election district, electrical converter, electric socket, electrocute, electrolytic cell, electromagnetic intrusion, electromotive drug administration, electronic imitative deception, electroretinogram, element, elimination, elizabeth river, elymus hispidus, embolism, embouchure, embrocation, embroil, embryo, emda, emerge, emergent, emerging, emery rock, emery stone, empanel, empathy, emplace, employ, emporium, emulsify, enarthrodial joint, enarthrosis, encipher, encode, encoding, encroachment, encrypt, encryption, endoblast, endocrine, endocrine gland, endoderm, endomycetales, endotracheal tube, engagement, english runner bean, engrave, engraved, enjambement, enjambment, enrage, enslave, entangle, enter, entering, enterokinase, enterostomy, enterotomy, entertain, entire, entoblast, entoderm, entrance, entrapment, entree, entrust, enucleation, epenthesis, epidural, epidural anaesthesia, epidural anesthesia, epidural injection, epilachna varivestis, epilobium hirsutum, episcleral veins, episodic, equal temperament, equator, equilibrate, equilibration, equilibrise, equilibrize, era, eragrostis curvula, ergosterol, erupt, escape, escapist, esophageal reflux, esophageal veins, esterify, estradiol patch, esurient, etched, etherify, ethmoidal vein, ethnology, eu, euphrates, euphrates river, euproctis phaeorrhoea, europe, europeanisation, europeanization, european corn borer, european lemming, eusebius hieronymus, eusebius sophronius hieronymus, evacuate, evaporate, exhaust valve, exoderm, exomphalos, exon, exotoxin, expansion bolt, explore, explorer, expropriated, extend, extension, external jugular vein, external nasal vein, extinct, extravasation, eyecup, fabaceae, factor, factoring, factorisation, factorise, factorization, factorize, factor iii, factor in, factor out, factor xiii, fagopyrum esculentum, fall, fall apart, fall of man, falsely, falsify, family alliaceae, family aloeaceae, family alstroemeriaceae, family aphyllanthaceae, family asparagaceae, family asphodelaceae, family aspleniaceae, family athyriaceae, family blechnaceae, family branchiobdellidae, family colchicaceae, family convallariaceae, family cryptogrammataceae, family davalliaceae, family dennstaedtiaceae, family dryopteridaceae, family fabaceae, family funkaceae, family hemerocallidaceae, family hostaceae, family lactobacillaceae, family lactobacteriaceae, family leguminosae, family melanthiaceae, family oleandraceae, family polypodiaceae, family pteridaceae, family ruscaceae, family rutaceae, family tecophilaeacea, family triglidae, family vittariaceae, family xanthorrhoeaceae, far, fat metabolism, favored, fearlessly, feast of dormition, fecundate, federalise, federalize, federal republic of germany, federate, feed, feeder, feetfirst, felloe, fellowship, felly, fenestella, fenestra cochleae, fenestra of the cochlea, fenestra rotunda, feng shui, ferment, fermentation, fermenting, fertilise, fertilize, fertilized egg, fiat money, fiberboard, fibreboard, fibrinase, fictionalise, fictionalize, ficus bengalensis, ficus rubiginosa, field hockey, filature, file, filet, file away, file system, filing, filing system, fillet, filling, filmed, finalise, finalize, fine-tune, finger-roll, finno-ugrian, finno-ugric, fireside, firestorm, firth of clyde, fishing worm, fishworm, fission, fissiparity, fissure, fit, fix, flag, flagstone, flake, flakiness, flare, flat tip screwdriver, flavor, flavour, flax, flinders, flip one's lid, flip one's wig, flirt with, float, floating mine, flocculate, flop, flour, flour mill, flow, flowering, flustered, fly, fly ash, fly off the handle, focalisation, focalise, focalization, focalize, focus, focused, focusing, focussed, fold, foliate, foliation, font cartridge, football, football game, foray, force, force-feed lubricating system, force feed, foreground, foreland, forficate, fork, forked, forking, form, format, formed, formulate, forth, four-stroke engine, four-stroke internal-combustion engine, fourier analysis, fourth crusade, fox river, fractional process, fractionate, fractionation, fracture, fragment, fragmentation, fragmentation bomb, fragmented, fragmentise, fragmentize, frank, frank winfield woolworth, freezing point, free fall, free soil party, french horn, french kiss, french knot, fret, frg, friable, friedman test, frightened, frittata, frothily, frozen, fuel injection, fuel injection system, full, full-wave rectifier, fund, funkaceae, funnel, furcate, furcation, furl, furrow, fused, fusion, gag, galvanize, gametocyte, ganges, ganges river, gan jiang, garbage, garlic, gasification, gasified, gasify, gastroesophageal reflux, gastrogavage, gastrointestinal system, gastromy, gastrostomy, gastrula, gas chamber, gas turbine, gb, gd, geastrum, geastrum coronatum, gebang palm, gelatinise, gelatinize, gelechia gossypiella, gem, gemma, generalise, generalize, generate, generation, generator, genesis, genet, gene delivery vector, gene expression, genicular vein, genlisea, genus calvatia, genus coprinus, genus geastrum, genus oniscus, genus trifolium, geoduck, geological era, george gershwin, germ, germanic, germanic language, germany, gershwin, get, get hold of, get in, get into, giant hornet, gibraltar, giggle, gipsy moth, gita, give, give voice, gland, glandulae sebaceae, glass wool, glimpse, glycogen, gnarl, go, goad, gold-beater, goldbeater, golden aster, golf tee, gondwanaland, gonorhynchus gonorhynchus, gore, gouge out, govern, go away, go ballistic, go in, go into, grace kelly, grace patricia kelly, gradate, graduate, graduated, graft, grain, granulate, granulated, granulation, grass tree family, grate, grating, grave, graven, grease-gun, greatest common divisor, greatest common factor, great britain, great cerebral vein, great plains, great plains of north america, great russian, green, greenly, groin, grooved, ground, group, grouped, grouping, grow, groyne, grumose, grumous, guiana highlands, gulf war, gun, gunrunning, gutter, gymnospermae, gymnospermophyta, gypsy moth, gyro, h2o, hacker, haematobia irritans, hag, hagfish, hairy willowherb, halcyon, haldane, hallah, halma, halogeton, halogeton glomeratus, halve, hammer, hampton roads, hand, hangdog, happen, hard, harmonica, harmonic analysis, harmoniously, harmonise, harmoniser, harmonize, harmonizer, harp, harpy, harpy bat, harrod, haslet, hastinapura, have, have a fit, have kittens, hayfield, head, headed, header, headland, headlong, headphone, headshot, head lettuce, heap up, heart, hearth, heartily, heating element, heat of condensation, heat of dissociation, heat of fusion, heat of vaporisation, heat of vaporization, hedysarum boreale, heilong jiang, hemerocallidaceae, hemizygos vein, hemizygous vein, hepatic portal vein, hepatic vein, herd, hesperis matronalis, heterocercal, heterocercal fin, hexagonal, hexangular, hibernation, hide, hide out, hieracium praealtum, hierarchal, hierarchic, hierarchical, hieronymus, highboy, highest common factor, highlight, high colonic, hill, hippocrepis comosa, history, hit, hit the ceiling, hit the roof, hive, hive off, hockey, hockey game, holding pattern, hole, hole out, holocephalan, home counties, honeycomb, hooke, hopper, hopscotch, horizontal combination, horizontal integration, horn, horn fly, horn in, horseshoe vetch, hospitalise, hospitalize, hostaceae, hostile, hot and botheredp, hot water, housatonic, housatonic river, house, housebreaker, housebreaking, housewarming, huang he, hudson, hudson river, humor, humour, hunkpapa, hunt, hwang ho, hydrocracking, hyperalimentation, hyperfine, hyphema, hypoblast, hypogastric artery, hypoplastic anaemia, hypoplastic anemia, hysterotomy, iago, ianfu, ibn al-haytham, icarus, ice hockey, idealisation, idealization, idp, ignescent, ignite, ignition coil, ignition lock, ilmen, imbibe, imitative electronic deception, immerse, immigrate, immigration, immingle, immobilise, immobilize, immunizing agent, immunogen, impact, impacted fracture, impanel, impenetrable, impetigo, impinge on, implementation, implicate, implication, impracticable, impress, impression, impressment, in-migration, inaugural, inaugurally, inauguration, incise, incised, incision, incompatible, inconvertible, incorporate, incorporated, incorporation, inculcate, incurring, incursion, incurvate, incurved, indefinable, indent, indentation, indenture, indian banyan, indiscrete, induct, inductance, inductee, induction, inductor, indus, industrialise, industrialize, industrial air pollution, indus river, infeasible, infected, inferior cerebral vein, inferior epigastric vein, inferior thyroid vein, inferior vena cava, infiltrate, infix, inflation therapy, influence, infrangible, infuse, infusion, ingesta, ingested, ingestion, ingrowing, ingrown, inguinal canal, inhale, inhaled, initialise, initialize, initiate, initiation, inject, injectant, injection, injector, ink, inkstand, inkwell, inky-cap mushroom, inky cap, inland, inlay, innominate artery, inoculant, inoculate, inoculating, inoculum, inosculate, input, input device, input signal, inquest, inquire, inscribe, inscribed, insect bite, inseminate, insemination, insert, insertion, inside, insinuate, install, installation, instil, instill, instillator, institutionalised, institutionalized, insufflate, insufflation, intake, integrate, integrated, integrated circuit, integrated data processing, integrating, integration, integrative, intercalation, intercourse, intermediate wheatgrass, intermingle, intermix, internal iliac artery, interpolate, interpret, interrelate, intervention, intimidated, intradermally, intradermal injection, intradermal test, intramuscular injection, intraocular lens, intrauterine device, intravasation, intravenous anesthetic, intravenous injection, introduce, introduction, introject, introjected, intromission, intron, intrude into, intrusion, intrusive, intubate, intubation, invade, invasion, invasion of privacy, invasive, inversion, invertase, inverter, investigating, investigation, inweave, in that, in this, io, ionic medication, ionisation, ionise, ionised, ionising, ionization, ionize, ionized, ionizing, iontophoresis, iontotherapy, iran-iraq war, iron lung, irrawaddy, irrawaddy river, irredeemable, irrupt, isinglass, islamic group, isomerisation, isomerise, isomerization, isomerize, isometry, italian peninsula, italian region, iud, jab, jaboticaba, jaboticaba tree, jackknife, jaffa, jag, james, james river, japan current, jar, jaws of life, jdam, jelled, jellied, jellify, jelly, jeroboam, jeroboam i, jerome, jetty, jewel, jigsaw puzzle, joggle, john haldane, john luther jones, john scott haldane, john wanamaker, join, joining, joint, joint direct attack munition, jones, joppa, jordan, jordan river, joseph, joshua, jostle, josue, julienne, jumble, jump, jussieu, juvenescence, kaffiyeh, kan river, karel capek, kasai, kasai river, katabolism, katamorphism, katar, katar peninsula, kazoo, keel, kelly, keratinise, keratinize, keratotomy, kerchief, key, keyed, kick, kickback, kinescope, kingdom monera, king devil, kite balloon, knack, knit, knot, kund johan victor rasmussen, kuroshio, kuroshio current, lack, lacrimal vein, lactobacillaceae, lactobacteriaceae, lactuca sativa capitata, lactuca sativa crispa, ladle, ladoga, lake ilmen, lake ladoga, lamb's-quarters, lamellate placentation, laminate, land, landau, landward, language unit, lanky, laparotomy, lapidify, lapse, latch, late, latency period, latency phase, latency stage, latinize, latten, launce, launch, launching, launder, laurasia, lay, leach, leaded gasoline, leading astray, leading off, lead poisoning, leaf-miner, leaf lettuce, leaf miner, leak, leap, leave, left gastric vein, left ventricle, legislate, legume family, leguminosae, lehigh river, lemmus lemmus, lena, lena river, lens culinaris, lentil, lentil plant, let, level, levitation, levy, levy en masse, lexicalise, lexicalize, lift, ligature, light, lightening, liliopsida, limbers, limp, limpopo, linearise, linearize, lingual vein, linguistic unit, liniment, linkage group, linocut, lipase, liposome, liquefaction, liquidate, liquid assets, lisboa, lisbon, litter-basket, litterbin, litter basket, little-leaf fig, little bighorn, little bighorn river, little horn, loan, loanword, loan translation, lobe, lock, lodgepole, lodgepole pine, loft, log, logger, logic bomb, logjam, loire, loire river, loment, look at, loom, loop gain, loose smut, lose one's temper, lost tribes, lot, lot's wife, loudspeaker, loudspeaker system, louis xv, lubricating system, ludi saeculares, lull, lumper, lumpfish, lump sugar, lunar caustic, lunette, lure, lymantria dispar, lysogenicity, lysogenisation, lysogenization, lysogenize, lysogeny, macerate, machinate, machine readable, mackenzie, mackenzie river, macrospore, maffia, mafia, magazine, magdalena, magdalena river, magnetic head, magnoliopsida, mainline, make, malt, mandaeanism, mandeanism, mandibular gland, mansion, maquiladora, marasca, marasca cherry, maraschino cherry, maravilla, march, march out, marijuana cigarette, marine mine, marine turtle, mark, mass, massed, mass spectrometer, mat, match, matchboard, matchlock, matchwood, material, materialisation, materialise, materialization, materialize, maxwell's demon, meadow, means test, meatball, meat thermometer, meddle with, medial, median, medusa, megabucks, megaspore, meiosis, mekong, mekong river, melanise, melanize, melanthiaceae, melt, melting point, memory chip, mental synthesis, merged, merrimack, merrimack river, mesa, mesoblast, mesoderm, metabolism, metal, metallic element, metamere, metameric, metamorphose, metamorphosis, metazoa, metencephalon, meter, metre, meuse, meuse river, mexican bean beetle, mexican cypress, mica, microcircuit, microphone, microphoning, microspore, midas, middle cerebral artery, middle thyroid vein, mike, militarisation, militarization, mince, mincer, mincing machine, mineralized, mineral dressing, mineral extraction, mineral processing, mingling, minuet, miosis, mirabilis multiflora, mirabilis oblongifolia, mississippi, mississippi river, missouri compromise, mitosis, mix, mobbish, mobile, mobile phone, mobile river, mobilisation, mobilization, modernity, modulus, mojave rattlesnake, mold, moldered, mole, monera, money, monocotyledonae, monocotyledones, monongahela, monongahela river, monorchidism, monorchism, monstrous, moodily, moor, morph, morpheme, mortise-and-tenon joint, mortise joint, morula, mothball, motor, mould, mouldered, mound, mountain four o'clock, mournfully, mouth, mouthpiece, mouth harp, mouth organ, move, move back and forth, move in, move into, muddle, mud pie, murphy bed, murray, murray river, murrumbidgee, murrumbidgee river, muscle, musculospiral nerve, musculus articularis cubiti, musculus sartorius, mushroom, mushroom-shaped cloud, mushroom cloud, muzzle, myelography, myrciaria cauliflora, myringotomy, mythicise, mythicize, mythologise, mythologize, nab, nag hammadi, nag hammadi library, nail, nail down, naming, nascent, nasogastric feeding, nasotracheal tube, naturalisation, naturalise, naturalization, naturalize, neckar, neckar river, needlessly, neosho, neosho river, nephrotomy, nervus ischiadicus, nervus radialis, ness, net ball, neutron, neva, neva river, new, new-sprunga, newborn, newly arisen, new river, niagara, niagara river, nicholas i, nick, niger, niger river, night, nightcrawler, nightwalker, nile, nile river, ninth, nitrate, nitrate bacterium, nitric bacterium, nitrification, nitrify, nitrite bacterium, nitrobacterium, nitrous bacterium, nock, nog, noncellular, nonintegrated, nonionic, nonionised, nonionized, nonsegmental, normandie, normandy, northern, north platte, north platte river, nose, notate, notch, novelisation, novelise, novelization, novelize, nrti, nuclear fission, nuclease, nucleate, nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, nudge, number, nut bar, object language, object program, obsolesce, obsolescence, obtain, obturator vein, occluded, occupy, octroi, oder, oder river, oesophageal reflux, oesophageal veins, offspring, old bulgarian, old church slavic, old church slavonic, oleandraceae, olecranon, olecranon process, omen, once, oncogene, one, one-celled, oneness, one of the boys, oniscus, onomatomania, onward, oocyte, opalise, opalize, open, opening, open marriage, ophthalmic vein, opinion poll, oppose, optic cup, orchiopexy, orchotomy, order, order endomycetales, order psilotales, order stereospondyli, ordinate, ore dressing, ore processing, organised, organized, oriental beetle, orifice, origami, origin, originate, originative, orinoco, orinoco river, oryzopsis miliacea, osmotic pressure, ossification, ossified, ossify, otto neumann sverdrup, ouachita, ouachita river, outstanding, out of focus, ovarian vein, overboard, overdrive, overlooked, overside, ovule, own goal, oxidate, oxidise, oxidize, pa, pack, package, packer, pagad, pair creation, pair formation, pair production, palatine vein, palaver, palisade, pancreatic juice, pancreatic vein, pangaea, pangea, panic-stricken, panic-struck, panicked, panicky, paperbark birch, paper birch, paper doll, paper feed, papillary muscle, papulovesicle, para, paradigm, paragraph, parallel circuit, parasail, parathormone, parathyroid hormone, para river, parcel, parcellation, park, parking, parking meter, parotid vein, parser, part, parthenogenesis, parthenogeny, particle board, partition, partitioning, partition off, partitive, pass, passport, pass on, past, pawl, pc board, peag, peanut worm, pearl barley, pearl sago, pea family, pea soup, pecker, peckerwood, pectoral vein, peer, peg, pegboard, pelvis, penetrable, penetrate, penetratingly, penetrating injury, penetrating trauma, penetration, penetratively, penetrator, peninsula, penobscot, penobscot river, pentamerous, people against gangsterism and drugs, pepsin, peptidase, peptise, peptising, peptize, peptizing, percentile, percolate, perforate, perforating vein, perfusion, perineotomy, peripeteia, perturb, perturbed, petrifaction, petrification, petrified, petrify, pharyngeal vein, phenomenology, phenylketonuria, pheresis, philosopher's stone, phlebotomy, phone, photomechanics, photovoltaic cell, phrase, pickup, pick up, picture tube, piddock, pier, pierce, pie chart, pigeonhole, pigeonholing, pigweed, pile, pile driver, pile up, piling, pill bug, pilot, pin, pinball, pinball game, pinch, pincushion, pinnatifid, pinnatisect, pinus contorta, pin wrench, pipe, pipes, pipet, pipette, pit, pita, piton, pitsaw, pku, place, place upright, plait, planetary house, plant, planter, plaster, plaster of paris, plastic, plate glass, play, play off, play up, pleach, pleat, pleated, plectognath, plectognath fish, plicate, plica vocalis, plonk, plop, plough, plow, plug, plughole, plug fuse, plug in, plumbism, plump, plunge, plunger, plymouth colony, po, pocket, pocketknife, pocket bread, pocket knife, poetise, poetize, poinsettia strain, point, poke into, politic, poll, pollard, polygonum fagopyrum, polypodiaceae, pomatomus saltatrix, pontus, pool, pop, popcorn ball, popularise, popularize, porta, portal, portal vein, portland, portuguese cypress, port jackson fig, pose, position, positioning, possess, possibly, post, postcava, posterior cerebral artery, posterior vein of the left ventricle, posthumous, postnasal drip, postulant, potency, potential, potentiality, pouch, pound, pound net, pound off, pour, powder, powdered sugar, powderise, powderize, po river, practice, praxis, precast, precava, precious stone, precipitate, precondition, preconditioned, preform, premature ejaculation, premium bond, press, pressure-feed lubricating system, pressure feed, prickle, pride, primary solid solution, prime, princess grace of monaco, print, printed circuit, probe, process, proctocele, prod, profess, profound, profoundness, profundity, project, prokhorov, prominent, promontory, promulgate, promulgation, promulgator, pronged, prongy, propagation, proportional sample, proportional sampling, prostrate, protactinium, protease, proteinase, proteolysis, proteolytic enzyme, protoactinium, proudly, provitamin, provitamin a, prudently, prune cake, prunus cerasus marasca, pry, pry bar, pseudococcus comstocki, psilotales, pteridaceae, pteropsida, pterygoid plexus, public opinion poll, publish, pucker, puckered, puckered-up, puddle, puddler, puffing, pull, pull in, pull through, pulmonary stenosis, pulmonary trunk, pulmonary valve, pulverise, pulverize, pump, pump priming, punch, punctiliously, punctuate, punctuation, punctuation mark, puncture, pupate, purse, push, put, put in, pyloric stenosis, pyloric vein, pyrausta nubilalis, qatar, qatar peninsula, quadrant, qualitative analysis, quantisation, quantization, quarantine, quarter, quartering, quartile, quench, quercus montana, quercus prinus, quick-sighted, quicksand, quick assets, rabbet, rabbit test, racker, radial artery, radial nerve, radiate, radiation, radiigera fuscogleba, raft, rag, rage, railroad worm, raise, ram, ramification, ramify, ramrod, rankle, rasmussen, rattled, reach, reach into, reaction, reactor, readmit, ready, realise, realize, rearrange, reasoning by elimination, receive, receiver, recess, recidivism, recidivist, reclamation, recode, recognisance, recognition, recognizance, recommit, reconcile, reconciling, recondition, reconstruction, reconstruction period, rectifier, rectify, rectocele, redact, redaction, redactor, redeem, redeemable, redirect, reduce, reductionism, reduction division, red worm, reefer, reestablish, reflect, reflux condenser, refocus, reform, refrigerator cookie, regiment, register, regroup, regularise, regularize, regulate, regurgitate, rehabilitation, reincarnation, reinstate, reintegrate, reinvent, relation, release, relish, relishing, remand, remotely, renal colic, renal pelvis, renal vein, render, renewal, repatriate, replace, reposition, representation, representative sample, representative sampling, research, research project, resistance, resolution, resolve, resolving, respire, restore, resurgence, resuscitator, resuspend, retell, retinal purple, retire, retroversion, reversionist, reviser, revitalisation, revitalization, revival, revivification, rewriter, rewrite man, rhagoletis pomonella, rhein, rhine, rhine river, rhodes grass, rhodopsin, rhone, rhone river, ridge, riffle, rifle range, right, right gastric vein, right ventricle, rigidify, ring, ringling, rio bravo, rio grande, rip, ripping bar, rippled, riptide, rip up, rise, rising, ritualise, ritualize, river adige, river avon, river kasai, river severn, roast, robert hooke, rocket, rock of gibraltar, rolled into onep, roller bandage, rolling mill, roll of tobacco, roll over, roll up, roman empire, root, rootage, roper, round window, rousing, rubidium-strontium dating, ruckle, rue family, ruffle, ruffled, ruin, ruminant, rumple, run, runner bean, runway, run into, ruscaceae, rush, rushing, rustication, rusty rig, rust mite, rut, rutaceae, sabine, sabine river, saccharase, saccharify, saddle block anaesthesia, saddle block anesthesia, saint jerome, saint john, saint johns, saint johns river, saint john river, saint lawrence, saint lawrence river, salient, salinity, saliva, salivary duct, sally, salome, salt, saltiness, sambre, sambre river, samia cynthia, samia walkeri, sandfish, sandwich, sand cast, sand eel, sand lance, sand launce, sapidity, saponified, saponify, sarcomere, sartorius, sartorius muscle, sashay, saturnism, save, savor, savoring, savour, savouring, sawfly, saw log, scalar, scanning, scansion, scarlet runner, scarlet runner bean, scheldt, scheldt river, schematise, schism, schist, schizocarp, schlemm's canal, schoolbag, sciatic nerve, scientific research, sciurus carolinensis, scone, score, scorpion shell, scotch, scramble, scrap, scrapbook, scrape, scratch, screwdriver, screw bean, screw eye, screw up, scrip, scrunch, scrunch up, scry, sculpt, sculpted, sculptured, scylla, search, season, seawall, sea anchor, sea turtle, sebaceous follicle, sebaceous gland, second, secretary of commerce and labor, secretary of health education and welfare, secreter, secretor, secretory organ, section, sectional, sectionalise, sectionalize, sectioned, secular games, seducer, seductive, segment, segmental, segmented, segregate, segue, seine, seine river, seleucus, seleucus i, seleucus i nicator, self-effacement, semicircular, semilunar valve, seminole, sententious, sentimentalise, sentimentalize, separate, separative, septation, sequencer, serve, servo, servomechanism, servosystem, set, setscrew, setter, settle, settler, settle down, set down, set up, severn, severn river, seward peninsula, sex, sexual congress, sexual intercourse, sexual relation, sex act, seyhan, seyhan river, shade, shaft, shallowness, shallu, shame, share, shari, shari river, sharpen, shatter, shattered, shattering, shear, sheer, sheet glass, sheet metal, shifting, shim, shipworm, shock, shoehorn, shoetree, shoot, shooting stick, shore pine, short, shortened, shot, shot tower, shoulder, shouldered arch, shove, shred, shunt circuit, sicilian mafia, sideway, sideways, sign, sign of the zodiac, simple leaf, single-celled, sink, sintered, sinus coronarius, sinus venosus sclerae, siphon, sipunculid, sir alexander robertus todd, sit back, six-day war, six day war, skin patch, skin pop, skin test, skipjack, skyrocket, slag code, slam dance, slam dancing, slap, slate, sleeper, sleeve, slice, sliced, slice up, slicing, slime eels, slip, slit, sliver, slop basin, slop bowl, slump, smack, smash, smashed, smashing, smilacaceae, smilo, smilo grass, smoke, smooth, smoothly, snap, snapping beetle, snap bean, snarl, snipe hunt, snivel, snoop, snooper, snorkel, snowball, snuggle, soap flakes, soar, soccer, social democratic party, socket, sod, sofa bed, solar cell, solar energy, solar power, solar thermal system, solidified, solid solution, solution, solvate, solvating agent, soman, somite, sop, sorbed, sorghum vulgare rosburghii, sort, sorted, sorter, sorting, sough, soul kiss, sour, source, source code, source language, source program, sourness, souse, soused, sow, spaceship, space rocket, spade, spallation, spang, sparking plug, sparkplug wrench, spark plug, spatchcock, speaker, speaker system, speaker unit, spear, spectacular, spectrometer, spellbind, spermatid, spermatocyte, spheroid joint, spile, spin, spinal anaesthetic, spinal anesthetic, spinner, spinster, spin drier, spin dryer, spit, spitball, spittle, spliff, splinter, splintered, splintery, split, splitter, split shift, split up, spongioblast, spook, spool, spore, sporozoite, sporulate, spotlight, spray, spray-dried, spray-dry, sprayer, sprigger, spring, springbok, springbuck, spring up, spruce pine, squeeze, squish, st. jerome, st. john, st. johns, st. johns river, st. john river, st. lawrence, st. lawrence river, stabilise, stabilize, stack up, stage, stagger, stall, stamp, stampede, stand, standardised, standardized, stand up, stapler, stapling machine, starship, start, startle, star sign, stave, stave in, steam, steerer, stemmer, stem cell, step, stereospondyli, sternocleidomastoid vein, stick, stilt, sting, stir, stirred, stirrup, stirrup iron, stop press, stovepiping, stratification, stratified sample, stratified sampling, stratify, straw, streaming, strike, striking, stripper, strontium 90, structural steel, studio couch, stuff, stuff shot, stylomastoid vein, subcontractor, subcutaneous test, subdivide, subdivided, subdivider, subdivision pteropsida, subduction, subfamily smilacaceae, subfamily uvulariaceae, subkingdom metazoa, sublimate, sublime, submandibular gland, submandibular salivary gland, submaxillary gland, submaxillary salivary gland, submission, subside, subsidence, substantiate, substitution class, suck, sucrase, suction stop, suffice, sump, sup, superbug, supercharger, superficial epigastric vein, superficial temporal vein, superfund, superior cerebral vein, superior ophthalmic vein, superior thyroid vein, superior vena cava, superoxide dismutase, supersede, supervene upon, supplant, suppository, surf casting, surf fishing, surgical incision, surrender, suspire, susquehanna, susquehanna river, sverdrup, swap, sweep, sweep up, sweet nothings, sweet rocket, sweet vetch, syllabicate, syllabication, syllabification, syllabify, syllabise, syllabize, synaeresis, syndicate, syndication, syneresis, synthesis, synthetic, synthetic thinking, systematist, systema alimentarium, systema digestorium, systole, tabulation, tack, tagus, tagus river, tailstock, take, take apart, take away, take a breath, take effect, take fire, take form, take in, take it easy, take on, take shape, talipot, talipot palm, talking head, tallboy, tame, tamed, tamp, tamper, tamping bar, tampon, tan, tang, tangle, tangram, tank, tank furnace, tap, tapenade, taper, target language, target program, tartness, tasting, taxonomer, taxonomist, taxonomy, tear up, tease, teaser, tecophilaeacea, tee, tee hinge, telephone, telephone receiver, telephone set, telescope, telescoped, television-camera tube, television pickup tube, television tube, tempt, tenon, tent peg, teredinid, terrace, terrified, thallophyte, theosophy, therein, thermal pollution, think, think about, think of, thin air, thoracic aorta, thoracoepigastric vein, thoughtless, thrash, thread, thread maker, thrombokinase, thromboplastin, throw, throw-in, thrower, thrown, thrown and twisted, throwster, throw a fit, throw out of kilter, throw together, thrust, thrust stage, tibial vein, tiddlywinks, tide rip, time, time machine, time of year, timidity, timorousness, tindal, tindale, tin disease, tin pest, tin plague, tip in, title, todd, toggle, toll, tongue, tongue and groove joint, topiary, topology, tormenter, tormentor, torpor, totalise, totalize, total parenteral nutrition, touchback, touched, toxotes jaculatrix, toy with, tpn, trabecula, trace, tracer, tracheostomy, tracheotomy, track, tramontana, tramontane, transcribe, transcription, transdermal patch, transducer, transducing vector, transduction, transfigure, transform, transformation, transforming gene, transfuse, transfusion, translatable, translate, translating program, translator, transmigration, transmogrification, transmutable, transmutation, transplant, transpose, transubstantiate, transubstantiation, trap, trapshooter, trench, triangulate, triangulation, tribulus terestris, tributary, trick, trifid, trifolium, trifurcate, trifurcation, triglidae, trilobate, trilobated, trilobed, trilobite, trimester, troop, trophoblast, truncocolumella citrina, truncus celiacus, truncus pulmonalis, tube, tube-nosed bat, tube-nosed fruit bat, tube well, tuck, tug, tuned, turbine, turn, turn back, turn over, turn to, twill, twine, twist, twister, tympanic vein, tyndale, typesetter, typographer, t hinge, ugly duckling, uk, ukraine, ukrayina, ulfila, ulfilas, unanalyzable, unborn, uncombined, uncompartmented, undecomposable, undefinable, under, undercut, underestimate, underground, undertake, undescended, undescended testicle, undescended testis, undivided, undone, uneasy, unfeasible, unfocused, unfocussed, ungulata, unified, unifying, unintegrated, unionise, unionised, unionize, unionized, united, united kingdom, united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland, united states border patrol, unitisation, unitise, unitization, unitize, unity, universal donor, unknown, unlatched, unmarked, unnoted, unoiled, unpackaged, unsaponified, unsegmented, unspeakable, unstuck, untranslatable, untransmutable, unused, unwieldy, unworkable, unwoven, uppermost, upper avon, upper avon river, uprise, uproot, upset, uptake, urease, ureterocele, ureterorenal reflux, urethrocele, urocele, use, us border patrol, uterine vein, utilise, utilize, utricle, utriculus, utter, uvulariaceae, vacantly, vaccinating, vacuolate, vacuolated, vacuum bag, vaginocele, value, valvotomy, valvulotomy, vaporise, vaporised, vaporize, vaporized, varna, vasosection, vasotomy, vector, venae cerebrum inferior, venae episclerales, venae esophageae, venae interlobulares renis, venae pancreatica, venae renis, vena appendicularis, vena basalis, vena basilica, vena basivertebralis, vena brachialis, vena bronchialis, vena centralis glandulae suprarenalis, vena cephalica, vena cerebri anterior, vena cerebri magna, vena cerebrum superior, vena cutanea, vena epigastrica inferior, vena epigastrica superficialis, vena ethmoidalis, vena facialis anterior, vena gastrica-dextra, vena gastrica sinistra, vena genus, vena hemiazygos accessoria, vena hemizygos, vena hepatica, vena lacrimalis, vena lingualis, vena nasalis externa, vena obturatoria, vena ophthalmica, vena ovarica, vena palatina, vena pectoralis, vena perforantis, vena pharyngeus, vena portae, vena posterior ventriculi sinistri, vena renalis, vena sternocleidomastoidea, vena stylomastoidea, vena thoracoepigastrica, vena tibialis, vena vertebralis, vena vertebralis accessoria, vena vertebralis anterior, vena vorticosum, venesection, ventriloquist, ventriloquist's dummy, venture, verbalise, verbalize, verbify, verpa bohemica, verse, versify, vertebral artery, vertebral vein, vertical combination, vertical integration, very low density lipoprotein, vesicopapule, vesicoureteral reflux, vespa crabro, vestibular gland, vicksburg, vinification, vinify, virtual memory, virtual storage, vision, vistula, vistula river, visual purple, vitamin b, vitamin b complex, vitrify, vittariaceae, vldl, vocal band, vocal cord, vocal fold, volatilised, volatilized, volga, volga river, volkhov, volkhov river, von braun, vortex vein, vorticose vein, vote, voting precinct, vouch, vouchee, vouch in, vulgarise, vulgarize, wad, waft, walkabout, wampum, wampumpeag, wanamaker, wander, ward, wash, waste, water, waterhouse-friderichsen syndrome, water chute, water polo, wave, way, weaponize, wear round, wedge, weeping love grass, weigh, welcome, well-grooved, wellpoint, well point, wernher magnus maximilian von braun, wernher von braun, wharf, wharfage, wheat, wheat berry, whisk, whistle, white slave, wick, wiggler, wild-eyed, wild spinach, willamette, willamette river, william i, william the conqueror, william tindal, william tindale, william tyndale, wind, window, window seat, wishful thinker, wittily, woodborer, woodcut, woodpecker, woodscrew, wood block, wood engraving, wool, woolsorter, woolworth, wool stapler, word, work, woven, wreathe, wrecking bar, wrinkle, write in code, write out, write up, writing paper, wulfila, xanthorrhoeaceae, y2k compliant, yafo, yang, yangtze, yangtze kiang, yangtze river, yazoo, yazoo river, yellow hawkweed, yellow river, yenisei, yenisei river, yenisey, yenisey river, yeomanry, yom kippur war, yorkshire, yucatan, yucatan peninsula, yukon, yukon river, zambezi, zambezi river, zhu jiangi, zodiac, zonal, zone, zoning, zoning board, zoom, zygomorphic, zygomorphous, zymolysis, zymosis

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